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The Light People are Coming! The Light People are Coming!

By Malvin Artley
September 2005

Greetings, my Friends!

Bear with me a little on this one……..There is method in it.

It was a glorious spring morning the other day. The weather had been unusually kind to Adelaide and I could feel the expectancy in my system as I sought to shake off the final vestiges of the winter cold. The Sun shone brightly and cast its shadows through the blooms of the native trees, rousing the heady perfume of the wattle trees as its heat evaporated the morning dew. The chorus of the birds was suddenly shattered as the back door to the house flung open wide and Anjou burst through the door. She could tell……..this was to be the day! She raced out onto the lawn and found the spot she was looking for. "Yes, this is it", she thought to herself as she circled the spot, looking intently at the grassy patch of light. Then, she stopped and stood-frozen with an intensity of purpose that would be the envy of any meditator. And stand there, she did, and for some time. Nothing moved her-not the noise of the traffic, nor the now-resumed chattering of the birds, nor the calls to breakfast, not even her full bladder. She was determined that she would catch them this time. Her focus was complete. She could see the shifting rays of sun through the trees. The tension built in her frame as the moment approached. Suddenly……What was that?! There was a fleeting movement of light across the patch of grass. "Yes! Yes!" she cried. "They're here! It's the Light People!" She could no longer contain herself. She danced around the patch of lawn, tail wagging and barking at the top of her lungs. "The Light People are here! The Light People are here!" she could be heard to exclaim as the glare from the window darted its reflection across the patchy lawn still wet with dew. They still eluded her, however, although she was having the time of her life.

OK. Thanks for humoring me a bit with that one, but there is a serious side to the story, as we will see. Anjou, of course, is a dog, rather elegant, but spooky, standard poodle-and a Piscean at that. In a curious sort of way her actions illustrate a peculiar aspect of Virgo, however-not that I am comparing Virgoans to poodles. There is a long history connecting Virgo with the appearance of great world Teachers-avatars, as they are called in the East-personages endowed with the effulgent Light of Spirit. From past Virgo letters we know the sign is associated with the highest and most powerful part of our essence, which is our eternal Spirit or monad. It is also very much connected with the angelic realms and with the development of bodies of all types, bodies that house the monadic essence. In that regard, it is said that Virgo "involves the service of the immediately present". In other words, Soul, Spirit and matter are all united in service in this great sign. This is one reason why this sign is so associated with work and why it forms the natural sixth house of the zodiac, for the material worlds are ever the servant of the higher worlds.

Virgo is the constellation (note that we are talking constellations here and not signs) that houses the star Spica, which is the determining star of the first Chinese lunar mansion called The Horn. I simply call Spica "The Eye of the Dragon", for this lunar mansion is the first sector of their Azure Dragon-the heraldic animal of the eastern direction in their astrology. We have recently had a beautiful conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and Spica. As the ancient Chinese astrologers may have said, "The Great White and the Wood Star shone brightly in the Eye of the Dragon". This would have indeed been a very fortunate omen, and it would have indicated victory in battle, a good time for construction, buying land and for marriages. For those who tracked events last month, we also know that Katrina hit New Orleans under that influence. The Horn is associated with rains and floods, along with everything else just enumerated.

However, the Venus/Jupiter conjunction was in Libra, I can hear people say. This is true enough, but the Chinese zodiac does not precess through the centuries as does the western zodiac. What you see is what you get with Chinese astrology, in a manner of speaking. We have spoken of the differences between constellations and signs before. One cannot interchange signs and constellations, I can also hear many astrologers say. The fact is that both signs and constellations are used in the esoteric side of astrology, and one of the features of esoteric astrology is to construct a chart that simply uses the arms of the constellational crosses with the planetary placements therein alongside the standard western horoscope that is adjusted to the seasons. The former uses no houses, whereas the latter does.

For those readers who are interested in the angelic associations within astrology, the Horn is said to have a tutelary deity associated with it-a genie that is able to transfix serpents with its gaze. Thus, we see that at least a part of the constellation of Virgo is associated with control of the lower realms. To the esotericist, serpents are always associated with knowledge and wisdom-the Soul in humanity-even though the standard association of the symbolism for the Horn is quite mundane (serpents being terrestrial snakes instead of exalted beings). Still, the higher correspondence of serpents with wisdom works here and there has always been a profound wisdom that comes through Virgo when its higher aspects are realized. Therefore, the angelic presences associated with the Horn (24 Libra-5 Scorpio roughly, by sign) control the development of all within the lower realms via the Soul of all in the manifested world. We should be careful to note that constellations and signs are always used hand-in-hand in the more subjective side of astrology and the standard horoscope with its houses is the external backdrop through which the subjective horoscope works.

The implications of the preceding two paragraphs as they connect with the recent disaster in New Orleans should be examined here because that event is another beginning of things in many ways for the world at large, and not simply for the US. It marked yet another influx of spiritual energy of a type that will re-shape our world. We see the hurricane as a disaster and as suffering, which it was from our limited perspective. However, our lives will eventually be changed for the better as a result of the work of these forces. The Souls of people everywhere are about to be transfixed in a profound way through the times to come. We are told of the coming New Age and 2012, of a new Dispensation in 2025, of the externalization of the spiritual Hierarchy on our world and of big shifts in our consciousness to come. How is that to happen if we continue on our present course, bound to the satisfaction of material pleasures and the next sound/video bites on the computer or television screen? As we well know, if a major catastrophe hits the US and markets are affected, the entire world will feel the weight of it. Of interest here is a little-known, yet significant fact: Venus and Jupiter are two planets that are very closely connected with the very Life that is the center of all being within our little cosmic system of some 40+ stars. Let us look at this planetary relationship a little more closely.

Venus, as we know, is the alter-ego of the Earth. It holds the same relationship to our planet as the higher Self does to the persona. Jupiter is called "the Word of the Sun", in other words, the planet that is most closely connected with the purposes of our solar Lord, the Regent of our solar system. There is some suggestion that Jupiter holds a similar relationship to Venus as the Spirit (monad) does to the Soul. Therefore, there is a direct line of contact between our Sun, Jupiter, Venus and the Earth when the alignment is in full operation. From that alignment we also have an alignment with the great star of our local cosmic system, Sirius. Jupiter is the highest ruler of Virgo and it governs the stage of Virgoan expression wherein the highest possible human attainment through that sign is achieved-initiate consciousness. Perhaps we can see, then, that there was an initiatory impulse that was sent through to our planet during the recent Venus/Jupiter conjunction with Spica. It was the magnetic interaction between Venus and Jupiter that drew the life from the Moon (our cosmic Mother) when Her time had passed and placed it on this planet. At that time the alignment and relationship between the Earth, Venus and Jupiter was put in place and life on Earth began. That the conjunction occurred in Virgo (as it does every 12 years) is of no small moment, for every time it happens there is a renewal of the purpose of our development (the ideas and ideals that we are meant to express as a species and a planet) and a fresh impulse given to the spiritual life of our world. Nowadays that happens when the conjunction occurs in the sign Libra, although two thousand years ago the signs and the constellations were coincident.

As was previously stated, Virgo has a special connection with the appearance of world Teachers. This is said to happen with the conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces. Virgo (the polar opposite of Pisces) is said to be the mother of the Christ-child-the emanator of the energies that foster the growth of Soul-consciousness. Pisces is the sign equated with the World Savior-the fully developed Christ Light. In the pairing of Virgo and Pisces (as we have with the Virgo and Pisces full moons) we have the two poles of the World Teacher, i.e., the vehicle for the expression of the great Being and the enlightened Being himself. It will be of interest to note that the Soul is also known as a Serpent of Wisdom, and it is through the life of the Soul that we grow in wisdom. The Soul has always been equated with Light-the Light of Knowledge, the Light of Revelation, the Light of Wisdom, etc. In that sense, then, we are all born of a Virgin (Virgoan) birth. And, we should note, any Teacher simply stands for the relationship we should all have with our own higher Self anyway. With the recent Venus/Jupiter conjunction we had a sort of wake-up call or a reminder of what that relationship with our higher Self should be. The fact that most people did not experience the beautiful celestial event in the warm, fuzzy tones most people associate with Venus and Jupiter together points to the lack of relatedness we have with the higher realms and the need we have to re-connect with the same.

It is said that we are all cells in the great Life that is the Regent of our globe. It is our highest essence that makes up the cellular structure of that Life. Such is the paradox of spiritual life that we only ensoul the lowest essence of that great Life, yet we are omniscient and omnipresent at that level (at least from our perspective)-initiates of all degrees. We also know the design of the world at that level because we are integral with it and it is our task to fully manifest the design of our planetary Lord. It is our work to fully manifest the Temple of God on Earth, and it is that work that Virgo imparts to us. Hence, we can see why Virgo is always associated with intensity of focus in work, with meticulousness in detail, with unwavering dedication to the task at hand and with attention to the purity of the materials used in the building-for only the finest materials are suitable for such a noble and sacred task. With that, let us have a look at the full moon of Virgo for 2005.

The full moon took place at 2:01 AM GMT on the 18th of September. A quick look at the planetary aspects shows that this is not a particularly easy full moon. It also shows that much will be dragged to the surface for reckoning over the next month. To begin with, we have a t-square with Pluto at the apex, involving the Sun/Moon opposition in the figure. This in and of itself is a difficult placement and points to a planetary phase of clearing. Pluto works primarily on the lesser mind and removes hardened and outmoded thoughts. With the Sun in Virgo, no stone will be left un-turned in the process. People's nerves are likely to get frayed in the days to follow and there is likely to be upheaval in the fabric of society as people move to rid themselves of obstructions to their higher Selves. There is also a square between Venus and Saturn. This aspect, along with the t-square, points to the difficulty of the full moon. Venus in the square to Saturn is a curious sort of dynamic. On the one hand it brings pain as people feel restricted in the natural outpouring of their sentiments. But, in the fulfilling of responsibilities out of a sense of "duty for the sake of love", people are brought closer together. This is one of those charts that is brilliant for spiritual work and growth, but hard on personal relations as adjustments are made in order for the Light of the Soul to come through.

The symbol for the solar degree, representing the essential psyche of the figure, reads thus:

"A boy with a censer serves near the priest" 26 Virgo

This symbol highlights the need for appropriate rituals in living and the realization that we are all apprentices on the Path and in the sight of the divine. We are all in a process of learning as well as giving and teaching. The symbol of the censer is of interest, too, and goes along with the energies of the t-square just outlined. Incense is used both to release the mind through its perfume so that it can ascend to the higher realms and to cleanse the atmosphere of the room so that nothing negative interferes with the process of withdrawal to the inner realms. Pluto does much the same thing with respect to end results, but on a planetary scale. Once again, we have the concept of purity in all things emphasized here. In all things, especially now, we need to keep a clear head and a pure attitude toward what needs to be done in life. We should also be willing to accept what comes to us in terms of teaching (if it is appropriate to the need at hand) and to move with the great rituals of the weather, the seasons and the season of the Soul in one's own life.

There is a Grand Trine in earth involving the Sun, Mars and Chiron. This will engender an energetic process of healing, the release point for which is the Moon, the symbol for the degree reading thus:

"A new Moon that divides its influences [abbreviated version]." 26 Pisces

What is indicated here is the need for people to get about their business and to appreciate the unique contributions of others. In the original symbol, there is a crowd of people watching a setting crescent moon. In this figure the Moon is full, but the symbolism remains the same. Healing comes when we realize that, though we are different, we can honor the individual paths of others and be enriched in the process. Differences should lead to expansion of social capacities, not open hostilities between people. In order for the collective to progress, the new must come through, and this happens most often in the form of people moving against the grain of the status quo. If this can be done in a manner that helps the social fabric instead of harming it, then profound good can come from people's differences. In nature, the strength of a species comes from diversity in breeding stock, for example, not through in-breeding.

The preceding point leads into the next aspect pattern, which is a standard yod with Mars at the apex. The base sextile is formed by Jupiter and Pluto. That yod will be with us until the 5th of October, due to Mars going retrograde in a few days. Mars makes a station on this yod, and much has been made of this in certain astrological forums, especially since it contacts certain key points in the US horoscope. The symbol for the degree of the Mars station should be carefully borne in mind, for that yod will be in the nature of a magnifying glass focused upon an anthill in terms of its effect upon our planet and the US as a nation. That symbol reads thus:

"An indian warrior riding fiercely, human scalps hanging from his belt." 24 Taurus

Differences between groups and individuals will be highlighted-which goes against the indications of the lunar degree-and basic instinctual reactions and social prejudices will be brought to the fore under the influence of this yod. This is made all the more potent due to the fact that Mars is in a very close approach to us by virtue of the ovality of its orbit. The effects of the yod will manifest themselves most potently after Mars turns direct on the 11th of December this year. The warning in this yod and the symbol is clear-not to give ourselves over to reactionism, violence in the pursuit of goals, to take a wide view with people and with circumstances and to de-personalize our outlook on things and our neighbors. Everyone has their cross to bear in these times. There is a basic dichotomy in this chart, then. As with a recent full moon, we can either focus upon antagonisms between groups and people, in which case the outcomes can be dire indeed, or we can celebrate the uniqueness of people and welcome the diversity that brings, thus bringing healing to ourselves and our nations - unity in diversity, in other words.

Saturn still opposes Neptune in this figure, which is retrograde. Our visions still feel blocked and the tendency is for people to feel earth-bound. This opposition will be with us essentially through December of this year. Under its influence we find it difficult to see why things are happening to us, from what direction things are coming at us and what the best course of action is in the face of things. In addition, the ambition to work in the outer world tends to go to sleep on people and the feeling is that we just could not be bothered with the mundane affairs of living. It is as if we have to light a bonfire under us to get anything done. Well, life will do its share of that for us, but things will get better when Neptune turns direct at the end of October.

Uranus receives many aspects, most notably a quintile from Mars which has been in effect since the first of the month. It will separate on the 19th, to come back again at the end of October. This further emphasizes the symbol for the degree of the Mars station. In Magi Astrology, quintiles are seen as tempestuous aspects, and this would be especially so when the two planets involved are Mars and Uranus. This particular aspect can bring through a great deal of original thinking, though, so we will have to see what eventuates when Mars goes direct next month. Uranus also receives a trine from Venus, bringing helpful, but unusual alliances, a sesquisquare from Jupiter which gives a tendency to jump into new territory before things are thought through properly and a quincunx from Saturn, giving frustrations in moving toward better conditions-explosive force for change.

Finally, the Chinese tetragram for this figure is telling. For GMT, it reads thus:

Tetragram 61: Embellishment: Yin is white while Yang is black.
They each perform their separate tasks alone.
Together, they complement each other.
18 Sep (Nighttime): Form is not substance. Without quality, all things are empty.

These tetragrams are meant to be used as meditative seed-thoughts. This particular one applies for the entirety of the Americas and most of Europe. For Asia and Australia, the commentary (Daytime) is as follows:

18 Sep (Daytime): In silence, all things are said. Words are not truth.

The preceding are the main indicators for the full moon of Virgo this year. In summary, this full moon will test the hearts of many and the purity of one's motives in things. The responsibilities for one's actions will be strongly emphasized and of giving for duty instead of sentiment. This full moon especially (since it falls in the lunar month that most closely resonates with the year) is a call to let go of antagonisms, to renew one's dedication to the main work of one's life, to honor the work of others as well as our own and to find and adhere more strongly to the essence of the rituals that lead us to the Light.

I have spent many mornings recently observing Anjou in her quest after the Light People. Really, when it comes down to it, we are all "Light People" in our highest essence. I ran across a sign in my travels outside a church in Victoria, BC not too long ago that read "Lord, help me be the kind of man my dog thinks I am." Good advice. Yet, even though we are all brilliant, Lighted beings in our own right-privy to the words of the Gods and equal to the Masters on those exalted planes of existence-we still stumble in the dark and are ever-vigilant to find our own "Light People" here on this earthly realm, little realizing what we are in truth. Virgo is like that, too, and most every Virgo type who has ever lived has set themselves at the task of building "a temple for the Lord", little-knowing that the One for whom they build and wait is, in reality, them. We are told that before too very long, the true Light People (the Masters and great enlightened beings) will walk again among us, but they will do so only to show us what we really are, not because they have any great need to do so for themselves. Someday-yes, someday-Anjou will catch her "Light Person". I have no idea what she will do with it when she does, but it will be a happy day for her, and the long wait will be over. As we enter into the Month of the Sleeping Dog at the Libra new moon on the 3rd of next month, may the lessons of this full moon bring rest to your minds and greater Light to your being. And, may the Light Person that you are shine in effulgence upon all whom you encounter, human or otherwise. We are the Light. We are the Temple.

Peace be with you in these days,

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