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Beginning Anew

Michelle Pearce
April 2009

We gather tonight to celebrate and become attuned with the subtle note of Aries. Aries is said to be the first sign in the great wheel of the zodiac. It comes to us in the early spring when the delicate subtle signs of new life are emerging from winter, winter being the time when the seeds of that new life were veiled by the old dead forms from the previous cycle of creative expression. Cosmically speaking, Aries is the sign out of which God spoke the Word and creation was begun. From the cosmic Mind of God the Word was sounded which began the creative wheel turning. The sounding of the note of creation will continue until it is complete. So, each spring we have the opportunity once again to align with the creative urge for right expression of the Cosmic Word. Learning to become aligned with this great creative force, we learn the ability to begin anew and create new forms that are more aligned and in tune with the One Word or Note. In this cyclic process God holds that note of creation for the eons of time it takes to bring all into attunement with it. All life is working out into a wonderful harmony of great beauty.

Within Aries we have opportunity anew to hear the original note for creation and to strive to bring our group life into attunement with it. Can we see evidence for new beginnings and fresh creativity that will bring greater harmony into the world? Those are the places where the creative forces of Aries are working out and those are the places to be nurtured. Just as the gardener carefully plants the seeds and remains watchful for the first signs of tender new life to spring forth from the earth, we must look for those tender new places of beginning in the racial expression. Just as the gardener then increases her attention to the new life, protecting it from the still sometimes harsh and fluctuating conditions of the early spring, that new creative expression must be nurtured and protected from the harsher elements that could destroy it before it has had time to blossom into its full glory.

This spring there is evidence across the globe of new life and within the racial consciousness of new beginnings. The elements within the mind of humanity also remain harsh. There is still much separatism leading to envy and hatred. Hatred, envy and greed remain powerfully destructive forces in the world today. The new life of loving understanding and unity is a powerful healing force for the places of hatred and divisiveness, but it does not work quickly and must be nurtured persistently over the long haul. The gardener doesn't give up in the early stages because she knows that the new green shoot that doesn't look like much will blossom into a fruit or flower of rare beauty and significance. So too, we the nurturers of the creative life within the human mind that is harmonized with the Word, have a vision of the flowering forth that is yet to come. Becoming attuned with Aries for a new cycle offers an opportunity to give pause and begin anew in our creative work.

Looking out across the world today, what can be seen? There is a great flowering forth of so-called secular spirituality. Secular spirituality is evidence of the great urge of the personality of humanity to become the spiritual seeker in its own right, learning to be guided by its own soul and not by the authority of another personality or by human rules, regulations, and beliefs as is often done in the historical religions. Historical religions are very slowly and gradually dialoging with each other and discovering that the seeds of life within them are unified even though the expression and flowering of those seeds may look very different. Servers aligned with the soul of humanity and the creative group mind are within every religion, nation, and organization and are nurturing and protecting the precious shoots of new life expression of unity and harmony that is beginning to emerge from the old forms of governing, teaching, organizing, and material flow and distribution of resources. The creative process itself has become more conscious and intentional as humanity learns to take its rightful place attuned to the great creative process that is the One Life.

Through impression from the 7th ray of organization and the creative ray of Aries, we see emerging from the mind of humanity systematic and organized ways to create change. That is, ways that intelligently acknowledge and work within the existing forces, vision new beginnings, and then carefully nurture that new life while continuing to acknowledge and transform the old forms of expression and life. Through the second ray of love, humanity learns to begin anew, to see the higher way, and to create attuned with the Love of the Creator. It is most especially when there is a vision of new possibilities and the perception of the shoots of new life that the nurturing second ray of love and wisdom can be intelligently and intuitively applied. Destruction of the old would, at this tender point in the process, also destroy the new. The gardener does not weed the garden before the new plants have had time to grow large enough to be very visible and strong enough in their root system so that they won't be pulled up along with the weeds. The impatient gardener, therefore, risks creating a landscape barren of life. The patient gardener learns about the natural seasons and flow of life and creativity and works efficiently within it, using the forces of life as a plump line for creativity.

The new group of servers is learning about the rhythms of life, the cyclic nature of creativity, how and when to plant seeds, how to nurture, and when to weed out the old. We will inevitably make mistakes along the way, but so long as we continually and persistently strive as individuals to be aligned with and as the group of gardeners in the world and attuned with the One note of creativity, our learning is speeded and assured. The Cosmic forces driving the process are the very laws and substance within which we work. Like the fish swimming in the stream, it can be difficult to objectively discern the waters it swims within. Our task, therefore, is simply to find the easy flow and to learn to swim within those cosmic currents and not against them. In times of change it can feel as if we are swimming against the currents, but that is an illusion. What is really happening is that we are learning to see the cosmic flow with greater clarity and to perfect our strokes to swim within it.

In the current time, our task is to learn most of all to think rightly. It is from the plane of mind that creativity emerges. Whether it is the cosmic creation from the cosmic mind, the planetary creation from the mind of the Logos, the group soul's creation for humanity from the unified human mind, or the creation of the individual from the individual mind, very literally--thought creates. It is evident that the more advanced persons and intuitive servers are aware of this and are learning to work with thought as something real and creative. Thought being simply another form is neither inherently good nor bad. However, thought not attuned to the particular flow and cycle for creativity has regressive and negative effects on life. The advancing of psychology is evidence that this awareness of the effects of thinking is being used in very practical ways to bring about healing and right expression within the human mind and psyche. Destructive thoughts of hatred and separatism are recognized to have harmful effects not only through their outward going material effects of war and regressive negativity that oppresses, limits freedom, and hinders growth, but also on the physical body of the individual. Integrative medicine and psychological research have consistently demonstrated that negative thoughts and emotions water the seeds that reside in the organism in form of the inherited genetic potential for disease, resulting in ill health of the organism. This is a fact that Buddha realized and taught and that now is entering the active intelligence of the human group mind practically and powerfully. Nurturing this practical recognition is only one way that creative new beginnings are being brought about within the racial consciousness.

So, in this auspicious time of new beginnings, in the springtime of the year, let us look carefully for the new shoots of life emerging everywhere and like the good gardener, carefully nurture and guard those sweet new beauties from the harsh surrounding elements knowing that our work will reap extraordinary blossoms of beauty and harmony for the future of the race. Let us breathe deep, be inspired, by the fresh energy of creativity in the springtime of the year and be renewed in our creative efforts. May all new life bring harmony and unity to the earth.