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Suffering Humanity and the New Age

Michelle Pearce
January 2010

The sensitivity of individuals to the suffering of their fellow humans across the globe has been waxing in direct relationship to the ability of technology and the media to convey that suffering as it is happening. Increasingly humanity is speaking out in one voice and the interplay of suffering and response to suffering is strengthening. There have been many human disasters of magnitude across the globe over the past decade, which have been opportunities to evoke and test this growing sensitive response.

The timeline of the natural disasters occurring in the 21st century beginning in 2000 includes 210 earthquakes. On January 26, 2001, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake killed 30,000 people in Gujarat India. On December 25,2003, 28,000 died in Bam Iran. An earthquake in the Indian Ocean on December 26th in 2004 resulted in a Tsunami that left 212,000 dead. October 6th 2005 a quake in Pakistan reported thousands dead and a year later, October 7th 2007, additional thousands were killed in a quake in Indonesia. At least 68,000 people were left dead after an earthquake in the Sichuan Province of China on May 12, 2008. On September 30th, 2009 additional thousands were killed in an earthquake in Indonesia. Arguably, none of these previous terrible disasters have resulted in the coordinated effort for recruiting financial support from the public for disaster relief, as has the recent earthquake in Haiti. In the United States the united efforts of the media organizations, public disaster relief organizations, political representatives and organizations, and communications organizations has resulted in a rapid and efficient means for millions of the public to give financially to support the relief of the suffering in Haiti. There has been an outpouring of love and concern for the Haiti victims from large and small groups and individuals.

The battle that has been waging rampant for the 20th and the 21st century has been the human indecision and choice for material values and focus, leading to separatism and conflict vs. spiritual values and focus, leading to unity and harmony. The suffering of tens of thousands of men, women, and children in Haiti has touched the hearts of millions of people everywhere. The racial consciousness is responsive to the energy of Pisces, the savior, and is becoming increasingly receptive and responsive to Aquarius, the water bearer. These two conditioning energies, consciously responded to, can transform the human culture from one of materialism and separatism into one of goodwill and unity. Each time persons are exposed to human suffering and respond with an open giving heart and mind, higher values and goodwill is evoked and strengthened in the racial consciousness. So, while the suffering is real and devastating, the opportunity to evoke and strengthen goodwill is unprecedented.

It is not enough to want to help others or even to be responsive to the impulses of the savior, as has been adequately demonstrated by the religious organizations that have tried to respond to this impulse. Much more is needed for a transformative effect to occur upon human culture. The instinct to save or serve others along with the impulse to pour forth in selfless giving to relieve suffering and bring new life must also be combined with intelligent love that will guide human activity to be appropriately responsive and effective. The human culture that has been used for material purposes can also be used for purposes of goodwill and unity as the racial consciousness becomes more infused with the growing impulses of the new era.

The great chain of spiritual impulses flowing from the highest spiritual Beings of the planet, down through the Masters of Wisdom and their ashrams, through the New Group of Worlds Servers, and pouring forth into men and women of goodwill everywhere, needs an effective and powerful interface between the spiritual and human kingdoms. Perceiving places of opportunity to strengthen the flow of goodwill is an important way disciples serve. An important way that men and women of goodwill serve is to implement the intelligent activity needed to support the expression of goodwill throughout the culture. Transforming the cultural activity from one of material focus and separatism to one of higher values and goodwill is very important as the current organizations and activity based upon values of the past, present a significant hindrance to the flow of goodwill. The difficulty of consistently holding to the higher values during daily life because of the constant pull of the current lifestyle to the material values has become all too obvious to sensitive servers. Everything in the advanced human civilization, from economic systems, political and even the religious groups are tinged with the karma of the separatism and materialism of the past. Newer fields, such as education, science and psychology, have less pull to regressive tendencies than the older fields religion, politics, and economics or commerce. The more the systems can be changed to support the higher values of unity and goodwill the more easily the interplay between the spiritual kingdoms and human kingdom will occur.

Those sensitive to the higher and newer impulses and values have a responsibility to be responsive to them, no matter what hindrances and obstacles are encountered. This means opening the heart to both the suffering of common humanity and to the Aquarian impulse to pour forth healing life energy and resources to help relieve suffering, to give hope, inspiration, and new life. Feeling these powerful urges and sensing the current limitations of the racial consciousness and culture to express them often results in frustration and despair. In the United States the hope and inspiration evoked from President Obama's campaign and victory has faded as the realities of the limits of the organizational structures and processes to respond to the new values as well as the systemic resistance of the regressive forces has become more apparent.

Maintaining the delicate balance between working and patience, between the long vision of distant future possibilities and the realities of current limitations, between living in the material world and the spiritual world, is essential for managing the tensions of the world today. Servers now are managing this tension more easily by beginning to operate outside time as well as within time. Operating outside time with cosmic energies and realities brings balance and perspective to living in the world of material limitations. The suffering in the world is very real and its purpose is to help humanity to choose the higher values of the new age. In the fourth ray center of harmony through conflict, suffering is the way into harmony. It is through achieving a right relationship with suffering those higher values and principles are evoked into human consciousness. Through sensitivity to suffering the racial consciousness becomes responsive to all the cosmic rays pouring forth to bring new life, transformation, and freedom.

Perhaps the timing of many of these earthquakes over the past decade as occurring around the time of the Aquarian influence is no coincidence and offers servers an opportunity to help humanity to embrace and step into the new age of the group server. Let us join with all the human groups serving united with each other to bring needed aide to suffering humanity.