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Mio Bambino Cara

By Malvin Artley
June 2005

Greetings Friends!

"Quando bimbi sorridere mentre sonno angeli giocanno dentro loro sogni.", as the "Antique Italians"* would say-"When babies smile while asleep, angels play within their dreams." I was recently given some first-hand experience with the sign of Cancer. A couple of good friends of mine have had a little bundle of joy come into their lives and I went over to meet him a few weeks ago, as well to see the proud, but tired, parents. Gianni, his name is. At his age all little ones seem angelic, especially when they are sleeping. I got to hold him for a while (as you do with newborns). It was a strange experience because it had been a very long time since I had held a baby in my arms. I had always wanted children myself, but it had never worked out. Now, at this stage of my life I am quite content to enjoy other people's children. As Gianni slept in my arms, his little body jerked every now and then, almost bolting him from the soundness of his sleep. He would start to wake up with those spasms, whereupon I would bounce him a little, sending him back to the playground in his dreams for a while longer. What else would I expect from a child with a Mars/Uranus square in his chart, I mused?

Little Gianni had the colic, though (as we would say in the South), and he was not a happy little bub. As he lay there sleeping I could feel the heat rising in my hands as he took the energy from my palms. Soon enough I could feel the wind from his colic begin to move. I began to think that the smile that passed across his face from time to time had as much to do with that as it did with the angels in his dreams, but a more poetic notion is always more preferable with a newborn. "Bambino caro, what will your life be?" I thought. Of course, I had done all of Gianni's charts as soon as I got the news of his arrival and I had a pretty good idea of the trends to come in his life, but things seldom go strictly according to plan, do they? Still, he is a delight and his parents are suitably proud and pleased. I am told I am to be his Godfather. Life is good, and I am happy for all of them.

How does the old Chinese saying go-"May you live a long and interesting life."? (Actually, it's a curse.) I don't know about the rest of you, but the weeks that have followed the Goodwill Festival have been rather "interesting" in all sorts of ways for me and for several other people I know. But, I wouldn't trade what I have experienced in those weeks for anything. The energies of the three past few moons have shifted things dramatically for a number of people and there has been a large measure of the Soul's grace that has been brought forward and offered up as avenues of wider service for them. Old, encumbering relations have ended, new ones have started, some people have started new jobs, there has been a deepening of insight and, for some, life in the physical realm is drawing to a close. The stage for the next 9 years is being set and that will take us through the much-vaunted period around 2012 when all sorts of miraculous things are supposed to happen, according to some sources. For those of us already involved in the art and practice of spiritual living that period will be just another day at the office, in a manner of speaking. Still, there is much going on and every day that we spend with a mind toward the greater Good ensures us that no matter what happens in the outer world, we are well on our way toward fulfilling the higher destiny of our lives.

As we are fully into the period of Cancer now, I feel it necessary to send out a letter about the full moon of Jun 22nd just passed. I will not go into the portents of that festival, save for a few points. We all know what happened. But, there are some gaps that need filling in since the impulses from the three great spiritual solar festivals have begun distribution for the remainder of the year starting with this last full moon. As most of you know, the full moon of the 22nd of June was the first of two Cancer moons. Thus, the one at the end of this period is a "blue moon", astrologically considered. There were some interesting dynamics within that figure, and we have seen part of that work out with the recent London bombings of the 7th of July. As seems to be the norm with me and with others before such events, we all felt that something was amiss on that day. My own heart center was under a lot of stress and it was the sort of thing that wouldn't shift, no matter what I did with the energy. The barometer works pretty well.

The precognizance of the mass grief resounds upon the hearts of people and, as is also usually the case, the heaviness lifted as soon as the event was registered. If we remember from the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004, Saturn was in opposition to Chiron, among other factors, and we find that the same aspect was active with the London bombings. It is active throughout the Cancerian phase of this year, so this has not been the happiest of times for a great many folks-in fact, it has been quite wrenching for some. But, there will be a great deal of good that can come from it if wisdom and open hearts prevail upon the political will of the moment. As we are all finding out in these times, the person who can find opportunity for growth in the midst of calamity is a fortunate and wise Soul.

The theme of reorientation is very strong throughout the period of Cancer for this year, as evidenced by the solar degree for the first Cancer full moon festival. It reads thus:

On a ship the sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one. 1 Cancer

The changing of flags on ships denotes one of two things-either there is a change of leadership upon the vessel, or the mission of the ship has been changed. As we know, Cancer is the sign of demarcation for new phases of incarnations and for the commencement of life. Since it is also the natural 4th House of the zodiac, it is also indicative of the conditions at the end of life or the conclusion of projects. This first degree of the sign holds implicit within its symbol the idea of a new course of action-a new incarnation, if you will, or the start of a new project (the commencement of the working out of some idea). A human life is like that. What is conceived in Cancer is given birth in Aries (birth occurring nine solar months after conception). Aries is archetypally the sign connected with beginnings and commencement, but nothing of lasting moment is ever given birth or inaugurated without a firm concept of it first being formulated. Cancer is the sign very much concerned with conception as well as birth in the broader sense of the term. For those readers who are familiar with the occult lore on the matter, it was under the sign of Cancer that the human causal body (the Soul in incarnation) was given birth. It is from that level that all human incarnation is determined and given impulse, since the karma of an individual is stored within the causal field. It is from the causal field that the concept of a person's life is first radiated "downward" toward the physical plane. In a mysterious way, Cancer is both "concept" and "birth" in astrological terms, since the entire process of gestation and birth is set at the moment of conception. Such a notion opens a wide field for investigation into the dynamics of the human energy fields and the processes of birth and manifestation for humanity, especially when one considers that the course of a person's life is set at the time of conception, and not just at birth.

So, with this period of Cancer we see that there will be changes of direction inaugurated for many people and for society at large, since full moon figures are indicative for the entire human race and not simply for individuals. One of the main issues of concern about any blue moon period is the fact that the energies in effect at the inauguration of the period will see their culmination and distribution at the final full moon (or new moon if one is talking about a "blue new moon"). Hence, I will have more of depth to say in the final letter on Cancer. With the first of the Cancer full moon festivals this year there were some very dynamic forces at work. In that figure for the 22nd of June 2005 we see that there was a T-square with Mars at the apex of the Sun/Moon opposition. Also, as was stated earlier, there was the Saturn/Chiron opposition to contend with, as well as a stellium containing Mercury, Venus and Saturn. In all, it was not the most personally warming of figures, but it very definitely had the seeds of change within it-and quite powerful change at that-along with the obvious (to astrologers) indicators of emotional upheaval, fated changes to relationships, high nervous tensions and irascibility between people. All of this has been borne out since the inception of that solar festival. Since Cancer is also associated with one's spiritual family (the ashram), we can also see that there would have been a very strong impulse afoot to correct any inhibitions and/or obstacles in a personal sense to the externalization to the greater work of people's spiritual groups. As the Masters would say, the opportunities for ashramic work and unfoldment have been great since the 3 most important solar festivals of Aries, Taurus and Gemini for this year.

In addition to the astrological factors just mentioned there were also some more esoteric aspect patterns in evidence at that full moon that are worthy of note and which will go a ways toward explaining what is going on behind the scenes of this blue moon period. Firstly, we find that there was a "benchmark triangle" (septile triangle) involving Mercury, Mars and Neptune on the full moon of the 22nd of June. This triangle is most auspicious in terms of the divination of higher spiritual truths. Mercury and Neptune in aspect always have the potential to link the higher worlds with the lower and to bring understanding of things that is not otherwise possible. It is a pairing of unique intuitive potential. When allied with Mars, the possibility is there for a powerful wresting of knowledge and wisdom from the higher realms. This particular septile triangle gives a profound compulsion to understand and towards a mental and spiritual restlessness until the goal of higher knowledge is reached. Esoteric and scientific endeavors launched under the auspices of that triangle will carry with them the compulsion to penetrate beyond the veil of ignorance very strongly and to understand greater truths. It is also a remarkably magnetic trio of planets when it is activated and it puts people en rapport with larger groups and with unusual sources of information. In fact, it draws those sorts of things toward such projects and individuals and serves to give the individuals and groups so endowed an air of divine authority when due penetration into the matters at hand have been achieved. New patterns stand revealed under this influence and they are strongly animated and magnetized when the triangle just mentioned is activated.

We also find that there were two quintile patterns in evidence at that full moon. One of them was a triangle between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. This triangle speaks to the ability to break down social barriers and to bring great creativity to the fore in the realm of social and foreign affairs. It can also be a triangle that gives quite unique and powerful business acumen. The G8 summit is going on as this letter is going to pen and we just had the Live 8 concert. We thus have in evidence the fact that there is a marked push for change, healing and for restoration, especially for the less fortunate in the world at the moment and a realm of very distinct and unique ideas for change being presented to us through the June 22nd full moon and the Cancer period.

Perhaps one of the most interesting patterns in that chart, though, is a 10th-harmonic rectangle that was formed between the Sun, the Moon and the Nodes. The Sun was quintile to the North Node and the Moon to the South Node. This is a pattern that gives very strong compulsions for change, especially when the symbols for the degrees of the luminaries are added. The degree for the Sun has already been discussed. The symbol for the degree of the Moon is as follows:

An Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe. 1 Capricorn

This symbol can be read in a couple of ways. In one way it can mean that power was transferred by the tribe in a rightful and harmonious succession. In another way it can mean that the chief has taken power through more unscrupulous means and is claiming power through his own ambitions rather than by rightful succession. In either case, the gist of the symbol is that of the assumption of power by a leader or leaders over the masses. The question in such a case is always whether the voice of the people has been heard and propriety thus maintained or if power has been usurped from the people and someone else's will imposed upon the populace. When we couple this symbol with the symbol for the solar degree we find that there is a shift in the power bases of the world that is taking place at the moment. The direction of world government will be changed in certain ways, especially after the full moon of July. There will be more on that in the next letter. Suffice it to say that something new is emerging in the realm of world governance. The Leo full moon will show more about what is going on in that respect. We should remember that quintiles in mundane figures (as is the case with full moon figures) usually bring upheaval before they bring creative change, if they bring the latter on at all.

The final thing of note with regard to the full moon figure that I need to make in this letter is that the Sun was in a most curious part of the zodiac at that time of the year. The 21st Chinese lunar mansion (Shen, or Orion) currently covers the area of 25 Gemini through 5 Cancer, approximately. It is a somewhat moribund part of the zodiac and is associated with executions, murders, sudden death, fortresses, decapitations, frontiers and literature. As an indicator for the day, it shows as a good day for constructions, all kinds of new projects, labor relations and industry. Industry is the key note with this lunar mansion. Closing projects, marriage contracts, weddings and funerals all bring misfortune on this day, though. The fates vary according to one's actions, i.e., if one maintains a high ethic and follows the rules, things generally come out with a positive result. One thing that consistently stands out clearly with the Chinese lunar mansions is that it is the Ascendant in the mansion that shows the action of it more clearly than do the planets or the luminaries posited there. There were some quite notable figures who had their ascendants in that mansion-Jayne Mansfield, Marie Antoinette and Dean Paul Martin. The first two were decapitated and the third died an untimely death through accident-violent in every case. Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, also had her ascendant there, and we all know the sort of tale that was. People who have the luminaries there don't escape its influence, either. In general, it gives quite a negative outlook on things at times, as well as always carrying the warning that one needs to maintain a high ethic in all that one does.

The 21st Chinese lunar mansion can be calamitous and can bring untimely death with it. Again, we see its influence working out in the London bombings. Mary Shelley carried the energy of it within her, but with her it got expressed through her writing ability. That mansion does, after all, confer literary acumen. I know several people, including myself, who have it strongly active in their charts, and we carry the above-listed attributes of that mansion with us. So, when a full moon occurs in that mansion, it is best to sit up and take notice. At the very least there can be some interesting dark tales that come from it. At the worst……..well, we know the deal now. I wanted to cover these facets of the blue moon period of Cancer to set the tone for the next letter, due out in a week. In that letter I will address more of the role of the angelic Hierarchies and other matters, but it is important that we got a sense of what will be carried through to that full moon from this one. There are beginnings being made now in terms of world government and of ashramic impulse. Any negativity we see is simply our own misconception and inability to see the bigger picture. I know of many people who are experiencing quite wonderful changes in their lives, too, at the moment. The main point to be made is that obstacles are being removed and that new things are being put into play through this full moon period. We are all being tested at the moment as to our ethic. We have, after all, just gone through a very major time of spiritual potency since the start of the zodiacal year in Aries.

All of the cardinal signs bring beginnings of some sort and inaugurate new phases of living. Cancer is the most subconscious part of the zodiac and it conditions us very deeply. It is connected both with the depths of our being and the final resting place of our highest good. In several ways it is both the Alpha and Omega of human life-our beginnings as incarnated Souls and the final obstacle to our liberation from the wheel of life and death. It rules our emergence into physical life and shows the condition of our development at the end of our days. I will write a bit more on that in the next letter. But, throughout the months that follow we should keep in mind that something that has dwelt very deeply within each of us (and what that is will vary according to the individual) is being called up through this Cancerian period to be resolved and more fully integrated into our natures. I have noted both beginnings and resolutions in my own life in the last few weeks. I have also seen the same sorts of things with others. With that, let us be mindful of our direction and where we are headed as a result of changes being wrought now within us, especially in the lead-up to the 2nd Cancer festival on the 21st of this month.

Gianni's father is a bit of a poet, among other things. The Italians do have a gift for art, poetry and the finer things of life-not that the rest of the world doesn't. But, he has his own version of the poetic line that appeared at the start of this letter-lines of Cancerian poetry from a New Italian:

A cherub smile on my baby's face
Tells me who he plays with.
While he sleeps,
God's messengers sing their songs.
A silent laugh, he's back to sleep.

Every time we awake from a night's sleep or a quick nap, every time we come out of meditation deep, all things are begun as new-yet all things continue onward, as if there were no interruptions to the endless dream that is life. With every new thought or with every new life there is infinite potential. All we have to do is to realize what that is for us and to pursue it to its rightful conclusion. And there are indeed manifold possibilities, even in every moment. Neptune, as the esoteric ruler of Cancer, awakens us to infinitude through the Dreaming of the Soul. We are no longer an infant humanity groping our way through the thick darkness of ignorance. We now live in a world where people are quickly becoming aware that life is full of potential and possibility, rather than being an endless stream of fated events.

As I held little Gianni the other day and wondered at the possibilities held within that little cherubic countenance, I was also given cause to look at my own life and to think about where I had lived to the fullness of my own potential, where I could have chosen better and where I had even gone beyond expectations, whether they were my own or other's. The dreams I have held throughout life have gone through many twists and turns, through countless enforced changes, through many pleasant surprises and through changes otherwise unwelcome. Still, if I were to complain about my life not going according to plan I know I would do myself and all with whom I share the Path a great disservice. We know not what the design of the Soul is for life, although there are some who seem to have a pretty good idea of what that is for them. Life is a never-ending and complicated matrix of interwoven energies and constant interchange of forces-and we all have free will within certain limitations on top of all that. When we say that our dreams and plans for life go according to plan or otherwise, how do we know one way or another? All we ever really have or know with any certainty is where and who we are at any given moment. And, that is enough, for all things have the possibility to be made anew with every passing instant.

If I were asked what advice for living I would give to little Gianni, it would be to live to the fullest and highest of his dreams-and then to be ready to let the greater Dreamer take him where he needed to be if that was what his life decreed, and to do that with the greatest of faith and with a glad heart. I would tell him to return to the space he is in now periodically and to spend time playing with the angels as he does now-to know the profundity of the silent space within his heart where all things are known with certainty and where everything resounds to the highest truth. He will never be so close to his own Angel as he is now until he leaves this world for the next one and draws near once again to the source which is his own Being. I would say to him that none knows his life better than he and that he once knew the world of the angels, the world where he is now as one with them. He can return there at any time if he lets his heart take him with an open mind. Above all, I would tell him to make bold plans and to act as the great Soul that he is-the Soul that now dreams the life that is his. There really is no other Path.

Dream, Gianni. Dream.

May it be as well with all of you.

* Antique Italians - Italians from the old country - specifically, the elderly of that most enchanting land. That is what my friend's dad calls them, anyway.

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