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Cycles, Tantra and Choice

Jon Darrall-Rew
October 2010

The full moon of October 2010 falls again in Libra, thereby bringing added potency to the opportunity offered by the Libran energies during this annual cycle. Libra is a sign that marks an interlude between two cycles. An interlude is a pause between two periods of activity, and in the annual solar cycle, Libra, along with Scorpio and Sagittarius, marks the lower interlude, with Aries, Taurus and Gemini marking the higher interlude. In this latter higher interlude, it is said that the greatest opportunity exists for contacting and opening a channel for spiritual energies to flow down into the world, while in the lower interlude, there is the greatest opportunity for anchoring those energies in concrete projects and objective plans. In order for this to be effective, the process requires us to take some time to stand still, quiet, and in alignment with those spiritual energies that were previously contacted, so that their integrity can be preserved as they are brought down into concrete manifestation.

These points of higher and lower interlude reflect, on one particular level, natural processes that are at work in all cycles on all levels. In the cycle of the breath, for instance, we have the higher interlude or pause, exhalation, lower interlude or pause, inhalation, and round again. In the journey of the reincarnating spiritual soul, there is the point of higher interlude that is held in alignment with our soul purpose, prior to coming into incarnation. The process of incarnation itself could be understood as the period of exhalation, continuing until the energy of the soul has extended itself as far as it can in that one life, at which point the soul abstracts its energy and consciousness, leading eventually to the death of the personality the soul has been working through. After death, another pause or interlude takes place, in which the soul deeply contemplates the life that has just been, and the lessons it has learned. There then follows the process of inhalation, where the soul gathers into itself all the good, the true and the beautiful that it has experienced in that incarnation, as well as the karmic resonances of the challenges that it must face in the next. It then, once more enters the higher interlude and aligns with the purpose it has held in taking incarnation over many lifetimes, before descending in exhalation into incarnation again. Of course this cycle repeats itself in many smaller and greater cycles in incarnation and over many incarnations also.

In the 28-day lunar cycle, with which meditating groups all over the world often work, this same process can be found. The full moon marks the higher interlude. At this time, just as in the solar cycle, there is greatest opportunity to establish a resonant channel of energetic relationship between the human centre, the throat chakra of the planetary being, and those groups of enlightened lives who form the heart and crown chakras of the planetary being also. This energetic relationship allows spiritual energies to pour into the human centre through the channels created by meditating groups. This resultant spiritual downflow can be worked with until the time of the new moon, where just as is the case with the lower interlude of the annual cycle, there is the greatest opportunity for anchoring the spiritual energies in some objective way. This could be in the form of some definite project of service, or simply in a group or individual's greater capacity to manifest the divine pattern in their daily life.

In terms of it embodying a pause between two periods of activity, Libra can offer an important time of silence also. In this silence, one is able to put down all of one's ideas and concepts about how the future may unfold, in both one's inner and outer life, and let something that is truly new and as yet unknown emerge authentically. It is in these periods that we are able to trust in the natural process of spiritual development, rather than trying to force something, and at times such as this, where the annual cycle presents us with two Libran full moons, this process can be all the more powerful. Libra, as was discussed last month, allows a point of equilibrium to be attained in which that which stands behind the dualities of existence can be accessed through their balanced interplay. For those just beginning to find their way on the spiritual path, opportunity might come in the form of an empowered capacity to find balance in the personal life, and thus to come into relationship with that which stands back of the personality, the soul. For disciples, or those who have been walking the way for a little longer and who are more mature in their path, great opportunities exist at this time. Libra is fundamentally a tantric sign of the zodiac, and it is also said to govern the way into Shamballa, the planetary crown chakra where the Will of God is known and the 1st Ray of Will and Power predominates. As such it is connected with the third initiation, and over this period of two Libra full moons it is likely that a number of disciples all over the world will have passed through this particular gate of becoming. The enhanced Libran energies will have allowed them to bring the personality and soul into a much deeper state of fusion, and thus to evoke the energy of Spirit and the life-thread that passes all the way down to the base chakra. This is a truly significant event in terms of the entire planetary evolution, for such newly made third degree initiates will be able to stand increasingly as conductors of the electric fire of Spirit into the world, and as transmitters of the divine Will to the hearts and minds of those who are able to register it.

For humanity as a whole, known in the esoteric literature as the world disciple, it is clear that we stand at an interlude in which we must deeply consider how we will approach our shared future. This process is occurring in many current issues and events. To name just a few: We have just passed the ninth anniversary of the September 11th attacks; there is a definite process of international appraisal concerning the future of the situation in Afghanistan ongoing; talks in the Middle East have just recently opened again, and we stand on the verge of the next great climate change conference since Copenhagen, in Mexico.

On the most spiritual level it is said that Libra is ruled by Saturn, and Saturn is the planet that brings challenges and tests that force us to choose. In all fields of activity we can see this at work, from the world of politics, in which we face the choice of whether our political systems are rooted in political manoeuvring for personal power, or policies to empower, nurture, bring freedom to, and encourage the sense of spiritual responsibility in the whole; the religious field, in which we face the choice over whether the superficial, dogmatic, intolerant and closed minded side of the world religions consolidates its position on the world stage, or whether we will we begin to lay emphasis on their common esoteric core, and their equal validity to act as vehicles for differently inclined groups of people; and the economic field, in which we face the choice over whether we will let fear, distrust and unilateralism hold the floor, or whether we can recognise that in order to hold one must release, and that there are easily enough resources to provide for the entire world, if we release our clutching attachments and simply let them flow.

We stand at a time of decision, and the decision we together make will have long-lasting consequences. This choice rests upon whether we continue to assert the survival motivations of the planetary personality, or whether we choose to invoke the enlightened energies of the 2nd Ray planetary Soul. It is along these lines, in terms of the evocation of the divine in every human heart, that the worldwide meditating groups will be focussing at this time. Blessings of this second Libra full moon.

This piece first appeared in the North Wales monthly publication, Network News: a guide to inspiring events in north wales, and is reproduced here with grateful thanks to the publishers.