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Capricorn, the Story of Scrooge and the Wizard of Menlo Park

Malvin Artley
January 2009

Be courageous. I have seen many depressions in business. Always America has emerged from these stronger and more prosperous. Be brave as your fathers before you. Have faith! Go forward!
Thomas Alva Edison

Happy New Year Everyone!
When I was a kid my family always made the day-long trek around the end of November from North Carolina to spend the Thanksgiving holiday season with my Dad's sister and her family in northern New Jersey. I always knew when we were approaching New Jersey, not because I could see the road signs, but because there was particular sensibility that would wash over me. That part of the US - the corridor from Delaware to Boston - has a particular 'feel' to it that is difficult to put into words. Perhaps that feeling I got (and still experience when there to this day) might best be described by a type of pugnaciousness that has a uniquely American quality to it, particularly with regard to systems or paradigms of thought. It is an irreverence toward established authority and anything that limits free expression or freedom of thought, combined with a dogged persistence to overcome in the face of said obstacles. It can be seen in all walks of society through that area of the country - from organized crime all the way to the heights of artistic and technological expression. It has produced and still produces a profound inventiveness - what my Dad always liked to call 'Yankee ingenuity'.

My Dad's brother-in-law - my Uncle Tom - was a perfect example of the type of attitude I have just described. He was one of the most irreverent men I knew. He never took anything on face value. He always challenged the conventional wisdom of things. When he was in the Army he was always just on the edge of the rules. He was one of those people who lived by his own rules. Yet, he was a superb tradesman and craftsman. He studied his trade and craft thoroughly and knew it inside-out. He worked in industry all his life and was always at the top of his game. He loved to nut things out on his own and was pretty generally always successful - and he didn't mind letting you know it. Many people would have called him a braggart, but he could always back up what he said - "No brag, just fact", to quote the famous line from the TV show. The man had a lot of common sense and lived by his wits, but he always looked after his own. He was a good man and worked hard. He produced a lot in his life and held to a high standard. He gave to the community, too, especially through the Scouts. He is missed, even though his stories used to send us all around the bend sometimes. This isn't a testimony to my uncle so much as it is an illustration of the type of attitude and mind that produced type of inventiveness that helped make America the world power that it is. There is also something of Capricorn in it, the subject of this letter.

There can be no better example of said Yankee ingenuity, perhaps, than Thomas Alva Edison who was based over in Menlo Park, just a stone's throw from my Aunt's place. I have always been a big fan of 'The Wizard of Menlo Park'. He was a great businessman as well as being recognized as one of the greatest inventors of all time. He was also an initiate of high standing. Just look at his legacy to the world. However, I always admired the man for his ability to build on past successes and failures alike and to eventually manifest inventions that were eminently practical and commercially successful. His inventions always, in his mind, had to be of use to the general public. As he once said, his inventions were based upon what the world needed, not on what he wanted. He never marked success in monetary terms. To him, success meant that an invention had utility. On the other side of that, though, he knew full well that volume of sales was proof of a thing's utility. He founded General Electric, one of the largest corporations in the world, on those principles. He was born at a period of human history that saw the rise of the generation that gave birth to the foundations modern age as we know it with all its technology. I always heard about Edison and studied his inventions with great interest over the years. Yet, for all that, we never made it over to the museum there at Menlo Park when we visited my Aunt Mary. There was always too much to do in a short space of time - all the 'holiday stuff'. Next time I visit my relatives there I am going to make a pilgrimage to Edison's 'shed', though. Talk about blokes and their sheds - that man had the dream life!

There are two things to be addressed in this letter: The Capricorn Solar Festival and the inaugural chart for the Obama administration. This is basically two letters in one. We will begin with a few statements about Capricorn, followed by the full moon figure, since that sets the stage for the inaugural chart, finishes off the 'Year of the Granary Rat' and tells us about what we can expect in terms of our personal development and ambitions throughout the coming year. With that, we will begin the body of this letter with a quick look at Capricorn, so we know what we are dealing with here.

We saw in the last letter that Sagittarius is uniquely powerful with regard to humanity because it tells us a lot about our goals and focus in life. Capricorn, on the other hand is uniquely human, in and of itself. Although its symbol is the mountain goat in modern times, it rules at the highest level the class of lives that is called the Human Personality. It (the sign) confers the Will to Manifest and it rules from the higher levels of the mental plane. This class of lives called the Human Personality is actually not the human persona itself, but the cause of it - the guiding force of ego, if you will. It is the human Soul - the Soul incarnate - the final part of our human nature to be transcended before we can achieve liberation. It is the storehouse of all our actions throughout our long series of human incarnations. It is the person as they are, not as outer appearances dictate. If one is able to see the actual human Soul, one knows at a glance the state of evolution of the person, whether the current life is going according to plan or not, the inbuilt qualities achieved over many lifetimes and all the faults as well - that which is yet to be developed.

The actual symbol for the sign Capricorn has been misinterpreted. In the ancient literature, Capricorn referred to the Hindu zodiacal Makara - a non-descript sea monster or leviathan. This Makara ruled over the face of the waters - an obvious referral to the fact that the human personality (Soul incarnate) has dominion over the Lunar Lords (the waters) and subsumes them once the first human rebirth has been achieved. Thus, Capricorn confers the Light of Initiation, which leads the way to the mountain top and confers the Transfiguration. It is only through the action of the Makaras (Kumaras) that the Lunar Lords are subjugated, receive their evolutionary stimulus and eventually are liberated from their own bondage. Capricorn thus, in a way, completes the person and endows a person with their higher qualities. It is this higher intelligence and our ability to blend it with the lives that make up our lower nature that make us uniquely human. If that higher intelligence is used to good ends it leads us to the heights of achievement. If otherwise, it can lead us to the depths of depravity and beastly behavior. Hence, Capricorn is said to manifest all that is best and worst within humanity. In its lower expression, Capricorn's mantra is "Let ambition rule and the door stand wide." In its higher, the mantra is "Lost am I in Light supernal, yet on that Light I turn my back." - a Bodhisattva/Mahayana statement if ever there was one.

The story of Scrooge is a fairly good recounting of the Capricorn story in modern times. Most, if not all of us, know the story. Scrooge displayed all the worst aspects of a human being-ambitious in the worldly sense, miserly, cold, mean-hearted, self-absorbed - in his younger years. He was ruled then by the leviathan of human ambition and self-grasping and caused suffering to his charges. He was a usurer. The ghosts of Christmas Past/Present/Future represent the actions of conscience upon the man - the recognition of his higher principles and what he was meant to be in his life. His karma ripened upon him (the Ghost of Christmas Past appeared), showing him how he came to be in this present state. That having been achieved, he was shown how his past actions affected those around him and himself in the present (Ghost of Christmas Present). His conscience then in full swing, he was shown what would happen if he continued on his present course. He was given a precognition (Ghost of Christmas Future) of his most likely future if things remained unchanged. Having experienced these visions, he stood transfigured and began to give to those around him - to serve instead of use, in other words.

Of course, that story had a happy ending (Hey, it was a Christmas story.), as we will all ultimately have. Worldly ambition and self-interest will give way to real generosity, either by choice or through 'visitation'. Just remember that at the time of year we start singing the tune "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" the Beings who are ever-watchful for those of us ready to make a greater contribution to the world - those who are ready to taste the Light Supernal in some way - are looking at the human Souls of the world. If we are ready we are moved by our own sense of compassion for others or we receive a visitation from the 'Christmas Ghosts' and 'follow them up the mountain' if we are not already doing so. Hopefully I have not mangled too many traditions here with my little description. That will suffice for Capricorn. What about the full moon?

The full moon for the Capricorn Solar Festival takes place on 11 Jan 2009 at 2:27 PM AEDT (3:27 AM UT). (All Solar Festivals last roughly five days - two days on either side of the full moon and the day of the full moon itself.) This full moon figure still contains the two oppositions we saw in the previous full moon - full moon axis and Saturn/Uranus - but it is a very different dynamic to what we had at the previous full moon. Instead of a Great Cross formed by these two oppositions (where the ends of the oppositions square each other) we have instead what is called a Mystic Rectangle, in which the ends of the oppositions are in sextile aspect to each other. We still have the tension represented by the two oppositions, but the manner of their resolution and the awareness gained thereby is much less stressful, and can even be very constructive. It is a very interesting figure in many respects and it will certainly help in the integration of what we experienced with the stress of the last full moon. In addition, there is an added bonus with this one: It activates the 'smile in the sky' of 2 Dec 2008, the solar degree being only one degree away from the degree of that event. In all, we have some things to look forward to with the resolution of this figure but, as is often the case, there will be some surprises or twists with it, as we will see.

The Sabian symbol for the degree of the Sun reads: "By accepting defeat gracefully, a general reveals nobility of character." (22 Capricorn) Here is where we have the main twist of fate with this full moon. With the cult of personality and the fixation with the satisfaction of material aims we have seen in the world over the past decades, much of what is happening in the financial markets and in some political circles might be seen as a defeat by people who are not going to have their dreams or desires fulfilled. However, times like we are experiencing now have a way of bringing out the best in people - the Soul in a person, if you like. This is always the lesson of Capricorn, in my mind. Personal ambition must give way to service for others in some capacity if one's life is to have any higher meaning. For most people that means letting go of prescribed outcomes and expectations of people, and that can be a very difficult thing at times. When we have to do that, it can feel like a defeat. We no longer feel in control of our destiny. We no longer command life, we feel. Life seems to have control of us, even though subconsciously we have very often set ourselves up for that very experience. One of my mentors once advised me to seek the good in any situation, no matter how difficult, and to build upon that - that it is only our preconceived notions of things that make a situation seem 'bad'. Perhaps the 'Wizard of Menlo Park' was onto something when he said:
"Surprises and reverses can serve as an incentive for great accomplishment. There are no rules here, we're just trying to accomplish something."

When we have to abandon our preconceived notions we have to look at life anew. We have to find opportunity in what befalls us instead of feeling ourselves to be a victim, somehow. There are some areas of life in which we do chart our own course. There are yet others where we have to experience what comes and bear it no matter what transpires. People loosely call such occurrences 'karma' and it is to an extent, but I think people would be amazed if, in looking back on those scenarios, they realized just how much they contributed to them in their blind self-interest, lack of attention to details, ignoring inner guidance (the 'gut sense' of things), fear and need to control outcomes as a result. The only thing over which we ever have any control is our own mind, if that. Karma is realized in Capricorn, fully and completely, and Saturn rules the sign at all but the highest levels. I would venture to say that Capricorn types have to suffer some type of perceived defeat in life if they are to fully live out the capacities brought in through the sign, which are great. It is, after all, said to be the doorway to Liberation.

The symbol for the lunar degree indicates the reflected wisdom of this Solar Festival, which reads: "A young woman awaiting a sailboat." (22 Cancer) How many people these days are 'waiting for their ship to come in'? This symbol speaks of people's yearning for some sort of transcendent happiness or for the fulfillment of dreams. The implication of the young woman waiting for the sailboat is that she is waiting for her lover. There is a lot of expectancy conveyed through this symbol. On the world stage such expectancy is being projected upon the incoming US administration, but will realities meet with expectations? Here, with this symbol, we see the theme again of prescribed outcomes and expectations placed upon people and events. It is a very human thing to have dreams and longings, but what happens if the 'sailboat' gets lost at sea or is diverted from its course? What happens if the proverbial ship never comes in? From whence will happiness come? We all want to be happy, yet we are prone to make our happiness contingent upon something or someone outside of us. "I would be very happy if…….." we so often say to ourselves. Why can we simply not be happy within ourselves and at any given moment? Look very carefully within and you may very well find a big clue to your happiness during this Solar Festival period (9th-13th). Where or how will heaven smile upon us? The clue to that answer is found in the fact that we are a reflection of the heavens. We know 'the heavens' by looking within.

We have certain opportunities being presented to us in the months to come, if not in every present moment. Many people will miss those opportunities. Why? Here is another little bit of wisdom from Menlo Park:
"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."

If we want our outer lives to reflect the inner yearning for transcendent happiness that each of us carries within us, then there is no other recourse than to roll up one's sleeves and get down to business. The only people who achieve are those who are willing to do the work, and that especially applies to spiritual matters. Without inner discipline, there is no success. Without the mental training we can never hope to overcome the obstacles to our mental freedom and thus our ultimate happiness. Paradoxically, Capricorn is a sign that ultimately confers happiness - the sweetness of life - when its lessons are properly learned. So, what do we see in the dynamics of the full moon figure?

The chart is pretty well bounded by the Mystic Rectangle. It is a configuration that confers revelation through intelligent and innovative use of the energies involved. What energies are involved? As with the last letter, we have the juxtaposition of the old and the new (Saturn/Uranus) combined with the juxtaposition of the wisdom of equality (Sun) and reflected wisdom (Moon). Perhaps one way of summing these four factors would be: All being equal, by reflecting upon the mistakes and wisdom of the past, the necessities squarely before us and what we wish to achieve, we can (hopefully) come up with some very innovative solutions to our problems and thus make conditions much better for all concerned. Or, we can get hopelessly lost in the battle between the status quo and the unstoppable force of change upon us. It wasn't my intention to include so many quotes from Edison, but his words fit so well with what is in front of us and with the energies of this full moon. He maintained that discontent is the spur that is needed for progress. He deemed a satisfied person to be a failure waiting to happen. The Saturn/Uranus opposition is a pairing that breeds discontent. Combined with the Pluto transits to the Aries point, the seeds of our discontent have sprouted and are beginning to grow with rapidity.

There is a yod in the figure, too, and it is integral with the figure, making it that much more potent. It is formed with Neptune at the apex, being quincunx to both the Moon and Saturn and thus being close to the midpoint of the Sun and Uranus. Yods bring change and fated occurrences. The basic energy of this yod is one of possible melancholy, the dissolving of inherited or assigned positions, feelings of inferiority and a general feeling of instability - further contributing to a generalized sense of discontent with life or affairs in the world. All we have to do is look at the situation in the Gaza Strip to see this one working out on the world stage. Something will give in that regard within a short time. The Moon and Saturn together are about inherited patterns and especially parental patterns. 'Father issues' will cop a beating with this full moon. Yet, the Sun is trine to Saturn, so some very solid plans can be put into place as a result of our increased awareness if people can let go of old antagonisms. This has the potential to be a very creative and innovative full moon.

Other than that, there is little of note within the figure. Pluto is off by itself, unaspected and off the Aries point, so its influence for the moment is waning in terms of outer events. Mars is outside of the Rectangle, but it is in an applying sextile with Venus, which will help in resolving monetary affairs and will possibly bring about some romance if one is inclined that way. Being a mundane (world) figure, though, I would expect that sextile to help more with negotiations and the financial sector. This is not what I would call a 'sexy' chart. If anything, the yod just described works against that, as well as the Moon/Uranus trine and the Sun/Saturn trine, both of which are more platonic aspects. Jupiter is only widely conjoined with Mercury, even though it is in the sign it rules esoterically, so I do not see that strong an emphasis with Jupiter in this chart. This figure is more about reconciling the old and the new, being done with what does not work, building on past successes, learning from past mistakes and moving forward into new territory based upon a renewed sense of purpose and increased awareness of what is needed.

With all the preceding points in mind, the stage has been set for the inauguration of the Obama administration. The inauguration takes place around noon on the 20th of this month, placing the Sun right at the Midheaven of the chart, as is always the case with the inauguration of US presidents. Someone knew what they were doing when they picked that date and time as the standard for inaugural ceremonies. The true chart should be cast for when Obama makes his inaugural address to the nation because that represents the 'first breath' of the administration, in my mind. Regardless of when it happens and no matter what the rising degree of the chart, the planetary dynamics will tell the tale of the administration as they always have in the past because they never change very much over a few minutes of time. Only the lunar degree and the angles change appreciably. We need to keep in mind, too, that no chart should be read on its own. Any administration has a direct bearing upon the nation as a whole and the synastry between the national chart and the administration's chart should be examined very carefully.

To get a feel for what we are looking at with the new administration, let's have a look at what happened with the previous one in order to see that such charts do work. In the figure for the last Bush White House we saw that it was going to be a painful four years. The Sun/Chiron conjunction was opposed by Saturn (a heartbreak clash in terms of Magi astrology) and that opposition was square to the Nodes in the chart, which means Bush was inaugurated during a Moon Wobble and with a Saturn/Chiron opposition to boot. Neptune was in the tenth House squaring the Horizon of the chart and the Moon was square to Uranus. We all know what happened. Over the course of the four years people felt increasingly disillusioned with the administration's policies (Neptune square the horizon), the wars dragged on (Saturn/Chiron opposition and Mars/Pluto opposing the Moon), people's financial situation worsened leading to the crisis on Wall Street, the administration seemed lost in its own little world and oblivious in many ways to the voice of the people, there was a lot of overspending (Venus/Mercury square to Jupiter) and the president had the lowest approval ratings of any president in US history. Do we need to say more? Well, we do, in fact.

If we look at the relationship between that administration's and US charts, we see the following key points (there is a lot to consider, so I will only address the main points). There was nothing but stress in the 'intimate sector' (the relations between the luminaries, Mercury, Venus and Mars). The administration Mars opposed the US Mars - terrible in synastry, denoting conflicts and strife. The administration Saturn squared the US Chiron, dragging up old national wounds and 'hitting people where they hurt'. Many people felt kicked while they were down. Saturn was within a degree of the US Mercury. People did not feel listened to and there was little transparency within the administration. In fact, the Bush administration's Saturn did not sit well at all with the American psyche. Neptune was pretty well placed except for the fact that is was inconjunct the Sun. There could have been a lot more inspiration from the government in those years than there was. Instead, people felt led on and disillusioned with policy. The years were not entirely black, but I have yet to hear many kind comments about the Bush years, especially the last four. On the whole, the last four years of Bush and Co. have been very stressful on the nation and on the administration. People were ready for change. The thing about it is that it would not have mattered who was elected. The chart for the administration would have been the same, but it would have been very interesting to see how someone else would have handled those four years. Even twins, having the same basic charts, can be widely divergent in their lives in some areas, even though the basic trends of life are the same. A chart is a framework upon which to build, not a sentence to a certain type of life or a foregone conclusion.

With the chart of the incoming administration we see a very different sort of chart from the previous administration's chart. There is a lot more room to breathe, in a manner of speaking. There are still difficulties indicated, to be sure, and we would expect that given all that has happened. However, there are some major points of departure and they are as follows: The Sun is joined with Jupiter in this figure, giving a feeling of expansiveness and hope. The Moon is sextile the cazimi Sun/Mercury, bringing a strong sense of luck and the ability to weather storms, which are sure to come in those four years. Mars is sextile to a Venus/Uranus conjunction, bringing its share of surprises, unexpected unions and excitement. If there were no other factors to figure into the chart this would be an excellent indicator of success and high approval ratings. Roses have their thorns, however, and this chart has it own in the form of Saturn, same as with the Bush years. Saturn behaves differently in this figure, though.

Saturn opposes the Venus/Uranus conjunction, but it is made an 'easy opposition' by the sextile made by Mars mentioned previously. It is better integrated and has promise with it rather than simply indicating a hard time. The one thing that stands out with regard to Saturn in this chart is that it is in a much more constructive arrangement than it was in the Bush chart. Mars is in an applying trine to Saturn, indicating strong building for the future. Mars trine Saturn is one of the best possible aspects to be had for building a solid and successful outcome to any project. There is an excellent balance of boldness and reticence with this aspect. The way I see it, even though Saturn opposes Venus, which is heartbreaking in and of itself, the inclusion of Mars in the aspect pattern makes that a positive, driving force for change. The sextile of Mars to Uranus adds a liberal dose of fire, enthusiasm and alternative thought to the mix. This is a fiery triangle of energies, and it is needed if we are going to turn things around in the US. It is going to challenge the old guard considerably and a lot of the choices Obama is going to have to make are going to be very unpopular in certain circles. The economic times are going to be harder still than they are now, but there is a very strong possibility that this administration has within it the means to plot a new and fruitful course. The next four years are going to be quite fascinating.

There is still a little problem with Saturn in this chart, though. It is in what the Magi Astrologers call a 'clash' with Chiron, one of their worst aspects in terms of relationships. If anyone has any illusions that the new administration is going to waltz into the White House and suddenly reverse decades of flawed economic and political thinking and entrenched power bases, they had best put those thoughts aside. This is not going to be a magic carpet ride into some fanciful future. Obama is no knight in shining armor. No one gets into the White House unless they play by certain rules. Obama is going to be constrained by a lot of factors. It could get messy. It will be a painful process in certain ways. Throwing money at the financial sector is like throwing gasoline on a fire. Yet, for all that, this chart screams out promise. It does indeed say, "Yes, we can." - but only if we see our opportunities as being 'dressed in overalls and looking like work'. There is another side to the Saturn/Chiron link that could indicate heartbreak of another sort rather than people having to make hard choices about their lives, and that shows more in the synastry between the Obama administration's and the US charts.

I have concerns about Neptune in the synastry of the two charts. Neptune is conjunct the US Moon and inconjunct the US Mercury. The Moon is about needs, especially emotional needs, and Mercury is about communications and the media. The two Moons between the charts are square to each other, too. So, my main concern is that people might not feel that their needs are being met by the administration if things drag on or begin to get worse and if that is the case, they may feel they have been lied to or led astray in some way. Does this sound familiar? We had the same dynamic in the Bush synastry, but due to different factors. Many people see the Obama election as a sort of idealistic victory. It is almost like a fairy tale in some ways. Fairy tales have a way of disappointing people and idealism only takes a person so far. When we add to this the fact that the US Mars is in a very tight Square with the administration's Saturn, we can see the possibility for enormous frustration to develop. Frustration has the capacity to run high on both sides do to entrenched patterns and fear. In fact, the Saturn/Uranus opposition in the administration chart forms a T-square with Mars in the US chart - a very volatile and confronting configuration. The US Mars is not 'happy' in the synastry and is, indeed, quite stressed. The US Chiron is in a similar state to the US Mars, being square to the administration Mars and inconjunct the administration Saturn. I'll tell you, people may have danced in the streets when he got elected, but there are some powerful seeds of discontent here and a great potential for hurt feelings and disappointment with this administration - as well as all the 'good stuff', of which there is an abundance.

We Americans like 'the bottom line' with things and the bottom line to all the preceding analysis is that the incoming administration has a lot going for it. It is full of enthusiasm, hopeful of the future, inspired to great work and ready to roll up its sleeves and get on with things. It faces many daunting challenges - a bad economy, two wars, a disgruntled, frightened and disillusioned public, a passing administration that is doing its best to push through some bad policy and deals before it leaves office, an American image abroad that has taken a blow to the nose and is 'on the nose' in certain parts of the world, damaged foreign relations and the need to find a more a sustainable and self-supporting energy structure. I am not laying the problems faced by the Obama White House at the feet of the Bush administration. Part of it goes to them, but what we are facing now is a long legacy of problems that has been pushed forward by both the major parties in the US over many years. Yes, there is cause for hope over the next four years, but it is not going to be the fairy tale some people hope it will be. The best thing the incoming administration can do to offset problems is to be clear, straight and honest with the American people. Above all, there needs to be a healthy amount of transparency regarding policy and the way it is enacted. People of power and influence must be called to account.

Obama could well be one of the most-loved American presidents when all is said and done. The Obama administration's Venus is trine the US Sun - one of the best indicators for a happy relationship. On the other hand, that same Venus opposes the US Neptune, an aspect that can indicate eventual frustration and disillusionment when the honeymoon period is over. A lot is being projected onto this man. A great deal of trust and hope is being placed in his hands. If the people support him and he can galvanize them to action and inspire them through the hard times, the success of the nation can be great. The quote at the beginning of this letter will again ring true. If he gets caught by the system or falls into the old ways of doing things - the 'old boy's club' - he will appear as a fraud and the public will be heartbroken. Then we would see an eventual revolution and public unrest on a scale not seen in the US for 140 years. Do not think for a minute it cannot happen. I can see two distinct scenarios here - one of great success through hard work or another, one of societal collapse. We will soon see the strength of his mettle and that of the people he is placing around him. I would much prefer the former scenario over the latter. People need to pray and place a lot of protective light around this administration. No matter what eventuates, let us be certain that we all try to work together to pull ourselves out of this mess. The eyes of the world are upon us.

My late uncle would have loved these times. He would have had a lot to say about things, especially the leadership of the country. He came through the Great Depression, as did my parents and a lot of Americans still living. Those of them still alive can teach us a lot about coming through hard times and pulling together in times like these. It is not a uniquely American experience. It happened world-wide in those days. However, it is people like my uncle who are needed in the US right now - straight-talking, no-nonsense kind of people who call things as they see them but are not afraid to work hard in the face of things to get where they need to go. I can count many people I know throughout the world as that type of person. It is time for straight talk and concerted, unified action, not just for the US, but for the world at large. We do not need to have a disaster to wake up and achieve the best we can be. We just need to be loving, call upon the wisdom of the past a get down to work. That is the best of Capricorn. It is the best in all of us. I will end this letter with one final quote from our Aquarian friend, the 'Wizard of Menlo Park':
"As a cure for worrying, work is far better than whiskey. I always found that, if I began to worry, the best thing I could do was focus upon doing something useful and then work very hard at it. Soon, I would forget what was troubling me."

In true Capricorn fashion, may your work be your joy!
Blessings in these times of awakening,
8 Jan 2009

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