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Occult Meditation at the Third Spiritual Festival

Michelle Pearce
May 2007

The Christ's festival, at the time of the Gemini full moon, is the opportunity for the creation of the magnetic field that is capable of receiving what has been evoked as a result of the previous two spiritual festivals. As such it is the natural outcome of the previous two and the necessary precursor for the holding of the evoked substance of the Plan, which can then be used and distributed by the new group of world servers throughout the rest of the spiritual year.

The three spiritual festivals at the full moons of Aries, Taurus, and Gemini respectively, mark the spiritual high point of the year. As such, together, they provide the opportunity for the deepest and highest spiritual inner work possible for the new group of world servers as the group strives to contact, precipitate and direct the substance that is the Plan into manifestation in the human world. The three spiritual festivals together also embody an opportunity to work in a very occult way using the techniques of meditation and invocation to contact and distribute the energies needed to straighten the conflicted forces of humanity and bring about full liberation into the new age.

The three spiritual festivals are, in fact, three aspects of one process or occult technique. They are the three aspects of occult meditation and invocation: 1. the gathering of the forces of consciousness in Aries, Easter, the ascension; 2. creating a point of higher tension through projection of the forces in Taurus, Wesak, the festival of the Buddha; and 3. creation of a magnetic receptive field at the Gemini full moon, which receives the evoked substance, the Plan, for right use and distribution by the working world servers throughout the rest of the spiritual year.

The more the group attains conscious awareness of their occult work, the more effective and efficient, laser-like, the actual inner work becomes. It is time for the occult workers within the heart of the new group of world servers to seek to be extremely conscious or deeply aware of everything that the group is doing esoterically. Intelligent activity is thus synthesized with lighted awareness on the inner spiritual planes. It is this very seeking or striving for deeper awareness that brings about the awareness needed to be effective occult workers who thus feed the entire group the needed higher energy, the inspiration and actual substance, which is the Plan, that all within the group need to be adequately impressed and mobilized to work. It is this substance that can be precipitated and directed into creative living, an individual expression and contribution for transforming, straightening and liberating the human center of life and form.

The keynote for Aries, "I come forth and from the plane of mind, I rule", assists in gathering all the forces of lower consciousness onto the mental plane and into the head center. The keynote for Taurus, "I see and when the eye is opened, all is light", sets the tone for a striving to the highest point of light attainable, projection. And finally, the keynote for Gemini, "I recognize my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow", facilitates the realization of who and what we really are and in that realization we learn to work esoterically as soul.

This spiritual year is the year for precipitation into the human kingdom. The responsibility of those in the heart center of the new group of world servers is to make sure that which is needed by the group for precipitation is there to draw upon. The Plan manifests into the human center through the group mind of the new group of world servers. As the esoteric workers of that group, those in the heart of the group, invoke and evoke the substance that is the Plan into the group mind so that it becomes available for precipitation and direction. The use of that Plan, that peculiar substance, requires a conscious and positive receptivity to it and results in the transformation of the race in much the same way that the soul energy results in the transformation of the lower personality. In the case of the substance of the Plan, however, the purpose and direction that is Divine Will is inherent within it and so esoteric workers begin to learn to handle and direct Divine Will. Through learning to handle this substance, the workers are setting the stage for a direct channel and method of contact and working between the human center and Shambahla.

The direct contact between Shambahla and the human center through use of the Will to invoke and direct the substance of the Plan, is the opportunity for beginning the process of assisting the Plan of Love and Light to work out and sealing the door where evil dwells. It is the peculiar opportunity this spiritual year for the group workers to directly precipitate the substance of the Plan into the human center and turn the human mind from the regressive focus on materialism and identification with and as form to that inner focus and searching which characterizes the divine mystic and results in eventual invocation and evocation and ultimately the realization of the kingdom of God.

As one can see, the opportunity, therefore, has to do with the last and most important stanza of the Great Invocation. The power to create a wide and inclusive enough positively magnetic receptive field within the mind of humanity can only be achieved by a group. That group is already in place and has been gradually preparing itself to work in increasingly effective esoteric ways with growing inner awareness. In the heart of the heart center of the New Group of World Servers, just as in the heart of every lotus center, exists in latent potential the direct link to Shambahla, to Divine Will. Those workers in the inner aspect of the heart of the ngws, therefore, have the task to become so invocative and positively magnetic that they serve to activate and open the jewel within the lotus. As this is done, the fourth dimensional flow from within-above is created from the highest planetary aspects directly into the human center and the divine evolutionary Path for the planet is ensured because the little human wills cannot help but be responsive eventually to the larger will of the One, which is, after all, their own.

Essentially we work to awaken our human selves to our spiritual Self. When planetary consciousness becomes aware of itself in all its aspects it brings about, automatically, a unification of purpose and direction through lighted love. Humanity is the meeting place of intelligent activity and love-wisdom. All true esoteric servers are the guarantee of this synthesis of intelligent activity and love-wisdom because real esoteric work involves intelligent activity, lighted awareness, and the love-wisdom which is the substance of the soul. Human potential is only beginning to flower and the lotus petals of the human center are opened as the esoteric world servers unite to work at invoking the Divine Will through the human heart center that is the ngws. Such is our opportunity and such is our responsibility.