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A Fairy Tale Wedding

By Malvin Artley
February 2007

The full moon for the Aquarius solar festival occurs on February 2nd at 3:45 PM AEDT (4:45 AM UT). There are several rather interesting features to the dynamics of this full moon, which will be outlined below. On the whole, this figure speaks of tests around relationships, uncertainty, expectancy, personal and private adjustments to emotional matters, ‘getting back to basics’ as to life purpose and direction and earnest questioning about how we serve a greater purpose—especially when it comes to doing so with others. The tone for this period is set by the symbol for the Sun, which reads:
“A barometer” 13 Aquarius. Here we find the idea of ‘testing the waters’, or the prevailing currents of whatever it is upon which we are focused. There is feeling of expectancy brought forward with this symbol, for as the barometer changes, so we see adjustments that must be made in our daily routines. Will the sun shine or will it rain? Can we expect drought or flood? Will the pressure be up or down? Who can say? We watch the barometer (and we all have one in our bodies somewhere, by the way). That which confronts us and with which must be dealt is defined by the symbol for the lunar degree, which reads: “An old sea captain rocking himself on the porch of his cottage.” 13 Leo This symbol shows us the need to retire from the cares of the world and give ourselves over to quiet recollection—remembrance of the past, but not being hooked into it.

-The Moon is the apex of a yod with a Mars/Uranus sextile at the base. The Sun is at the midpoint of the sextile. The base midpoint structure denotes a need to be able to quickly adapt to changes of conditions, circumstances or crises. The apex Moon indicates that there are likely hidden emotional currents that have stymied our progress in the past and which will now come up for reckoning. When we put the midpoint dynamics with the apex meaning, we have the basic structure for the figure, along with the symbols above: There is the strong possibility of potent change in our lives—especially our personal lives—and we must be willing both to sit quietly and allow what needs to come to the surface to do so and to be ready and willing to make rapid adjustments to our lives when we see that change is necessary. This is aided by a trine to Jupiter by the Moon, the implication being that some very positive outcomes can result if we are willing to sit quietly and see things through.

-The Sun is conjunct Neptune on one side and Chiron on the other. The Sun and Neptune are posited in the 10th Chinese lunar mansion [The Weaving Maiden], with Chiron in the 9th Chinese lunar mansion [The Ox Boy]. This configuration will manifest one of two ways: It will either bring forward escapist tendencies and old emotional wounds or it will bring the most scintillating insight and spiritual magnetism. The Chinese lunar mansions are of interest, for they describe the emotional dynamics of this full moon quite well (see the main body of the text)—the pain of separation if we do not follow the highest good in relationships. This configuration is aided by a sextile by Jupiter, making an ‘easy opposition’ with the full moon axis (resolution of opposing forces or outlooks is made easier).

-The highest good, as represented by Neptune, will be challenged either by karmic necessities, old debts or bad decisions, as represented by the opposition to Neptune by Saturn, which will be exact next month. This opposition has been with us off and on for some time now and it forces us to examine our old belief structures and to walk into new ones if need be. It takes away material ambition and is a paralyzing influence on decision making. Decisions that have been made prior to the New Year will be sorely tested over the next month or so. Decisions that need to be made will seem all-too-hard. Do we step up to our highest, or do we stay mired in the past? The best outcome from this transit is to be had if we are willing to retreat from outer efforts and reevaluate our lives—again, a common theme for this full moon. Because Saturn is retrograde, the effects of the transit are more insidious than is usual unless we are prepared to do the inner work.

-Jupiter squares Uranus and the Moon’s Nodes. The square to the Nodes indicates that people’s instincts are being interfered with, especially when we try to expand outward. This square can bring antisocial conduct and the tendency to look after No.1 instead of others. It flies in the face of the Aquarian ideal. The square to Uranus brings an over-riding desire to be free of all encumbrances, but also the likelihood that one would jump before the time is right. It can bring sudden fortuitous associations, especially with Uranus conjunct the North Node. Mars is in a tight sextile with Uranus as well, meaning things can change for people very quickly and forcefully. Just be certain to examine your motives well before jumping into or out of anything.

-Venus is conjunct Uranus, giving sudden associations, sudden love affairs, unexpected twists in affairs of the heart and sudden flashes of insight as the Soul ‘moves upon the waters’. It is the true union of higher and lower mind. Mercury is quite ‘happy’ in its sextile to Pluto, and this can bring communications with important and powerful people. It also helps to break down communications barriers between people.

In all, this is not a chart denoting action. Instead, we are being called upon to sit and reflect. Following the lead of the White Ox, which began the month (interesting in terms of the Ox Boy lunar mansion), it is a time to stay the course with decisions that have been made, but to be ready to make changes when need be. Despite the fact that we need to sit and reflect, the world must go on, and we are a part of all that. Determination will win the day, but there will be challenges to our decisions ahead, and this full moon will bring them out. Be resolute, and if the decision is correct, then success will come. In relationships, stick with the highest and don’t lose your resolve (Saturn/Neptune). It will be a time of separations if we are not in line with our higher Purpose. If separation does come, be sure that you are seeing your own purpose clearly. If we do our true work, then we will be placed where we need to be, and with the right people.

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