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This, that, and THAT which Lies Behind

Jon Darrall-Rew
September 2010

Libra is a sign whose symbol is the scales, brought into balance, and it is said that on the spiritual path, it is essential that a right and balanced relationship be established between the personality of the individual (mental, emotional and physical), and the inner spiritual being, the soul, before the non-dual Reality that lies behind this pair of apparent opposites can be experientially known.

This relates to the oscillation experienced by all on the path of discipleship to the Light, between their higher and lower nature, between that spiritual aspect of themselves that rests always in Light, Love and Wisdom, and that aspect that contracts in self-importance, cynicism, selfishness and subtle narcissism. It is said within the spiritual traditions that when one first sets their feet upon the Path it is necessary for the heart, mind and inner eye to be pointed upward, toward the higher, spiritual self, and the world of the eternal soul, and away from the needs and wants of the material personality. This is said to be the case as the 'pull' of the physical, emotional and mental material personality is already so much stronger than the more subtle and spiritual inner nature, owing to the personality having been the main focus of developmental and evolutionary attention over the aeons of past incarnations. Thus when the individual stands their feet first upon the Way, the emphasis of attention must shift to the other pole of their being, the spiritual self of inherent light, love and spiritual power. This inevitably is a tough shift to make, and it relates to an extremely demanding stretch of the Way, where sacrifice of the lower in favour of the higher is often experienced as painful and incredibly challenging. This is an expression however, of an old-model approach to understanding the dualities of our nature, and it is one that is eventually transfigured in the fire of wisdom. Throughout the Sixth Ray age that is just passing, this vertical duality, and indeed most horizontal dualities also, or differences between persons or groups, were always seen to be a source of conflict, potentially producing a state of all-out war between the two factors. The Seventh Ray however, is known as the energy that brings the dualities of existence into enlightened relation so that the divine of which they are both an expression may be revealed through them, and in the dawning 2500 year cycle governed by this energy, duality will increasingly been seen as a beneficently creative principle, with both sides understood as essentially divine and as producing a magnetic field in which Love may arise. This is the true meaning of Tantra, and when it has been realised on the way of the seeker and the spiritual self has been brought into a point of equal prominence in their life, standing increasingly as the source of their life-wisdom and the ground of their journey, the material personality becomes no longer an antagonistic force to the increasing expression of the soul's plan in the world, but its servant and representative on the material planes. The scales are thus brought to a point of balance, involving as the above image shows, the equal weight of the heart and the feather of truth, and then Spirit, the deepest core of all Being can begin to be known as that which is always-already present as the divine core of all, and of which the duality is ever an expression.

In the greater context of the planetary life, humanity as one single and essentially divine being, is currently undergoing the same process, and is in that stage where the sacrifice of the lower for the higher is experienced as painful and bringing fear of loss. This can be seen in the collective attitude towards the concerns we all, as one being, face, such as the environmental and financial crises. In both of these situations however, often that which is seen as the 'higher' choice is itself but an expression of the personality's instinct toward self-preservation, rather than an orientation to simply let go, and thus allow our SELF to arise in and as LOVE. Libra governs our weighing of the essentials against the non-essentials also, and as we vision our journey extending further into 21st Century and beyond, what will we choose as we face these increasingly pressing challenges? Will we work to devise what are ever more clever and ingenious methods of self-preservation that allow us to continue with business-as-usual, or will we choose to evolve, in a spiritual sense, so that we may stand as such, in and as LOVE?

Ultimately, we, as humanity, are a child of the universe. Indeed, we are the universe, in both a material sense with our bodies sourced from star dust, and in Spirit also, with our deepest core of Being always and already one with and as the Universal Heart. Human civilisation on the Earth will not continue eternally. We are a flash of cosmic fire adding light to the one universal flame, and in order for us to come to find and know ourselves as this universal Reality, we must allow ourselves to let go of our attachments to achieving immortality on Earth. Paradoxically, it is through such detachment that the current crises may begin to find truly sustainable solutions, that we may come to know our true destiny here on this beautiful planet, and may that glorious destiny begin to be realised.

These are just some of the topics that the worldwide group will be meditating on at this time. Blessings of the Libra full moon.

This piece first appeared in the North Wales monthly publication, Network News: a guide to inspiring events in north wales, and is reproduced here with grateful thanks to the publishers.