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Thanksgiving at Aunt Mary's

By Malvin Artley
November 2004

The keynote is

<I see a goal; I reach that goal and then I see another.>

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!

Thanksgiving was always an epic affair with my family. We usually spent the holiday with one of my aunties in New Jersey, just across the river from New York. It was a long drive from North Carolina with 6 people in the station wagon, always with the endless questions: "Are we there yet?" "Can I have another sandwich, mom?" "How many more miles before we get there, dad?" And, as always, the same old answers—"Two miles less than the last time you asked me!" It is a parent's lot in life. Twelve hours in a car is an eternity for a kid, but we knew turkey and stuffing awaited the next day, along with a veritable cornucopia of Aunt Mary's cookies—the reward at the end of the arduous journey. Though the drive was long, in many ways it was its own reward, too. We saw a lot of sights on that annual pilgrimage, especially on the beltline around Washington DC—the Washington monument, the capitol dome along with many other things. And, we always got regaled with stories from my dad, as fathers like to do. There were stories from his childhood, from army days, from time spent along the same routes and about our national heritage. We heard them all and would appreciate them later but, at the time, all we could think about was Aunt Mary's cookies and the fun and adventures we would have in New York and surrounding areas. I retraced those roads a few months back when I was last in the States, and the memories were just as palpable as if they had happened yesterday. Time seems to have less and less meaning as we get older, except that we never seem to have enough of it.

I wrote a lot about the US in the last letter and there is a resonance with the US in this letter on the theme of Sagittarius. There will be a bit more on US themes in this one, as there were some key points I had to leave out of the last one due to time and space constraints. On the whole, though, we are back in full moon mode here. This full moon occurs on the 27 Nov 04 at 7:08 AEST (26 Nov 04 at 8:08 PM GMT). Sagittarians are known for their love of travel, of adventure, of wide-open spaces and of philosophy. But, more than that, they are known as very goal-oriented people, always with an end in sight and thus with a path always mapped out before them. This festival could be called "The Festival of Aspiration" and, indeed, all the lunar festivals could be named many things. But, for the Sagittarian there is always a sense of purpose and direction in life if there is any measure of Soul contact within them, and they are never still for very long, so strong is the urge to move forward and achieve that which is out of reach, but attainable in their eyes.

The large quintile patterns that were in evidence at the last two full moons are gone now, save for the base 10th harmonic yod consisting of the Uranus/Pluto quintile and the Saturn apex. I have gone into the meaning of that in previous letters, so I will not go back over it now. But, there is still a lot on offer at this full moon, as there always is. We will get to the dynamics of that in due course. In early days this sign had as its symbol the Centaur, symbolizing the development of the human Soul through the long ages of evolution along with all the selfishness of being human, still having the animal nature strongly a feature of human life and aspiration. Its symbol is now that of the archer on the horse, symbolizing that humanity has risen above the animal nature, but is still close to it. The association with the Centaur is interesting with regard to this full moon, though, because Chiron is at the reflex opposition with Saturn in the 10th harmonic yod, and there is a definite task ahead of us this year in terms of clarification of our aspirations, of healing that which has prevented the full expression of the Soul's Light and of the karmic necessity of releasing the patterns of old racial and group wounding that has the world in its grips at this point in our history. Some astrologers closely associate Chiron with Sagittarius and, indeed, the entire class of Centaur asteroids could bear some deeper examination with regard to their association with the more ancient interpretations of this sign.

Sagittarius confers a "beam of focused, directed Light" which is aspiration, and which eventually becomes the Light of intuition itself. It is the sign wherein, after the tests of Scorpio, the disciple is granted a vision of the needed task ahead which thus instills the aspiration to achieve the desired goal of service and evolution. The beam of Light then becomes the shaft of the proverbial arrow, shot out toward the desired objective and returning as a flood of intuition after the objective is reached. In the average person this sign is ruled by Jupiter which opens many vistas for achievement and which gives the enormous expansive temperament of the Sagittarian native. In the one on the Path, though, Sagittarius is ruled by the Earth itself, thus signifying that the goal is attained only through walking the path of earthly service, of experiencing all the vagaries of human existence, of wandering through the wilderness and bewilderment of Earth life and achieving all in spite of all that. Through it all, the vision is never forgotten, though, and the journey through life becomes one with the goal for the Sagittarian. Thus, we have two main types of Sagittarians—the orthodox, or "Jupiter" Sagittarian and the esoteric, or "Earth" Sagittarian.

It might be asked how the Earth can be a ruler of this sign, since the Earth is not included among the planets in orthodox astrology. Esoteric astrologers do use the Earth as a point in the horoscope, and it is always immediately opposite the Sun in a chart. The lunar degree in the Sagittarius full moon figure is thus very important in a consideration of that full moon festival, because that point is also the degree of the Earth in that chart and it thus marks a point of unique emphasis for the Sagittarian type and for the general aspirations of humanity as a whole. People are well familiar with the Jupiterian Sagittarian and all the qualities of Jupiter that they manifest—joviality, expansive point of view, love of learning and philosophy, love of travel and adventure, an imperiousness at times, judgmentalism at times, etc. What of the Earth Sagittarian, though? To come to an understanding of that we first have to know how the Earth "behaves" in a chart.

To put it simply, the Earth is at first a sore point in any horoscope. I know a lot of people would dislike such a description, but a little explanation will indicate why I have stated the Earth's influence to be thus. From the standpoint of our solar systemic constitution, the Earth is one of three planets that go to form the persona of a great Planetary Being. This Being is one of the three major Beings within our solar system. There are said to be three planets that are the main "players" in our system, and they are Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. These three are known as the synthesizing planetary schemes within the solar system, and through them all life is resolved before passing beyond our system altogether. This only happens at a very exalted stage of development. The Earth, as mentioned, is associated with one of the three, and the one with which it happens to be associated is Saturn. The other planet in this triple planetary Persona is Mars. Saturn encompasses the mind of this Being, Mars the astral nature, and Earth is the physical expression. As astrologers know, Saturn and Mars are the two main malefics in any chart and thus represent points that can indicate acute or chronic suffering. They can also represent dynamic points of growth, energy and stability in a chart, depending upon how the issues they represent are approached and handled. But, they are often both contentious and sore points when they are activated by transits and progressions, especially if they are stressfully aspected natally. It is the same for the Earth.

These three planets—Earth, Mars and Saturn—are the only planets in the solar system wherein suffering is known. Saturn is said to indicate mental anguish. Mars confers largely emotional suffering, and the Earth indicates physical suffering, to put it all very simply. Both the Earth and Mars are known as non-sacred planets, meaning that their respective planetary Regents have not yet passed those Initiations which would remove them from the need to incarnate and struggle. They have not attained the status of adeptship, in human analogy. Thus, upon those globes, there is great struggle and adversity at times. This is not to say all that is known of those three planets is suffering and negativity. Far from it. They can all express a profound beauty and strength as well. But, they can bring their share of strife because they are still bound by illusion to some degree, albeit on a cosmic scale. The other planets in the solar system are free from it and some, like Venus and Mercury, are very advanced along their own lines.

The Earth has been called "The School of Magnetic Response". Other less glamorous names for its students are "The Graduates of Painful Endeavor" and the "Adjudicators Between the Opposites". It is said that its graduates undergo examination upon the astral plane and, as occultists know, that is the plane whereon the forces of duality meet. The Earth is largely physical in its effects in a chart, and it affects primarily the subtle part of the physical planet—the ethers. It affects people primarily through the spleen center (chakra) and it does this through the planetary etheric emanations. It therefore affects the substance of the body that is not essentially associated with consciousness, but rather with the vehicle of physical response that we call the etheric body. In short, it defines the field of experience for the native—the path that must be walked in order to resolve certain things within the nature and that will enable one to work as a Soul on this physical world. It is, on the whole, a very sensitive point with regards to physical health, and in demonstrating polarization and the resolution of it. This is one of the reasons why there can be so much physical stress at the time of the full moons.

I know what I have just said will mean little to most readers, so perhaps we can view this in a different way. As is always the case, the Earth is in opposition to the Sun in any natal chart. The Sun represents the present thrust of the life, the psyche, the general vitality, the personal ego, the basic personality type, and it is the primary integrating factor within any chart. It is the life-force. Now, we have to consider what it means to have a planet always in opposition by aspect to the Sun. Oppositions are stressful aspects. It is an aspect that produces an acute awareness, and it does this through polarizing one's consciousness and by forcing issues. It is a mirroring aspect, and it has been said to give a sort of "face-to-face" awareness of the issues indicated by the planets involved. It is an aspect that confers objectivity through a struggle to understand. So, any planet opposite the Sun is a direct wake-up call to the ego, so-to-speak, and with the Earth always there, we are always reminded of our place in life, of the path we have to follow, of the energies we bring to bear on any circumstance and of our greater group obligations. Since the Sun represents us as egos, the Earth represents all that is "not us", in a manner of speaking. Also, when other planets are in opposition to the Sun, especially Mars, Saturn or both of them together, then the life can be very interesting indeed.

In any full moon figure, then, rather than considering the degree of the Moon as a primary emphasis, one should begin to consider that degree as the Earth degree and thus the degree of our group obligations and the path we walk—the collective, in other words. The Moon is actually a dead body, esoterically considered, and it gives off no energy of its own. The full moon thus highlights for us the things that we need to consider at a group level and our integration within those groups with which we are associated. The goal of all spiritual works is greater and greater integration with the collective and submersion of the little self in the needs and tasks of the greater Good. Each full moon then gives us indicators of varying aspects of our alignment within the brotherhood of the human collective and of the path we must walk to achieve those goals. In this we struggle, though, because the persona wants to keep things as they are and dislikes not having its little desires met. In many ways the Earth in a chart shows us where we struggle hardest and where we psychologically project in the strongest manner. But, the Earth is also our window onto the larger world of Spirit. The aim of all struggle and conflict is eventual resolution and beauty in the end. The Earth point in any chart is therefore technically an indicator of where we should be creating the most profound beauty in our lives and in the lives of others, rather than constantly railing against all that we perceive to be "against us".

The "Earth" Sagittarian, then, is one who is acutely aware of the duality of physical existence. They are aware, for example, that they are inherently Spirit, yet the urges of the animal nature are still with them. They are aware of the goals they seek to achieve in life, yet they are all-too-aware of the impediments to those goals and of the needs of others that have to be met while yet pursuing their own goals. They are full of the fire and enthusiasm of the spiritual life, yet the realities of earth keep them from free reign in their striving upward. They have fully in their consciousness all the Jupiterian aspects of the Sagittarian experience, yet they see the struggles of those around them and their own struggle to attain. They seek to fully expand and to have a good time in so doing, but the realities of spiritual living mean that obligations must be met, guidelines must be followed and other people matter at least as much, if not more, than they do.

But, there are tremendous shifts in thinking that occur with this sense of dualism and a transcendent wisdom can be born out of all that experience and polarization. In the end, the Earth Sagittarian learns to walk the middle path, still with the goal firmly in sight, and then learns to respond in a magnetic and magnanimous manner to all who struggle as they have done. It is not an easy path, especially mentally, but one that brings bountiful rewards in terms of accrued wisdom and shared knowledge. It is a life where the call of Spirit is first and foremost, yet it is approached with an ever-fuller understanding of the needs of life on this plane, and a determination to wed the two. It is still a life of incessant change and movement, yet the carefree life of the jovial Sagittarian is gradually replaced with a deep understanding of human nature and a burning desire to bring the wisdom they have wrested from life to all who would listen.

One of the interesting things about polarization and duality can be learned from a study of electricity. For those who have studied a bit of electrical theory, it is well-known that whenever there is a difference in the electrical potential between two points in a conducting medium a current will flow. It is also a fact that whenever there is current flowing, a magnetic field is generated. In addition, whenever there is current flow, there is also resistance to it which produces heat or light (which is also a product of heat). Electricity as we know it depends upon polarity to work. Whenever there is no polarity, there is no electrical current. An interesting thing about magnetic fields and electricity is that they work both ways—electricity can produce magnetism and vice-versa. Hence, electricity is indissolubly connected with magnetism. We could therefore say that electricity produces a magnetic response. The converse is also true.

The same scenario occurs in the psyche in an analogical sense. Polarized thinking produces movement of thought currents, which also induces a magnetic response in like-minded people and kingdoms and their polar opposites. Duality (polarity) produces movement in the mind and emotions and draws thought currents of like or similar nature together along with opposing thought currents, which in turn produces psychic heat and eventually the Light of knowledge. This may seem a far reach to some readers, but I assure you it is a factual correspondence. As was stated earlier, this planet has been called the School of Magnetic Response. It is perhaps no surprise that the very force that lights our globe at night—electricity—is a product of magnetism and polarization. The outer does indeed reflect the inner and we would find so many stunning examples of the correspondences between science and the inner life if we cared to take a look. It is this same theme of polarization (its psychic correspondence) that keeps the Earth Sagittarian in constant motion and so intensely focused upon their goals. The Light of the higher Self never leaves them. For them, the dualities of life continually evince the Light of that higher Self as it pours down into the Sagittarian psyche that is a result of the realizations wrought through the movement of thought. As a final note here, Sagittarius rules the Hierarchy of the Lunar Lords—the lower side of human nature, and in Atlantean days it was this hierarchy that ruled humanity in large part and was the vehicle and cause of so much of the conflict in that far-distant time.

This brings us to a consideration of a final piece I wanted to add to the saga of America after the elections. It relates to the high Sagittarian idealism and also to the imperiousness of the lower aspects of the Sagittarian psyche. As it turns out, Washington--as the seat of government in the US--is ruled by Sagittarius. This is the persona of Washington. At a soul level, Washington is ruled by Cancer. We all know how idealistic we Americans can be. This idealism has been tested many times since Pluto has been transiting through Sagittarius. It is worthy of note, though, that the chart of the US has the opposite polarity to the soul and personal expressions of Washington DC. In the US chart we find Sagittarius rising, which indicates the higher possibilities in a chart (and thus the Soul) with the Sun in Cancer (the present "problem"—the persona). This in itself is indicative of a lot of polarization. At no time in recent memory has the country been so polarized. There is a great difference in "potential" between various factions in the US and the air almost feels electric. But, it looks like it is set to become even more so, especially when on considers what is happening quietly behind the scenes as we speak. Keep in mind with all this that John Kerry is also a Sagittarian, and things might thus begin to make a little more sense as we go along.

There has been a buzz of activity over the internet about the issue of voter fraud and many people are maintaining that the election was stolen from the Democrats once again. Republicans are likely to call this sort of thing sour grapes, but there is mounting evidence that points to the fact that in states that used electronic voting machines there were significant irregularities between the votes counted and the number of registered voters, weighted in favor of the Republican candidates. I am not throwing my weight on either side of the argument and in significant ways I hope it turns out to be a mistaken thing. But, if strong and ironclad evidence comes out that the election was rigged, can we imagine the uproar that would ensue in an already heavily polarized and pretty evenly split populace? The idealism of the American people would be dealt a serious blow, which may not be a bad thing, but the resulting conflicts that would probably come of it could be paralyzing to the country. It would also be a serious setback for the Republican Party, the Neocons and the Bush dynasty, since there was a Bush at the helm at the elections. Idealism most often dies a bitter death, although disillusionment is more often than not a good thing, spiritually considered. In all, it would certainly wake a lot of people up and cause many folks to look a lot more deeply at why they believe the things they do about their leaders, about America and about the things they think really matter in political and American life.

Consider, too, that Kerry used to be a prosecutor. People have commented that he has gone very quiet since the election—odd behavior for a man who fought so hard to make a difference. Perhaps he is silently gathering the evidence to be put forward at an opportune time? Such an incident, if it comes forward, might do quite a bit to dampen the sometimes imperious nature of the government, no matter who is in office. We will all be offered many new perspectives on life in the very near future if we have not already, and this is but one example of the many things that can happen. Ever since Pluto began its transit through Sagittarius in 1995, ideal after ideal has been called into question—the church, educational systems, governments, patriotism and many other departments of human life. None have really escaped Pluto's action. As a final note on the voter fraud question, Pluto is behind this, too. I said in the last letter that Mars rules the 4th and 12th houses of the US horoscope, and Pluto has been hovering around the opposition to that point since before the Iraq War. Well, the 12th house rules voters, fraud and self-undoing, as does Neptune. And, just after the Pluto/Mars opposition, Pluto moves to the square of Neptune. Pluto is also the esoteric ruler of the natural 12th house of the zodiac, so there is always a 12th and 8th house connotation with Pluto. The last chapter of the Pluto transit over Mars has yet to be written, and it very well could be a whopper! Then again, it may go by without a whimper, even if the voter fraud scandal is true. The 12th house can be misleading and mysterious, too.

The last note I want to add about the US before going into the dynamics of this full moon concerns the inauguration of the next administration on the 20 Jan 05. The next president is set to take the oath at 12:00 PM EST. Of particular interest is a little aspect that many astrologers would not even consider, but one in which the Magi Society would take a great interest. I refer to the Saturn/Chiron opposition. They have done a lot of research on the stressful aspects between planets and Chiron, and have found that marriages performed under the stressful aspects of Saturn to Chiron most often end in divorce. It would be of real interest to see if there is an upsurge in the divorce rate in coming years, especially with couples who have been married in recent months. An inauguration is a type of marriage—a commitment between the leader and his people. There were some astrologers who predicted that Kerry would win, but that he would not finish his term and that Edwards would finish out the term as president. If Bush is ousted because of voter fraud, we could well see the scenario play out. If Bush takes the oath of office, who knows? His chart is under a lot of stress next year.

I have looked a bit at the inaugurations of presidents who did not finish their terms in office for one reason or another. In the case of presidents who died in office there was always a stressful aspect between Pluto and Chiron in the inaugural chart. In the upcoming inauguration there is a stressful aspect between Chiron and Pluto, but it involves the natal placement of Pluto. Transiting Chiron is in a combust conjunction with the US natal Pluto at the time of inauguration. In the other cases, the aspects between Chiron and Pluto were "in the sky" and did not involve aspects to the US chart. In the two cases where the presidents had to resign office, Chiron was square to the Moon's nodes in the inaugural figure and Saturn was in the US 7th house at inauguration. We find the same thing with Chiron and the lunar nodes at this inauguration, but Saturn will be in the 8th house—the house of death, major separations and transformation. Additionally, transiting Saturn will be opposite the US Pluto and conjunct the US Mercury. There is more, but this will give enough of an indication that there is likely to be trouble for whoever takes the oath of office on the 20th of January. If I were a staff astrologer (Just for fun, OK?) for either Bush or Kerry, I would have serious questions for their future and political life if they end up on the dais at the inaugural ceremony. It is all fascinating stuff and food for a lot of speculation, but I simply wish to bring it to your awareness for your own perusal. The coming months are likely to be "interesting".

This brings us to the final part of this letter, which is a consideration of the planetary aspects around this full moon. As always, the degree of the Sun and Moon are most revealing of the dynamics here. The degree of the Sun reads thus:

"An old owl sits alone on the branch of a large tree." 5 Sagittarius.

Owls have been associated with wisdom since ancient times. They are fabulous hunters with the keenest eyesight. They float silently through the air and they can rotate their heads to the effect that they can see all around them. They sit high in trees and take in the whole vista of their surroundings, and they can notice even the slightest movement, even in darkness. No wonder people have held them to be such a powerful omen and totem. This symbol describes to great effect what needs to be addressed in the aspirations of humanity in the coming year—the ability to stand alone; a sensitivity to the slightest of changes in our little worlds; the focused eye that penetrates into the heart of darkness and which highlights for us what we need to go after; the need to ascend to the highest places so we can see the greater picture of things and gain a wider perspective; the need to be able to glide effortlessly and silently through circumstance when need be; the wisdom that allows us to bring all things into right relation; and the silence that will allow us to hear the inner voice of direction in a world that clangs and clatters around us. Above all, we need clear perception.

The degree of the Moon/Earth highlights the areas in which we need to pay fuller attention to what is going on outside of us. It is a degree that marks where we walk together with others and how we see ourselves through the people with whom we associate. The degree of the Moon reads thus:

"A revolutionary magazine asking for action." 5 Gemini

There is definitely revolution in the air. But, it is not a revolution based upon military action or violent conflict. This is a revolution of mind that will shine the Light of the Soul into places that have hitherto seen little Light or which have become darkened through years or centuries of disuse or misuse. The old Age is passing out, and with it will pass into the mist of memory all that has become corrupted and crystallized. The new energies that are playing increasingly upon our psyches are producing changes that will establish a fresh order in the world and a renewed sense of freedom to the expression of the human Soul. The repressive forces of entrenched psychic patterning must and will be released through the heat generated by the heavily polarized factions and thinking we see increasing in the world, and the inevitable movement toward resolution that will eventually produce. There is enormous potential for change in the world today. As the charge gets higher there will be increasing movement toward a new level of understanding. The Light that will be generated by the release of the polarities we now see will carry humanity in many new and unusual directions. The call for revolution has indeed gone forth, but it is the Soul that is producing the call, not the little wills of people.

This is beautifully accented for us in this figure by the T-square formed between the full moon axis and the Uranus apex. Uranus is the planet of revolution, of new order and of release from the old. The desire for better conditions will shape the aspirations of people of goodwill everywhere this year. It is a tense configuration, but it holds much promise within it, and it guarantees that movement and shifting of the psyches of people will occur strongly over the coming months. This T-square helps to release some of the compulsive power and creative dynamism of the 10th harmonic yod we still have with us. Uranus also trines Venus, indicating a more humanistic approach to problems, a broad outlook on things and a general open-mindedness, although this would seem to be quite absent in many quarters. Venus is conjunct Mars, adding fire to the passions, force to aspirations, a good blend of forces at a personal level and a strong tinge of sex-force along with all the altruism indicated elsewhere. This conjunction will give an increased and quite unusual force to the way our spiritual yearnings are approached this year. This is further enhanced by the Mars square to Neptune in this chart. There is a danger here that people might be swept away by what they see and thus believe too strongly that "God is with me". We can look for this square to be inflammatory to some groups. They might well believe they have divine right to do what they envision and their hold upon people will be increased under this influence.

The Venus/Mars conjunction and the Mars/Neptune square are offset to a large degree by the Grand Trine in air composed of the Moon, Jupiter and Neptune. This operates mainly in the realm of mind (air) and it carries an energy characterized by great spiritual insight, strong and clear hunches, intuitions and gut reactions to things. This is a highly intuitive Grand Trine and it confers an ability to expand spiritually that we have not seen in a full moon figure in a while—and the best part is that it is easy to access. It is a configuration that shows as spiritual grace and profound wisdom and insight. Jupiter is also in quintile aspect to Mercury, indicating that the intuition is to be even more strongly marked and that some real artistry in spiritual thought can come through this full moon. The main planets that release the sublime grace of this Grand Trine are the Sun and Mars, showing that individual effort and vital force will bring about the needed results and promise of the grand trine. Lastly, we see Mercury conjoined with Pluto, which points to an ability to dig deep within the psyche and to pull out that which has lain hidden in the recesses of our minds. It is, by the way, an excellent aspect for detective work and, unless I miss my guess, Kerry and crew are busy doing that very thing right now. It will be fascinating to see if anything comes to light around the voter fraud issue over the next couple of months. This is an excellent combination for digging up secrets. This concludes my commentary on the planetary dynamics of this full moon.

My Aunt Mary is a Sagittarian. True to Sagittarian form, she was pretty good at riding motorcycles in her younger years, though she is a wisp of a thing and barely five feet tall. She met my uncle that way. She hasn't been on a bike in years, but there is still a sparkle in her eye and it is difficult to keep up with her even now. You just can't keep a good Sagittarian down. I think of her every year at this time and remember well all the adventures I had up there as a kid. As I drove up through the land of the Sopranos a few months back, I was reminded of the many journeys I have made through life, the things I have achieved, the people with whom I have shared travel, the ways in which my horizons have been broadened and all the goals left yet unfulfilled. Even with this last trip, at the end of the day's journey there were still cookies waiting for me when I got to her house. Every journey has its rewards at the end. It was good to see her jovial face and to hear that she still has aspirations even at this late stage of her life, though those goals now revolve largely around her sons and grandchildren. But, her life has certainly broadened mine and I have always admired her frankness and world view. We can never tell what is in a person by appearances. More than anything else, though, she is a free spirit and never stood still for anything that kept her from what she needed to do and the path that she had mapped out for herself and her family. And she still bakes an awesome cocoa cookie.

As we approach the American holiday of Thanksgiving I am reminded as always of the richness of life and the rewards and wisdom that direct experience brings. More than that, I feel enormous gratitude for the people I have encountered and with whom I have shared time and life. Even the hard times have been rewarding in their own way. There is nothing like a good adventure to change one's perspective and to widen one's outlook on life and the world. All we need do is to remain open to what is on offer with each passing moment. Even a walk around the block holds the possibility of the beginning of an epic tale in one's life. We never know what awaits us. Life would be a bore otherwise. And, we can take a page from the Sagittarian's book in that regard. No goal is too hard, no journey too long, no thought unthinkable, and no dream unattainable.

As we sit down at tables on this most American of holidays around the country and in other parts of the world, take the time to look at the people seated with you and acknowledge the ways in which they have expanded your life. And, share a bit of your own life with them. The holiday of Thanksgiving is a celebration of community and of the grace that life grants us when we open ourselves to the gifts others bring to us and what we can bring to others. Though the Sagittarian may be focused on their own path, there is always room with them for another fellow traveler to share a bit of their journey and to find solidarity in unified action. We are all such fellow travelers. And, as we reach realization of the dreams we have set out for ourselves, let us realize that we are all actually on an endless and wondrous trek that will take us together to places we can scarcely imagine and to heights of achievement beyond all measure. It all begins with a vision and ends with the reality we create. These times are so full of potency and promise for those with open and adventurous hearts and minds. May your visions be grand and your travels full of wonder!

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