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Capricorn, Europe and the Master Rakoczi - Looking at the World in 1990

Jan Nation
January 2009

Jan nation 1995

Jan (Janet) Nation died on January 7, 2001, 2 days before the Capricorn full moon. She delivered the following paper at the Lucis Trust Meditation Meeting in London in 1990, when she was Chair of Lucis Trust for the Commonwealth. Although the paper refers to events in 1990, it is offered here because of the insight it sheds on the situation now, in 2009 with the imminent change in administration in the US, the global financial crisis, the possibility of strong action on climate change, and the opportunity to forge a new relationship between Europe and US.

Welcome friends to this evening's celebration of the Festival of Capricorn. Can we imagine the very solid walls around us dissolving and see instead, in our mind's eye, the living web of light and love that relates us to men and women in every part of the world who are sharing in this vitally important work? Can we sense the universal quiet of this global network of focussed meditative thought? In that quiet let us be conscious of the downpouring of spiritual energies, bearing in mind that Capricorn brings the gift of the mountain top experience, the vision of the glory of the rising sun.

O Thou Who givest sustenance to the universe,
From Whom all things proceed
To Whom all things return,
Unveil to us the face of the true Spiritual Sun
Hidden by a disc of golden Light
That we may know the Truth
And do our whole duty
As we journey to Thy sacred feet.

Certain key elements have set the note for humanity's entry into the 1990s. The environmental crisis is one of these elements. We know that global action to save the environment has to be a dominant theme in the years ahead. We enter the 1990s with the continuing horror of poverty in vast areas of the world. The 1980s have been a disaster for so many countries in Africa and Latin America with their debt burden, and the sharp fall in commodity prices on which they depend. Since 1984 aid grants and new bank loans have been far outweighed by the amount that poorer Third World countries have given to the rich nations in interest repayments. In our world the flow of funds isn't from rich nations to poor, it's from poor to rich. In the 1990s this problem will have to be solved, not only to end the appalling suffering it causes but because a healthy world depends upon a healthy global economy. We enter the 1990s on the note of people's revolution in Eastern Europe. Change throughout the whole of Europe is already on the world agenda in the lead-up to the new millennium.

There are many other factors that I could single out, but for our purpose there's only one more I will add. That is the new relationship humanity has established with the sacred planets - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. We have the Voyager 2 space mission to thank for the fact that images of these great and sacred planets have become familiar to the human family in a way that, to me, still seems quite miraculous. Television pictures of these planets have been brought into our living rooms; Jupiter in 1979, Saturn in 1981, Uranus in 1986 and then in November, on the very eve of the 1990s, Neptune. In the weeks leading into the 1990s people in most parts of the world were held spellbound by media reports of the sounds and images of people-power rising in Eastern Europe and by images of sacred Neptune. To the esoteric student there is a profound relationship between these two events.

I'll come back to these elements as we go along. But first, let's remind ourselves of the particular quality of the energy flow conditioned by Capricorn. Capricorn is the sign of initiation. This century, this sign of initiation "hovers over our planet as well as over the destiny of the individual disciple". The magnetic pull of Capricornian energy draws the soul towards the light and away from materialism. For this energy constitutes the "radiant light which leads the soul in safety to the mountain top". The exoteric and esoteric ruler of Capricorn is Saturn. Saturn is one of the most potent of the four lords of Karma and is a third ray planet. The Hierarchical ruler is the fifth ray planet, Venus. So the third and fifth ray pour through Capricorn to Saturn and Venus and then on to the seven planes of awareness of our planetary life on earth.

We can know that the unique and auspicious configuration of the three "reaping" planets [Uranus, Neptune and Saturn were in conjunction at the time] in the heavens is being seen as a sign of great opportunity by the Spiritual Hierarchy. And we can imagine how intense inner preparation has been made to help spiritual pioneers in the human family rise to this opportunity. It is in this light that we try to understand the transformation that is taking place in our world, and for our reflection this evening, especially the events in Europe.

The whirlwind of change in Eastern Europe has been extraordinary by any standards. On an outer level we could identify the decision of Mikhail Gorbachev to seek peace with the West and his declaration in October 1989 that Russia would not use force to keep Communist authorities in power in other East European countries as major factors in the people's uprising there. And we can identify specific catalysts in different countries: such as the flood of refugees in East Germany, or the arrest of the ethnic Hungarian priest in Romania. Another outer stimulus, and a potent one, has been the idea of the common market in Western Europe by 1992. This idea has seized the imagination of people in Eastern European countries who know how advantageous access to that market will be to their troubled economies. All these factors have, on outer levels, helped ignite the flame of freedom and provide conditions whereby the spontaneous uprising of the people has achieved what seemed impossible, just months or weeks before.

However, the student of the Ageless Wisdom is challenged to intuit what is happening behind the scenes, challenged to seek the deeper universal interpretation of events. For it is this truer grasp of reality that makes our thoughts of real use to the Spiritual Hierarchy. In Capricorn that challenge is to try and vision from the mountain top, to sense how world events must appear to those who are free of the limitation of human thought and to sense the right response that needs to be made by the world esoteric group.

From the mountain top the vision is a vision of a united world and a united human family. To quote from the Tibetan: "There is in the last analysis but one world and one humanity, and in a shorter time than we may think borders and territories will mean but little. World citizenship will be the only factor of importance." The overthrow of totalitarian regimes through the courage and power of the people is a vitally important step toward this one world vision. From the mountain top, the transformation taking place in Eastern Europe will be seen in this global context as a blazing forth of light within the whole. These changes in Eastern Europe are radical. But I would suggest that in the long term they're going to be seen as no more radical than the steady changes taking place throughout Western Europe with the shaping of the EEC. We can bear in mind, too, the way the destiny in Europe is described in the book Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I: "Europe is the field for the educating of the world in the ideas of a true world unity and for the wise presentation of the Plan. From that continent can the inspiration go forth to the East and to the West."

All Ashrams which hold special responsibility for the reappearance of the Christ and are playing a major part in preparing for that historic event are involved in most intense activity at present. In each of the five planetary inlets for spiritual energy into the human kingdom, that is in London, Darjeeling, New York, Geneva and Tokyo, a vortex of force is being created which is influencing the whole of human thought. At these five centres, eventually, certain of the Ashrams will have their place of externalisation. Three of these planetary centres are vitally linked to the experiment in Europe. These are the planetary centres of Geneva, London and New York. We know that the center in Geneva channels more subjective energy and depends upon relative peace and calm in Europe. It is already active in Europe of course. But the changes that are now taking place could create a higher level of stability in which the centre will flower. And perhaps we will be able to identify that flowering as Switzerland relates more fully to the EEC or decides to join the United Nations. [Switzerland joined the United Nations in 2002].

The planetary centre located in New York is closely involved in European affairs, and this is symbolised by the complex relationships America has with both East and Western Europe.

The London planetary centre channels the Shamballic energy of will, in its constructive and building aspect. This planetary centre is the inlet of energy for the Commonwealth, but its keynote, "I serve", reflects the fact that the energy that pours through this centre flows to the whole. It is especially needed in Europe at this time. To me, this need for the constructive will energy in Europe explains why, subjectively, Britain is being drawn into membership in the EEC, despite its sometimes fierce personality reluctance, as a nation, to be a full member of the Community. The participation of Britain in the EEC will greatly facilitate the flow of constructive will energy via the London planetary centre into the heart of Europe.

All of the Masters and the Ashrams involved in the anchoring of new forms and new visions on earth will be actively stimulating servers in Europe. But the outstanding influence in shaping the new in Europe is that of the Master R. The Master Rakoczi is the Lord of Civilisation and, as such, is part of the great triangle that presides over the Hierarchy: the triangle of the Christ, the Manu and the Lord of Civilisation. He is responsible for the Ashram of the third ray which embraces subsidiary Ashrams of the fifth and seventh rays. So he works primarily through these energies - the third ray of active intelligence, the fifth ray of concrete knowledge or science, and the seventh ray of the ceremonial order. As Lord of Civilisation it is his difficult responsibility to see that a new rhythm is imposed on international thinking. Working with the seventh ray he inspires all efforts to bring beauty out of chaos and to relate spirit and matter. Working with the third ray he seeks to create this new rhythm through changes in the social and economic spheres of human life. He holds an additional and important role within the Spiritual Hierarchy for he is the Regent of Europe and of the Americas. And what does that role entail? As Regent he is described as holding in his hands "the reins of government for continents and nations, thus guiding, even if unknown, their destinies". As Regent he inspires those statesmen and rulers who are sensitive to spiritual impression. Elsewhere in the Alice Bailey teachings we read that the Ashram of the Master R. particularly focuses on the "reorganisation and reconstruction of Europe, from the point of view of economics".

We are focussing our reflection on Europe this evening and there are so many examples we could choose that bear the stamp of the inner influence of the Ashrams of the Christ, but these few will have to serve our purposes. The esoteric student seeking to identify the significance of events will see how changes in Europe reflect the influence of the Master R. His special work is to establish new forms and new rhythms of thought through social and economic reform. Today economic changes are the magnet that is drawing European nations into ever closer union. In the European experiment we can trace the influence of the energies pouring through the planetary centres, especially Geneva and London, with Geneva's keynote: "I seek to fuse, to blend and serve" and the emphasis via the London centre on the law of synthesis and the call for a new world order based on "intelligent justice and a fair economic distribution". We can imagine how the Master R. is influencing all who are able to channel the energy through these planetary centres constructively so that Europe will be spiritually transformed.

We can imagine haw the triangle of forces, active in Capricorn for the coming few years, of the great synthesising planets - Saturn, Neptune and Uranus blending the third, fifth, sixth and seventh ray energies - will offer wonderful conditions to the Regent of Europe to impress disciples in positions of responsibility with the vision of world unity and a new world economic order.

Writing about the idea of a unified Europe that was mooted in the 1930s, the Tibetan comments that it was then wrongly visioned as being centred around Germany whereas, in the divine Plan, the groupings in Europe are not to be around any one nation, but are to be based around the ideas of brotherhood, the will-to-good, freedom and goodwill. We can all help in shaping this new Europe and in seeing that it emerges in line with the Plan. Our thoughts on this matter will be of value in its creation. We can see it in the context of world need. This restructuring of Europe can provide an enormously powerful force for good. Imagine if these united countries rise to the challenge of ending poverty and inspire the rich world to write off Third World debts and create a just global economy. Imagine the impact a united Europe could have on environmental reform. It is vital that this experiment in unity serves hierarchical purposes and that means, of course, it helps meet world need.

I went recently to a meeting on global refugee problems organised by the Ockenden Venture. One of the speakers reported on a conference held by the British Refugee Council. It had been called `1992 Europe Open for Business, Closed for Refugees'. The problem that conference had addressed was that changes in Europe looked like making matters worse for refugees. Countries in the EEC are currently holding secret negotiations to determine Community policy on refugees. Concern is mounting that the European Community will opt for the harsher policies now followed by a few of the member countries rather than reflect those countries which are more generous in their refugee quotas.

We need to help in the creation of a spiritual atmosphere where, on not only this issue of refugees but on so many other issues, the various countries in the Community will rise to a higher vision and choose policies that are beneficial to the world community and not only themselves. The esoteric worker knows that the inner ashrams can work magic in the outer world, provided that there is sufficient cooperation within human consciousness. We should all be part of that inner cooperative endeavour.

In all parts of the world this process of reconstruction and re-spiritualisation is taking place. Europe is just one sphere. But Europe does have a special opportunity at this time to take a major step forwards towards a more Aquarian attuned order. In the light of Capricorn, let us visualise that happening. In Capricorn the word of the soul is: "Lost am I in light supernal, yet on that light I turn my back." This is the height of selflessness. The disciple in Capricorn is lost in the glory of light supernal, yet so strong is the love of the Plan and the pull of world need, that the disciple freely turns back with courage and joy to play his or her part. In the light of Capricorn, Neptune and Uranus we can affirm that the Lord of Civilisation will find increasing numbers of men and women ready to work hand in hand with the Enlightened Ones in restoring the Plan on earth.