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Pouring Forth Selflessly

Michelle Pearce
January 2008

The keynote for Aquarius has to do with the pouring forth of the "water of life for thirsty men". The keynote also conveys that it is this water of life that "I am". The impression of this powerful energy upon those receptive and sensitive to it brings about the Soul instinct for self-sacrifice. Two questions that come to mind related to this that many aspiring servers seem to grapple with are: 1. How do I assimilate and direct that instinct to self-sacrifice and serve my fellow humanity? and 2. What is my real nature, that I Am that is the water of life, and how do I serve as that? Taken together these questions may give some hints about the direction to take, as the powerful urges to serve and sacrifice are struggled with.

It is evident that men and women of goodwill around the globe unconsciously and consciously respond to the urge to serve and sacrifice. There have been increasing numbers of these individuals over the past one hundred years. Stories continue to be discovered and told about individuals who risked their lives and families to help Jews trying to escape the Nazis during the holocaust. Each planetary crisis becomes the opportunity to direct the urge to serve and sacrifice into humanitarian efforts that will help those persecuted and oppressed and thus has to do with the ideal of freedom.

We are told that there are newer ideas that must be made into the ideals for the new age. Perhaps the current planetary crisis is the opportunity to direct the urge to serve and sacrifice into efforts to bring about these new age ideals and so what might they be? Right-relations certainly seem to be one idea that has tremendous implications for some new ideals that are worth sacrificing for. Two ideals that come to mind are freedom from fear and right distribution of resources. Right relations will not be possible until there is the ability to relate globally among nations and groups without use of fear and oppression. A full manifestation of right relations will be marked by goodwill towards other national groups that extends to humanitarian efforts to reconfigure the distribution of resources so that there is freedom from hunger and starvation.

If our planet is to become a sacred planet that fully reflects the Glory of God, then humanity as a whole will need to become increasingly receptive to this urge to service, sacrifice, and right relations. It is up to the new world servers of the race to rightly direct this urge and express it through various activities of service. Though this seems rather obvious it may not be so easy to discern exactly what right expression of service should be at the individual level. Sensitive servers still grapple with questions such as what is my service? Should I serve as a healer? Should I get involved in this humanitarian effort or that one? Should I try to start a new group effort?

The question and striving for right service is a good start but the tendency is to keep up the questioning and not feel one is doing enough. This tendency keeps the focus on the personal service and deflects energy away from the needed service of simply pouring forth. One can be guided by recognition that Soul urges are generally expressed and manifested with great simplicity. If each server is the water of life then how do they pour forth their Self for humanity? So long as one is still grappling with where and when to pour forth then the waters of life are kept safe in the container for some future use that has yet to be determined. Pouring forth freely means watering the ground wherever one finds oneself rather than looking for the best spot of ground or vegetation to water. Does one really know what seeds are contained within the depths on that very spot one is standing? Rather than go digging and looking for what seeds exist would it not be more efficient to simply satisfy the instinct of the Soul to pour forth freely and see what grows?

What does pouring forth mean practically? Esoterically pouring forth is felt as that vertical connection with the higher depths of the Soul and opening to what is in the world of humanity then simply giving of oneself in the moment; shining lighted awareness by simple radical presence and acceptance; giving love by that inclusive embrace of everything that exists within the one life; and giving strength to the soul in all things. Perhaps pouring forth the water of life is a way to strengthen the life into the good, the true and the beautiful. If humanity attains life more abundantly what will that look like? Doesn't fear and physical need stifle and suppress life? Maybe what one is called to do is simply to water the ground of life wherever one is standing and what could be simpler than that?

When stuck in desire mind there is a tendency to make everything be about the little self and its complex plan or destiny that is always tied to past qualities and efforts. Perhaps striving into the future glory of the planet does not have to be tied to the personal past at all. Perhaps tying service to the personal past limits the potential for service and gets in the way of the radical simplicity of real Soul service. This might be the opportunity for some experiments as to what real Soul service is. An experiment, for example, might be to take the focus out of the discursive planning concrete mind and personal desire to serve. We could hypothesize that this would enable a liberation of that higher energy that is impressing mind and creating desire to serve and enable it to freely flow into the surroundings for the rest of humanity, the thirsty men. What if, for example, the pouring forth was the urge and quality of that higher cosmic energy and right relations to it meant to simply honor it and let if flow through each individual into other; to give it away for others to be impressed by? Would that not be selfless sacrifice? In other words, the individual is not called to appropriate the energy to serve and try to figure out how to use it to serve in his or her personal life but quite simply to let it flow out into the surroundings and onto the ground wherever he or she stands. Maybe that sacrificial service means giving up one's own ideas about what service means and allowing the higher energy to work itself out through the entire planet as a group life and form and maybe when one tries to use it for personal service one is actually blocking it and engendering greater selfishness and personal desire.

This would not mean that one becomes passive and inactive in the world, only that activity and service would become more spontaneous and the effects would be a natural expression of the energy that is pouring forth into the world. It would be a natural expression the effect of which is brought about through the uniting of the in-pouring energy and the surrounding forces. It would not be forced or planned by the small self but would be an expression of the larger Self. The small personal mind might not rightly recognize the full extent and future implications of that service and that would feel okay because the focus would be on the right pouring forth and not the effects being wrought out in the material world.

Whatever conclusions one might reach regarding what attitude and direction to take with this new energy pouring forth, it is clear that something new is needed and that each person sensitive to this impression has some role to play. And, if what is needed is something radically different then perhaps starting where one is and looking at how one is using that energy- selflessly allowing it to pour forth, or selfishly appropriating it for some personal spiritual mission- might be a good place to start. Subtle discernment is always called for and as one grapples with right direction and discernment of inner energies and attitudes, new light shines and one's personal consciousness becomes increasingly an integrated part of the united consciousness that is working out through the planet. The tension is one between pouring forth and appropriate for the self, between selfishness and selflessness. Discerning the middle way means pouring forth through the individual self and its life expression without appropriating the waters for a personally conceived mission, thus allowing the waters to work out and be of benefit in the many lives that it pours forth into. What is selfless sacrifice as it relates to pouring forth the water of life? What realizations about who and what is "I am" await the selfless server who wills to pour forth?

May all world servers pour forth at-oned with the planetary will and according to the quality of higher energy currently at play. May there be a united striving, service, and a true pouring forth for the glory of the planet.