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Einstein's Cat and the Festival of the Risen Christ

By Malvin Artley
March 2005

Greetings Friends!

As I was sitting down to lunch the other day and thumbing through the paper, I happened to notice that it was the birthday of a hero of mine. I have always been a big fan of science, as most of you know, and I majored in physics when I went through school. So, when I saw that it was the anniversary of Albert Einstein's birth, I naturally started reminiscing on my adventures in science from times past and reflected on the direction of science and how far we have come along those lines in the past few hundred years. My interest in science and technology is such that it has been almost a compulsion of mine since I can remember. My earliest memory of any interest in technology was when I was about 3 years old. Trains and big machinery always caught my eye as a young lad, so I got very excited one day when I heard a road scraper coming down the road past the house. I ran to the door to have a look and got a bit more than I bargained for. I tripped and put my hand through the plate glass in the door. I still bear the scar from that one. It scared my poor parents silly and they thought they had lost me. All came out well, though, and I would live to give them cause for apprehension many years after that due to my forays into science. The stories I could tell…….Many scars later and much wiser from my experiences, I still have a fascination for all things scientific and technical. But, the thing I have come to realize through it all is that science is really simply a quest for truth more than anything else and, above all, it represents our efforts to wrest understanding from the Mind of the Creator. Science and esotericism are one and the same, so far as I am concerned.

We now enter the time of year that all occultists hang out for—the three great spiritual Festivals of Aries, Taurus and Gemini. I have written about these three festivals in years past as to their primary meanings and, if you want those letters for review, I can send them to you. This year, though, I want to approach the subject from a different perspective and fill in some gaps in information about which people may not be aware regarding this festival in particular. There are also some interesting planetary patterns that will present themselves this year with regard to all three of these festivals, and these reveal aspects of the inner life that would not ordinarily show through in your "standard" full moon festival—if there ever is such a thing as a standard one. As we move into the Aries interlude at the equinox on the 20th of this month, the interesting energies presenting themselves are already in evidence. We will get to those in due course. One thing that stands out from the patterns presenting goes straight to the heart of Aries and the intent of all three of these festivals. The thrust of the spiritual Hierarchy of our world is geared toward three things: Purpose, Revelation and Right Relations. With Aries we see the inauguration within the Hierarchy of specific efforts for the yearly cycle, and there is thus a lot to say about Aries with regard to spiritual impulse. As we will see, though, Aries also carries a great deal of mental force and directed energy with it as well, and it is this latter aspect of the sign with which I will deal in this letter.

We all know the typical Aries type—impulsive, full of fire and enthusiasm , peevish when opposed or frustrated , great at beginning things (but not known as the best of finishers), impatient, self-initiating, "the child of the zodiac", independent, vital, the inveterate contestant and constant competitor, original or novel (but hardly ever both at once), self-centered, inventive and a constant thinker—although not necessarily a trained or careful one. As with all signs, there is great goodness and extreme pettiness with Aries. People either love them or despise them, but the Aries type will always be memorable in some way, either for their originality or for their sheer novelty value. Most of what we know of the outer expression of Aries comes from a life imbued with its orthodox ruler, which is Mars. Those qualities are known well enough, so I will not go back over old ground. The Martian Aries type can be extreme in many things that they do, and there is rarely any middle ground with them. Beneath all the bravado and enthusiasm of the Martian Aries, though, lies the key note of Aries and the very thing that gives the sign all its energy—the Light of Life itself. It is hard to be even-keeled when one is so full of the very essence of Life, is it not? But, as with all signs, Aries has its more subjective side, and some of the great strides in human endeavor have been made by Aretians under the influence of their esoteric ruler, which is Mercury. Whether they are a J.S. Bach or an Andrew Lloyd Weber, a Vincent Van Gogh or a Joseph Barbera, a Commodore Perry or an Otto von Bismarck, a Maxim Gorky or a Hans Christian Andersen, a Leonardo da Vinci or a William Harvey, a John Gielgud or a Russell Crowe, all Mercury Aries types (whether that way all the time or only occasionally) are driven by the same axiom: "I think, therefore I am." (Rene Descartes, also an Aries).

In fact, aside from the orthodox ruler, Aries is a sign that is quite mental in its influence, which would seem to differ in many particulars given what we are lead to believe about Aries types. As well as having Mercury as its esoteric ruler, there is also the influence of Uranus as the ruler of the creative Hierarchy Aries rules. That group of Lives is far in advance of our humanity and passed beyond the necessity for incarnation in the seven planes of Earth existence long aeons ago. There is next to nothing given out about that group of Lives, except that it carries the energy of "Unity through Effort" and it acts upon our worlds from the lofty realms of divine Desire, which realm was briefly touched upon in the Pisces letter. Even in those little hints given, though, we can learn quite a lot about Aries and what it really means to us in terms of our spirituality.

As was said earlier, there seldom seems to be any middle ground or balance with the Aries type. It is a sign known most spectacularly in the orthodox for the self-centeredness it seems to instill in its natives. The Aries persona is anything but unified with others on most occasions, unless it suits the need at the time. Above all, however, the Aries has to act. It is never a sign that sits still. It is always involved in some effort, always going against the grain, always "on the edge" and "pushing the envelope". The Aries is always the instigator, always seeking notice for their efforts, always looking for the very thing that will make them unique. In the lower phase of Aries, their self-initiated effort usually divides them from others as they seek to set themselves apart and show themselves as somehow "better" than others. In that case we see Mars in action, prompted from behind the scenes by Mercury. In the higher Aries type, self-initiated effort tends toward eventual union with others as their efforts are geared more and more toward initiatives that will produce better conditions for the group in which they find themselves, all in response to a sensed idea. Of course, the initial impulse often still comes across as their idea, but at least there is then altruism behind their efforts instead of the selfish rushing around of the Martian Aries. In the very highest Aries type the motivation, or the pioneering impulse, comes from levels quite removed from any selfishness at all. That impulse would then be a pure intuitive flash, and thus a call from the Soul, to embark on a service to others that would institute a new order in things and eventually thus make things better for all people, whatever that new order may be.

Mercury is the planet that is most associated with the mind in orthodox astrology. In esoteric astrology, Mercury is associated with pure reason, or intuition. Regardless of the perspective, Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods—Hermes—"that carries messages between the poles with the speed of light". It is the intermediary between the Higher and the lower—the Leader and Evocator of Souls. It is Mercury that gives the flash of intuitive insight that drops into the reasoning mind and sets off tidal waves of new thoughts. Mercury also causes conflict in the reasoning mind because all-too-frequently the insights that we glean through the intuition are at odds with many of the constructs that the lower mind has carefully constructed, often over many years. Mercury unites the three types of mind through its activity. It is the liquid light of the kundalini fire as it courses through our system, dispelling the illusions to be found in the fiery pit of the human mind. It eventually relates the Soul with the human brain through the activity of the kundalini. Its mission is one of extreme importance to our planet, because it relates our world to the constellations. It is, therefore, the major planet of relationships, astrologically and universally considered.

The idea of Mercury bringing about conflict is important in our consideration here because it goes to the core of a true understanding of the Aries type. Mercury rules over the Hierarchy that is, in its highest essence, us. The human monads (our highest spiritual essence) are ruled by Scorpio and thus by Mercury, and those Lives (we, in other words) evolve and do their (our) work through the agency of the human Soul, which primarily expresses through the intuition. People are apt to think that having an intuitive experience is a wonderful thing—and it is. But, it can also be a most disconcerting experience. At one and the same time, that experience means that we have temporarily risen above the lower realms and have been given a glimpse into the higher worlds, where all things are known without thought (as we recognize it), all things are known as a whole and all things are, essentially, One. The reasoning mind wants things in neat, nice little patterns and compartments. Intuition doesn't work that way. With intuition, we get the whole puzzle already assembled whereas, with the mind, we get pieces of the puzzle at different periods of time and parts of the whole, but with the pieces often all jumbled together and forced into patterns that simply were not meant to be. A piece of a puzzle looks very different to the big picture. Intuition gives us the Big Picture. When we have such an experience our minds are often left reeling because we see what we have pieced together previous to the experience, but it often bears little, if any, semblance to the concept that has just been dropped into the mind. We are then presented with an immediate choice: Do we continue on the old currents of thought or do we readjust our thinking? Hence, we have conflict—but also eventual resolution—because of the intuition.

What has all this to do with Aries, though? Mercury, as the agent of the intuition, brings revelation. It is always the work of the Soul to reveal the Higher to the lower and to bring the two poles into relation. Its very essence is Light. Revelation as experienced through the Scorpio experience is heart-rending, often violent, initially blinding and intensely personal, since it relates the lower self to the Soul. Revelation as it comes through Aries is not so violent in an individual sense. Revelation through Aries relates to the world view, and not so much to the individual. Aries brings through universals, whereas Scorpio brings through more intimate revelations. Aries relates groups to universal Archetypes, whereas Scorpio relates the individual to the collective. Scorpio produces unity through conflict with the dualities in one's own nature. Aries produces the unity of groups, and thus institutes a more universal order. When those groups begin to work together under the newer order, then the phrase "Unity through effort" as it applies to Aries begins to manifest itself. The Light (of intuition) that comes through with the Aries interlude is thus only dimly sensed by an individual, whereas the Light that comes through Scorpio is the Light of Day and the lower worlds are thus illumined. The preceding can be boiled down thus: Certain needed work is sensed by the great Lives who oversee the development of our world. The impulse is sent out at the Aries interlude. It is transmitted via Mercury to the human monads (our eternal Spirit), who thus send it on to the human Soul. It is imparted to the lower self through a flash of intuitive insight, and the lower self is thus influenced. That which is begun in Aries is finished (finally related) in Scorpio, in a manner of speaking.

From the preceding paragraph we can perhaps see why any impulse coming through Aries would be so dimly sensed. It comes from levels higher than even a Master would be able to sense in any great detail. I have left out a lot of the detail in how all this works, anyway. Essentially, we are dealing here with a type of energy that originates from far beyond the planes of our recognition, and it then acts primarily on the highest spiritual level to which we can attain. Yet, most people are not even yet cognizant of their own Souls, much less the most refined and spiritual part of themselves. In this we can also begin to see why the 0 degrees of all the cardinal signs are called "world view points" in horary astrology, because all of those points tie in with Aries by aspect, and they thus influence great masses of humanity via the most spiritual part of ourselves. That is why, as well, those world view points are so often disruptive in their influence. The monad is our spiritual will, and it is only at a very late stage in our spiritual evolution that we respond positively to it at all or even recognize it for what it is. We should be mindful, too, that humanity is the way-station and the middle point between the higher worlds and the subhuman kingdoms in nature. In a similar manner, the Hierarchy ruled by Aries is also a middle point and a way-station for Existences far beyond our comprehension. Yet, They influence us via this sign, and most potently at this time of year. Given all this, Aries—via humanity—transmits an energy to the lower worlds that seeks to unify the lower with the Higher. It seeks to readjust the outer worlds to make us and them a more suitable expression of the Divine. It unifies all lives through common effort. Thus, the Aries type always responds to this archetype and is molded by it, albeit imperfectly.

The Aries type is therefore always the pioneer and the introducer of the new into the world at large. It is rare that an Aries type or the person who experiences intuition through the Aries interlude will see the whole of the intuition thus dropped into his/her mind and be able to bring it through into a workable reality, though. One of the better examples of this type of Aries is found in J.S.Bach, one of the fathers of modern music. He was also the founder of modern musical counterpoint and his work is legendary. A little biographical study would reveal the truth of the matter. He was definitely visionary for his time and much of what he brought through to the world of music in his day was pioneering. Sometimes the visions seen by the Aries type are so far in advance of presenting human development that they take many generations to completely work out. One of the best examples of that instance can be found in Leonardo da Vinci—a man definitely ahead of his time.

Astrology is full of paradox and seeming contradiction. The psychology of all the astrological signs is based upon archetypal energies that were passed on to this world long ages ago. They represent the collective workings of the 12 Hierarchies of lives, and that symbolism has been handed down to us through the various world mythologies throughout human history. As a case in point, with Aries we have a group of Lives that expresses Unity through Effort, as has been stated. At that exalted level, Aries expresses both unity and action (effort). At the middle level (esoteric rulership), Aries still expresses as unity, but it does so usually only after it has challenged the status quo in thought through the agency of new lines of thought. At the lowest level, Aries works alone and has to learn cooperation. That is its task in like—to put forth new initiatives and to energize them, hopefully in cooperation with others. We often see quite the reverse of that with the Aries type. All too often, what we see in the psychology expressed through the typology of the signs runs counter to its divine counterpart. Once again, it is a case of "Daemon est Deus inversus", or the material is the inverse reflection of the divine.

A few final points to be made in this discussion regarding Aries rest with its Hierarchical ruler, which is Uranus. As we know, Uranus is the planet of the new, of science, of change and of new order. It is the planet that brings the urge to better conditions and which introduces new structure or order into the world. But, the fact is that the true potential of Uranus is not sensed until a late stage in a person's spiritual evolution. Until that time, its effect is disruptive, and it leads the seeker onto the greater burning ground in preparation for major expansions of consciousness (initiations). Its work is analogous to that of Mercury but at a higher level, and it rules the path of occultism, in distinction the mystical path. It rules "that which is essential", that which must be discovered. It is the primary planet that rules the principle that materializes that which is in need of manifestation providing the impulse for all other planets that deal with that type of force. It represents absolute time—the timeless moment—in distinction to the finite time that we know as human beings. And, as a result of all the preceding, it is the planet that characterizes the scientific mind, for science in its highest essence is that activity and line of endeavor that reveals the Mind of the Creator to humanity. It thus shows us the purpose of everything in manifestation. That last statement is a far cry from what most people see as "science". Science gets a bad rap these days in many quarters.

In its highest essence and most essential expression, however, Uranus could be said to be the planet that brings at-one-ment between our world and the desires of the Divine. It is ultimately the Great Unifier of the zodiac. It works with the principle of magnetic response to divine desire, if we can understand such a thing and it stands as the way-station of the psyche of the Lord of our world. That it is seen as disruptive in orthodox interpretations points squarely to the fact that we have a long way yet to travel on our way back to the heart of God and that we are also yet a long way from perfection. If we were at that exalted state of being there would be no real need to have adjustments in our thinking and behavior because we would always be in right relation and timing with the divine. Our hearts would beat as one with the great Heart. It may also be of interest to note that Aries has a strong response to music, whether it is the music we create or the music of the spheres. Some of the foremost expressions of this are to be found in the likes of J.S. Bach (already mentioned), Modest Mussorgsky, Béla Bartok, Arturo Toscanini, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Ravi Shankar and Leopold Stokowski, to name a few in the classical field. In popular music the list gets quite a bit more extensive: George Benson, Chico Marx, Doc Watson, Tiny Tim, Chaka Khan, Billy Holiday, Henry Mancini, Elton John, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross and Mariah Carey—and these are only for starters. All of these people have brought more harmony into our lives, both literally and figuratively, and they have often either pioneered phases of music, or they have been quite novel at the very least.

The preceding paragraphs come to the real crux of the Aries experience, for all Aries types are imbued in some fashion with the archetype of taking the next steps ahead—of "being first", although that is a distortion of the true intent of Aries. The pioneering, investigative, scientific, original and inventive aspects of Aries all ultimately take their meaning from Uranus. Although the persona is more imbued with the Martian side of Aries, still the dim reflection of divine purpose plays out, and the Aries type always has something to offer outside the "norms" of thought and activity. Though the great Lives that are the soul of Aries are unified in their efforts and indicate the next great steps ahead for humanity, the Aries type carries on that activity, albeit masked by the emotive, bombastic and self-centered energy of Mars. So, the next time your favorite Aries type says he or she has a great idea, it may pay to listen to them, even though the presentation might leave a bit to be desired and the idea itself may be very much "in the raw" so far as implementation is concerned.

This leads us, finally, to a discussion of the Aries full moon for this year—The Easter Festival—the Festival of the Risen, Living Christ. The Aries full moon for 2005 occurs at 8:00 AM AEDT on the 26th of March. This one will be quite fascinating in several respects, as I mentioned earlier. This year it actually occurs on Easter Sunday (in Australia, anyway), so the effects of it will be even more strongly felt than usual because people will be consciously attuned to the day and thus the meaning of the day, in addition to the unregistered but powerful influx of subjective energies at the time of that full moon. This festival will be somewhat special for another reason, too, because there are two uncommon planetary alignments that occur on that day. Those patterns are a quintile triangle between Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus, with Pluto as the central point of the triangle, and the other is what might best be called a septile yod, which is composed of a base septile, formed between Neptune and Pluto in this case, and with both of those in tri-septile aspects to a third planet, which is Saturn in this case. True, they are minor aspects in the orthodox sense, but they are quite important to those who work with the hidden forces in nature and those who seek to reveal the Mind of God. We should begin here with a brief exposition on the septile—and it turns out to be a fascinating little aspect indeed.

A septile is an aspect of 51 3/7 degrees (what we get when we divide a circle by seven). Only a degree of orb is allowed for it, and the vast majority of astrologers do not use it at all, primarily because it does not really register in the lives of most people. It is of interest to note that it shows prominently in the charts of more than a few famous astrologers, though. There is scant information on it. It is an aspect that has been noted in the charts of creative artists. The primary exponent of it was John Addey, himself blessed with a septile triangle (we will get to that shortly), the advocate of harmonics in astrology. He said that the septile gave one "the ability to sense the mysterious whole behind the parts of a subject….." I have a good friend—an astrologer's astrologer—who said it best, I think: "Septiles give one the ability to comprehend the hidden side of things." She has found them strongly placed in the charts of psychics. (She is in the process of writing several books, and when those are about to come out I will put in a plug for her.) We should keep in mind that the septile is a series based upon the number 7, which number is most strongly represented at this time by the planet Uranus. So, from an aspect so closely connected with Uranus, we would fully expect to see it strongly placed in the charts of people who work with the hidden side of things. We would also expect it to work somehow with the principle of order, because the number seven is associated with the 7th Ray—the archetypal energy of Ceremonial Ritual and Order. From what we have just discussed, Uranus rules the path of occultism and over all things hidden from view, but waiting to be expressed or revealed. I have done a bit of research on this aspect myself, and I have found some things that may be of interest.

Having looked through chart databases, certain things about the septile stand out to me. 1) They are strongly implicated in the charts of people who have revealed the hidden side of nature. 2) They are implicated in the charts of people who either work with or impose order. 3) They are often found in the charts of people who stand as examples for the shape of things to come. 4) They are found in the charts of people who work with cycles of destiny, either consciously or unconsciously. The preceding points are especially true when regular patterns of linked septiles occur in a chart. There are some outstanding examples. Of the people who either worked with or revealed the greater cycles that condition us, we have Tycho Brahe, Johannes Kepler and Alice Bailey. These three people had beautiful patterns of linked septiles within their charts. Bailey and Kepler had interlocked patterns of septile triangles—quite beautiful. Kepler also had a quintile triangle linked to the septiles. Brahe and Kepler were two of the great father figures in astronomy. Kepler was actually Brahe's assistant. Theirs is a fascinating story, but the fact to be seen here is that their work involved the cycles of the heavens and the revelation of that which lay beyond the realm of the minds of the time. They understood the whole from the parts, when all was said and done. Bailey's work is well-known to most readers of this letter. She was an amanuensis and revealed much about occultism as we know it in the West through her writings. Buried in her writings as well are the subjective cycles of the planets—the Ray cycles.

There is a septile pattern that appears in the charts of some famous astrologers, too. That particular one is form by a linked series septile-based aspects: a septile, a bi-septile and a tri-septile, all linked and forming a triangle in the chart. That triangle is interesting for other reasons, too. On the whole, though, this is a triangle that reveals order in some way. Of the famous astrologers, we have CEO Carter, John Addey, Cyril Fagan and Reinhold Ebertin. There were also some famous dictators who had this triangle: Adolph Hitler, Francisco Franco, Fidel Castro and Saddam Hussein. They were/are certainly imposing people, in the negative sense of the word. We also have Washington Irving, David Frost, Emily Dickenson, William Faulkner and William Blake—who all certainly revealed a lot about the power of ordered words to move people. Poets also have a capacity to really sense the undercurrents of things. This septile triangle, along with other septile patterns, also appears quite often in the charts of European royalty. I have not checked it for royalty in other parts of the world. If I had to name this triangle, I would call it "the Benchmark Triangle".

As for other septile patterns, the list is a bit longer, but I will put out the names and you can see what you think. Benjamin Britten, Robert Burton, Queen Elizabeth II, L.Ron Hubbard, David Hibbert, Lewis Carroll, Michael Caine, Paul Choisnard, William R. Hamilton, Randall Garret, John Fremont, Steven Foster (the songwriter, not the author), James Connelly, Jean Harlowe, Amelia Earhart, Alfred Dreyfus, Sir Isaac Newton, Bix Beiderbecke, Harry Belafonte and William Pitt. These patterns can occur in people from all walks of life. There were explorers and adventurers in this lot, royalty and statesmen, musicians and writers. They all worked with order in some way. Many of them expanded our minds. All of them were able to work with the unseen, subtle currents affecting them and the humanity of their day. They all were tapped into the psyche of their times. And, they all contributed something towards a new order in their own fields. They each set a benchmark for others to follow.

But, the particular septile yod that occurs in this full moon figure is a bit of a strange influence. I'll list some of the famous people who have it and you will see what I mean: Hank Williams, Brenda Vaccaro, Frank Sinatra, William H. Sheldon, James Earl Ray, Richard Nixon, Jack Kerouac, Johannes Kepler, Horace Howe, Michel Gauquelin, Sigmund Freud, John C. Fremont, Francisco Franco, Steven Foster, Eric Clapton, Fidel Castro, Ludwig II of Bavaria, and Albert Victor (Earl of Clarence). Hank Williams died before his time. A few of these people were substance abusers—addictive personalities, in other words (Kerouac, Freud, Clapton, Williams, Victor). There was also a criminal element (Ray, Nixon, Sinatra, Victor) and a bit of insanity, too (Ludwig II, Victor). There was a strong element of the negative side of the 7th ray in some of these—the imposition of order, in other words (Franco, Castro, Nixon). Yods are always thought to be a stressful configuration, no matter what the type of aspect they are based upon. There is always something seeking resolution with a yod, and in this case we see people trying to make some sense of their lives, often in alien environments; people who sense something greater than themselves but who find it very difficult to integrate that into their own psyches; people who are often very sensitive, but who find it difficult to handle that sensitivity (so they seek solace in substances at times rather than inner peace—sometimes they get pushed over the edge);and, people who feel compelled (and yods often bring compulsions) to "see what is on the other side". So, this yod in the Easter Festival figure will bring the qualities just mentioned with it.

The higher side of the preceding paragraph is that we will/should feel compelled to bring through the things that beckon to or nag us from "the worlds beyond the veil". A few of the people just mentioned, like Gauquelin, Kepler and Freud, left a legacy to the world. They did penetrate some mysteries. They were certainly compulsive—yet ordered—in what they did. They saw the prevailing undercurrents within the fields of their work and they were able to comprehend the patterns and bring them through for the rest of us. It is important to note that what these people brought through is not perfect by any means, but they cracked a code and made a good start. They found a pattern that others could follow and thus complete the work over generations to come. There is a lot in this yod about movement, too. Some of these people were explorers and adventurers (Kerouac, Fremont, and Howe) and their discoveries led either to new countries or to new paradigms in their fields. Music also opens us to other realities and the world would be more barren were it not for the likes of Clapton, Foster and Sinatra. Those people also set benchmarks in the field of popular music.

We should say address a final point on the drugs and insanity this yod seems to bring with it at times. It is said there is often a fine line between genius and insanity. Unfortunately, the insanity portended here does not accompany genius. It is the result of the abuse of the order of the body. Drugs are also said to be one of the ways to enlightenment, though it is a very dangerous road and one that is not recommended by any Teacher I know of. Herein lies a warning about this septile yod: Abuse your God-given body at your own peril. Seek enlightenment or solace through inner work rather than the allure of substance. Substance abuse seems particularly hazardous to people who have this yod in their chart. So does abuse of power. Power is given of God, and to abuse that privilege is to invite retribution under the auspices of this yod. One has only to look at the lives of Ludwig II and Nixon to see how this might work. We will have to see what awaits Castro as a bookmark to the end of his life.

The apex planet of any yod is important, and it defines the keys to releasing the potential of the yod. Saturn is the apex planet in this case. Make no mistake—this is a powerful yod. The septile is between Neptune and Pluto. We talked of that pairing in the previous letter. Those two planets are also in parallel in this chart, making this a "power aspect" in the terms of the Magi Society. Those two planets give all-too-clear a warning about the consequences associated with the abuse of power, privilege and body. At the other end of the spectrum, though, they also speak of the highest possible of insights that can be made available to us if we make the effort and follow spiritual protocol. Pluto clears away that which obscures the vision set forth by Neptune. With Saturn at the apex, we find the necessity of manifesting that vision in the outer world somehow. This yod is a powerful tool for all who can make use of ritual, order and insight to bring through the needed steps to be taken this year. Ritual is very important for any full manifestation of a septile, especially a septile yod. The degree occupied by Saturn is revealing. It reads thus:

"A prima donna is singing." 21 Cancer

There is always great pomp and ritual around opera, as well as amazing virtuosity in performance. There is also something quite magical and profound about the human voice used as an instrument, especially in revelation. Sound precedes creation. All thoughts, in order to be manifested fully, must be given voice. They are also worthy of all the virtuosity we can conjure up if that idea will improve the lot of people's lives. To those who can see on the inner planes, musical performance and the performance of ritual is truly a magical event. Sound becomes geometrical at those times and shapes and colors are impressed upon the ethers, sometimes taking on a life of their own. There is an admonition here to adhere to ritual, to time-honored practice, to exactitude in execution and for virtuosity in our work if we are to see the benefits of this yod and this full moon made available to the world at large. The base septile is beyond persona. No significant personal benefit will come from this, except as it benefits everyone. Our understanding that comes from this period must be used for the uplifting of humanity as a whole, but we must be the best we can be in the process of bringing things through.

All that being said, the degree of the Sun defines the solar purpose for this festival. It reads thus:

"A square, with one of its sides brightly illumined." 6 Aries

This, again, refers to the processes of manifestation and of making ideas tangible realities. Squares are always associated with material existence. This symbol can refer to things being too one-sided as we seek to anchor our thoughts in the world. It can also refer to a dynamic point of focus upon one aspect in particular of the work to be undertaken. The square with the one side brightly illumined also implies an ability to think "outside of the square" and to seek Light from sources other than what we see before us. No matter which way we approach it, there will be one particular aspect of our lives that will receive emphasis during this full moon, almost to the exclusion of the other facets. That can be good or undesirable, and each of us must decide for ourselves. The degree of the Moon provides the counterpoint to this solar degree (Aries and septiles both seem to have an affinity to music, re: counterpoint.) It reads thus:

"A man watches his ideals taking a concrete form before his inner vision." 6 Libra

What more can we say? This symbol forms a continuum with the degree of the Sun and the septile yod. All throughout this figure we see the themes of manifestation, understanding of that which lies just out of reach and order being presented time and again. The Moon is how we care for ourselves and our ideas. It is also that which we bring from our past experience—our spiritual heredity, if you will. This symbol also speaks of one of the most important processes in white magic—the ability to clearly formulate and visualize an idea through the mind's eye with the expressed intent of making it manifest in physical form. There is a lot we could say here, but we have enough to go on. This symbol speaks of the need for clarity of insight, firmness of mental focus, and the ability to use the imaginative faculties in service. The "man" is the higher Self—the Silent Watcher—who oversees all efforts in the lower worlds and guides the progress of the Soul through its many incarnations. This is a symbol which speaks uniquely of Will, if we can recognize that, for it is will that drives a thought forward into form. This symbol, along with the solar degree, enjoins us to use our mental focus to "penetrate the veil of matter" and the wrest the secrets we need from the Islands of Light.

The Sun is conjunct Venus in this figure, pointing to the fact that there should be sufficient magnetism and mutual support to get a lot done in a short space of time. Venus will aid us very greatly in our comprehension, for it links the three minds and brings together the higher with the lower. It is the Christ Light shining upon all and it ensures that all we obtain through this full moon will be used for the greater good. It also assures us that we should be able to easily integrate what we see into our experience on the whole. The Sun and Venus are sextile to a Mars/Chiron conjunction. Mars with Chiron is generally difficult, but in this case we find that our efforts will be greatly animated and even more magnetic if we so choose. This is a configuration that bodes well for cooperation between the sexes and it generally energizes and magnetizes the whole of the chart. What it speaks to most of all is that the inner impulses will find a ready outlet in the personal life and that we should be able to communicate whatever our work is quite effectively.

The last configuration to be looked at is the quintile triangle mentioned previously. I have written a lot on quintiles in previous letters, so I will not go too much into the meanings of this triangle here. Jupiter is in a wide conjunction with the Moon as one leg of the triangle. The other leg of the triangle is Uranus, and it forms no major aspect. It is exclusively tied in with the operations of this quintile pattern. This is a very mental configuration, and Uranus is quite at home here. Pluto at the apex of the triangle completes the scene. The overall pattern is one of intense mental activity, the shattering of many old notions, the genius that can come from thinking outside the square, an enormous expansion in the mental realms and a great compulsion to break out of the old orders of thought. This is a revolutionary pattern for thinking and it should bear some most interesting insights. It is also a pattern that is good for writing, so I would advise everyone to write things out as much as possible, especially because we don't want to lose any gems of insight that might come to us. As always, there is a lot more there, but this will suffice for now.

Throughout my life, the things at which I have had the most success are the things I have initiated myself. Is it not always thus? We are best at the things we love doing. Most of the time I have gone into things because I wanted to know about something to begin with and then, once I was into the subject matter, I found that I got a lot of enjoyment from it. My interest in technology started that way. I have always wanted to know what makes things tick. I have gotten myself into trouble at times because I am one of those men who likes to learn in his own way (It does seem to be a male attribute.). Occasionally my inattention to or ignoring of protocol caused me physical injury. I am a head-banger from way before the term was even coined, although not in the sense it is used now. Yes, I tend to leave instruction books alone until I get in a spot. Are we not all like that with our lives, though, refusing the "instruction book" of time-honored experience in preference blind rushing forward? On the whole, though, the joy of discovery has far outweighed any headaches (sometimes literal), and because of the way I have approached things, I see things with a slightly different slant from many people. I could have easily been an Aries with my approach to learning, but then again, I do have a very prominent Uranus.

To me, occultism and all learning, for that matter, are sort of like Einstein's cat. He was once asked to describe radio, so he started with an analogy of the telegraph: "You see, wire telegraph is a kind of a very, very long cat. You pull his tail in New York and his head is meowing in Los Angeles. Do you understand this? And radio operates exactly the same way: you send signals here, they receive them there. The only difference is that there is no cat."

It all makes perfect sense to me.

Occultism is like Einstein's cat. There is an impulse that gets sent from far beyond the realms of our senses. As human beings, we are stretched out along many different densities of existence—like a moggie cat—for most of which we have no cognizance. Sometimes we feel as though our tails are being pulled when we finally feel these impulses, at which point we howl and carry on. But we eventually get the message and life returns to "normal". Eventually, we become like radio receivers and the whole process becomes painless. There have been many times in my life when I have felt that my poor tail was being pulled. There have been many times when my cat-like curiosity has gotten the better of me. There have been times when I have wondered how many lives I have left as a result of my lessons. Through it all I have been able to see that there has been a steady rhythm in life. It begins with a plateau in life and learning—then an impulse that comes along that piques my curiosity—a movement in a different direction results—I struggle as I come to terms with the new experiences and knowledge—a new order eventuates in my life and then there is another plateau. Then the whole thing starts again. A year is like that, too, and with Aries we get the impulses that upset the apple cart for the coming spiritual year, in a manner of speaking, those impulses gradually leading us to a better place in our lives (hopefully).

As we move into this most auspicious time of year, I hope we can all have the curiosity of a cat, the foresight to see the signs of trouble before it happens (Boy, I wish I had learned that one earlier!), the openness of mind to realize that we have only pieces of puzzles and that there is so much more we can learn, enough ego to be able to do things happily on our own regardless of the taunts and dismay of others and enough humility to be able to learn from mistakes and to cooperate with others. It is a very magical and extremely potent time of year in terms of its eventual effects. But, be mindful that many of the insights we get may not be for this moment, but are very likely for the future—and maybe not the immediate future. The tiny seeds we nurture today will eventually bear the fruit that feeds generations of minds, hearts and bodies in the future. Above all, let us have joy in our discoveries. There is no need to bellow at life's seeming messiness. Any perceived mess in life is but only the confused mess of our own disorganized minds. Life simply goes on its own merry way and asks only that we follow its lead. May you all be truly blessed through this full moon and in the year to come. Enjoy your septiles!

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