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The Power of the Server: Fusion of the Opposites in Aquarius

Michelle Pearce
February 2009

Each cosmic sun sign has its polar opposite. Advancement within the evolutionary scheme entails fusion of the opposites rather than a linear progression from one to the other. The lower correspondence is the full development of consciousness in first one and then the other. The higher correspondence brings about the unification of two cosmic forces through their fusion within the evolving consciousness of humanity. Aquarius is the sign of the selfless server and its opposite is Leo, the sign of full individual expression with the ability to achieve personal objectives. It is quite evident that many individuals within humanity have achieved development through Leo and that further strengthening of this development apart from the higher correspondence of a selfless service to others is resulting in many of the conflicts and crises taking place today. It is also evident that a sublimation of this power of the individual to achieve personal goals in the form of achievement of goals for the sake of the whole provides a transition into the fusion of Leo and Aquarius and is what is needed to resolve many of the conflicts and attain right relations. Where do we see this higher correspondence working out now and what do we imagine it looks like?

One perspective, among the many that are possible to be taken in answering this question, is the perception regarding groups as conscious entities that either serve selfish purposes or are motivated to selflessly serve individuals, other groups, and the larger whole inclusive of all individuals and groups. The more self-centered group might be thought of as an 'individual' group that has selfish motives, goals, and purposes resulting in its efforts to dominate other 'individual' groups. In an age where individuals are increasingly identified with several or many groups — national, religious, ideological, ethnic, etc., the clashes of these various powerful groups can lead to large conflicts and crises with widespread and far-reaching effects. Those groups are often comprised of powerful individuals well developed within Leo who are learning to sublimate that individuality for bringing about the purpose of 'their' group. This effect can be seen as containing the seeds of a right evolutionary impulse being directed or distributed in ways that stray from the overall Plan for unity and right relations. Clashes of various national groups and ideological groups within national groups are very evident in the global picture today. These are working out on all levels of expression — emotional, physical, and mental. These clashes and conflicts are battles that prevent solutions of consensus and unity from emerging and keep the human consciousness mired in confusion and suffering.

The emerging group server transcends the striving for personal goals through achieving a more inclusive vision of goals as pertaining to the entire cohesive whole and the inter-relation or right relations among both individuals and individual groups into one working whole, united through purpose, intention, and motive. That is, the groups may work in differing ways and within varying ideologies, but they recognize their place within a larger inclusive whole comprised of all life and form on the planet. The Aquarian energy as the impetus and impulse for selfless group service must be righted through principles of unity through diversity and right relations within the larger whole. The ideals of individual goals and achievement must take their place within the achievement of the goals and achievement for the larger whole. Selfish and greedy groups everywhere must be revealed as obstacles to the happiness and freedom of all individuals and groups within the larger whole.

There is ample evidence that selfishness, materialism, and greed are hindering freedom and right relations is being revealed. This revelation itself is causing the crisis and conflicts, and problems that we currently see playing out on the world stage. Motives of greed and selfish grasping that are obstacles to right relations are very evident within certain national groups, in certain religious groups, and within particular political ideologies. Those individuals and groups that stand above this fray of conflict and chaos are the radiant beacons of unity, inclusiveness, and right relations that work selflessly and tirelessly for the good of the whole. It is to those individuals and groups that all inspired servers can direct their attention and loving thoughts during this month of the incoming Aquarian energies. Those radiant beacons can be stimulated to be so magnetic and wide in scope that they can draw the forces for good and for the future to themselves. This will cause a gradual withdrawing of the life from individuals and groups strengthening cleavages and selfishness and attract confused individuals within those groups to higher ideals. This effort will gradually reveal the way to the higher ideals, into the future, and to greater freedom and unity for all humanity.

Paradoxically, it is through both the powerful individual and the group in right relations with other groups that the path is created through which the Christ energies of love-wisdom can flow through human consciousness and life. As more powerful individuals, fully developed in Leo and responsive to Aquarius, become radiant and magnetic, groups that are powerful linking wills for the right relations of all the individuals and groups within humanity are created and, through the interplay of the most radiant groups, the future is created and the crises worked through with speed and skillfulness.

All servers and groups can seek to be radiant and magnetic expressions of the fusion of the well-developed individual and the selfless server. Expressing both in a synthetic fashion, the server or group is neither a selfish powerful individual nor a passive selfless entity, but a powerful selfless individual whose will and vision is interconnected with and able to serve the whole.

Today let us seek to be those powerful selfless individual servers, working in unity with all other selfless servers and groups for the future. Let us also unite with all those men and women of selfless goodwill everywhere who are holding up the higher ideals as beacons for the future and battling with the regressive forces of selfishness and greed, both individual and group. The newer and higher ideals of selfless and effective powerful service to the whole are being demonstrated and we can make those ideals radiant and magnetic beacons for the future.