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Pouring at the Point of the Precipice: Invocation Evocation and Spiritual Service

Michelle Pearce
February 2011

The gentle shift from focus on personal desire to group will and purpose means that things are perceived differently. Some things become more significant and others become less. The idea of personal difficulty becomes less of a focus whereas the idea and difficulty of humanity going in the wrong direction, against the tide of freedom resulting from spiritual evolution, becomes more of a focus.

Last night I watched a move "Never Let Me Go". This was a story about what might happen if cloning were an industry to create and raise humans for organ donors. Without any overt violence at all it was the most violent dark movie I have seen in a really long time. Even gruesome. It portrayed the subtle ability of people to turn their backs on their common humanity in order to selflessly prolong their own life another 10-20 years through a willful sacrifice of the lives of cloned "organ donors". It was identification with form at its absolute darkest and portrayed the slippery slope of the evil latent in form identification more than any movie I have ever seen. The idea this could actually happen is the most horrifying idea that has been entertained in a very long time.

In this movie the complacency of people for inhumane treatment of their fellow men is illustrated as a type of latent and pervasive evil. This complacency is the danger. It is for this reason that the willingness of millions to sacrifice their own comfort for the sake of greater humaneness and freedom is such an important and significant event. We are at the precipice between the complacency of comfort and self-centeredness and the willingness to take selfless action in a new enlightened vision of right and wrong relationship.

Men are thirsty for right relationship. What does that mean? It means there is a growing tide of demand for relationship based on mutual respect and loving-kindness. Right relationship implies relationship between two of something. It implies inherently that each sees and knows the other. Selfish focus automatically negates any chance of right relationship since the focus remains on the self and there is no "going out" or "seeing" the other — person, animal, plant, or mineral. Every aspect of our physical earth is a form of life and thus a form of consciousness of some sort. To not relate to any of it rightly, therefore, creates limitation, a lack of "going out" from the self, a lack of vision. The self that refuses to see or know the other forms and consciousness is limited to a narrow, unreal, and distorted type of perception that is simply not inclusive of the living world around them. Perception has to do with increased light, the ability to see farther and with greater clarity. Just as in a dark room when a light is brought in the ability to see increases with the area of the light, so too the "light of consciousness" when focused on other forms of life expands accordingly. The expansion of consciousness that occurs on the spiritual path is quite literally an expansion of awareness to include more of Reality on all planes of livingness.

Spiritual will has been pouring directly into humanity since the beginning of the last century in several potent and intense bursts. These bursts have created more will to good in the world of perception and of form. The effect of this will on the already present light of human intelligence directs and moves humanity to see right relationship and discern it from wrong relationship. When in this light and will to good humanity chooses to stay limited and selfish, to be complacent to all that limits and hinders the good, the beautiful, and the true, that is the greatest evil of separatism. Humanity currently sits exactly on the point of the precipice of making that choice as a group consciousness. The choice involves in what direction to focus the human light of awareness the will for the future. Today that choice is mostly the choice between complacency of inaction versus the will to good through a change in direction, letting go of the past and moving into greater freedom and right relationship. The choice for intelligent action and change has been adequately demonstrated by recent youth led non-violent revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, unrest among other oppressive Arab nations, and even recent protests by at least a million women in Italy against the portrayal of women in the media and alleged sexist political motivations.

What does light, will, and right relationship have to do with the water bearers in Aquarius? The water bearers bring new life. They pour it out to meet the demands of the group consciousness. Esoteric reading of those demands becomes a very important job of the water bearers. Right now the reading of those demands is a bit difficult or muddled because of the point of precipice upon which humanity sits. It is the water bearers, however, who are the tipping point. What they do will determine in which direction the choice of humanity tips and how quickly.

Ours is a world of duality. The energy of Gemini, the twin — duality from the highest cosmic planes, is absolutely instrumental in the functioning of our world. The energy of Libra, then, is also critical for the method of spiritual achievement in the world of duality. It is as if the mass consciousness of humanity, in Cancer the crab, walks forward through the scales of Libra being tipped first in one direction then in another. With complete balance there is no achievement, no forward movement. It is the spiritual servers who create that tipping in the right direction when the scales have become too balanced for movement.

One might perceive right relationship as harmony and complete balance. But, that would only be true at certain stages on this path of evolution of consciousness and spirit in matter. Right vertical or spiritual relationship ultimately is about spirit dominating matter, about matter becoming spiritualized. Right horizontal or material relationship is about perfect cooperation and harmony of all the many facets of the One life. Let us not get the two confused because to do so impedes the path of spiritual service and evolution. So, while perfect cooperation and harmony is sought among people and life within the material world, at the same time more balance on the side of the spiritual (light, love, and will to good) must also be striven for along the vertical spiritual path. Both have to happen for the human group consciousness in Cancer to move forward within the world of duality of Gemini using the method of right balance through Libra.

What does this mean practically for the spiritual servers? It means that a persistent meditation on the spiritual qualities that humanity needs now at this point of precipice is absolutely critical and is the real service that is needed to tip the balance in favor of the next spiritual stage of human consciousness. It means not turning ones back on the dark places, the demands, and the suffering world, but turning one's back on the worlds of spiritual light so that light and those qualities might shine through onto the places that one focuses or faces — the needs of the world at the point of precipice. It means every day choosing to focus attention on the demands and needs of the world and off one's personal needs and desires so that right focus and direction is achieved. It means working united with the group of spiritual servers so that the impact of the service is not fragmented and small, but large enough to be of significance. There is one water pitcher and many pourers. In order to pour that incredibly large and limitless water of life, the pourers have to work together to lift and tip the pitcher in the right direction so that it has significance and make its impact felt.

Humanity is escalating its demand and so the servers must escalate their service. It is the spiritual law. To remain the group server in good standing each individual must step up their efforts to meet the increased demand or become a hindrance to the group and so be left behind or out on the periphery of the group. Invocation and evocation is said to be the foundation for the coming new religion. It is the method for spiritual achievement. One might say that the spiritual servers are those who serve the purpose of spiritual achievement and thus work instrumentally using the method of invocation and evocation. What humanity invokes from the group must be evoked through responsive spiritual service.

The recent events in Tunisia, Egypt, Italy and many other places on lesser scale have adequately demonstrated the occult demand of humanity for more spiritual will and power directed into right relationship; for freedom of livelihood and expression; and especially for the ability to move forward into the future free from the limitations, oppressions, and shackles of the past and into right relationship. Humanity has and is making the demand. Now is the opportunity for the spiritual servers to feel and know their synthesis with the human need and demand and so, through themselves — their feeling, their meditation and inner work — to meet that demand. The serving group does have the ability and capability to meet human demand and to be the tipping point.

This serving world group of spiritual workers has the ability to feel and know the demand of humanity, to stand both within human and spiritual consciousness, to focus on the spiritual demands and needs of the group rather than the personal needs and demands of their individual selves and so to do their part at this crucial juncture in human spiritual evolution. Let every new human crisis, demand, and event be the stimulus and demand that evokes spiritual will through you in the form of compassion, right thought, and light. Through right meditation, concentrated focus of mind, let strength, and inspiration be poured into the waiting human groups to meet their demands. It is they that must do the actual physical material work. It is the spiritual servers who must provide them with the spiritual strength and resources to do it. This working relationship is right relations. It requires a harmony and balance of work between the inner and the outer servers and also the group consciousness of humanity. Each conscious server must determine their own exact place of best service and take their stand there. Each server finds him or herself at a certain place in consciousness and in life situation. That is where he or she takes their stand and works to meet spiritual responsibility.

The invocative-evocative process between the demands of humanity and the group servers creates a momentum of power and strength that lifts humanity past the precipice and into spiritual revolution. The water bearers provide the energy — the ammunition for that work to persist until the inevitable results of spiritual revelation occur. Thus the material and the spiritual become united in one effort and striving for the evolution and upliftment of the race through invocation by humanity and evocation through the group spiritual servers.

So Let It Be as we work now united in group service today, being fully receptive to the energy of Aquarius that impels us to this work.