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The Nurturing Aspect of Service

By Joann S. Bakula
September 2005

There are many themes each month we can use and still register the unanimity of group relationship. One of these for this month is the myth represented by the sign of Virgo itself, with glyph of the female holding a shaft of wheat, representing Greek Demeter, the Olympic goddess of grain, called Ceres in Rome, the root word of cereal, emblematic of nourishment and the nourisher. The mother-child, spirit-matter relationship is a prominent theme for this meditation.

Each of the meditations at the full moon is a meditation on service of different types, in different ways, using different energies, and applying these energies to different patterns of human behavior, planetary centers, or the kingdoms of nature. This month in the sign of Virgo, the nurturing aspect of service, the mother-child relationship of nurturer and caregiver, is highlighted. This energy is not restricted, of course, to gender or role. This same relationship can be applied to the whole human family and the individual, or to the governments and the people. It is the sacred relationship of the small to the great and the unit to the whole. It is the basis of trust and love and is, therefore, one of the deepest and most primary relationships of service. The archetypal energy of the divine mother nurturing the indwelling God, Christ or cosmic consciousness is one of the clearest because it is one of the most universal, whether called Kwan Yin, Isis, Demeter, or Mary. It partakes of the angelic, as the deva evolution partakes in form building, and in the current expansion of invocation and evocation. "It is distinctive of the hierarchical type of mind" to see itself as a divine group conscious in two directions, one toward the influx of "angelic essence" flooding in through extra-planetary sources like Virgo itself, and one toward humanity, not just as a center but also as billions of people functioning as nadiis in the web of life interconnecting all (ExH 155, 560-562).

An opposite myth of the divine mother relationship of love, trust and unconditional positive regard is that of siblings, of competitors, of equals competing for favor or prize, love or money, exemplified at its worst in jealousy, envy and fratricide, the mythical history of Cain and Abel, and Romulus and Remus, mythical founders of Rome. This is all too human, whether of an individual, a nation or a city, and misses the bar of hierarchical governance because it cares more for itself than for the whole. It lacks the spontaneous outpouring of angelic compassion (the crown of 6th ray devotion absent of sentimentality and separativeness), which is so remarkably commonplace in mothers of all kinds overshadowed in moments of demand by angelic energy.

Especially evident in disasters like the tsunami of Southeast Asia and the hurricane of gulf coast U.S., are angels in human form in greater or lesser numbers, angels overshadowing now an officer, then a doctor, a reporter or volunteer, many of whom remain unidentified, seeking no press or payment, but noticeable for the energy of compassion that flows unimpeded through them. This kind of service is the spontaneous outflow of compassion, not the product of the calculating mind looking for self-benefit. Indeed, the function of this type of energy is sacrificial service.

Another energy type we've grown accustomed to is the 7th ray energy of organization and order, noted for its immediate response ability. It is the 7th ray that is and will "nurture the new life and new forms of consciousness which advanced humanity will increasingly register. Nothing can arrest this activity; all that is happening today as men search for the new ways, for organized unity and peaceful security, is implemented through the incoming Ray of Order." It is those acting under the 7th ray who will create the new world." Whereas, "it is the distortion of these ideals…to serve the unenlightened and selfish ambitions of greedy men which has produced those totalitarian systems which today so terribly imprison the free spirit of men" (Rays V 573). Quick response to real and immediate need is a power of the soul made exponentially more powerful by the influx of 7th ray energy on organizations and networks of response-or non-response. Obstruction to compassionate response is graphically evident in the competitive motivation to gain fame or favor, to withhold response or delay care based upon race or class.

The way to Shamballa, also, is through the "altar of sacrifice" which is what atma, the energy of divine will or purpose, is called. The way to atma is through the 'inner court' of buddhi, or pure reason and divine love, and the 'outer court' of manas, abstract mind and divine light. This triadal field of energy is reached by way of the courtyard-the bailey-the simplicity of the soul as the petals of knowledge, love and sacrifice. The simplicity of the soul opens the way to Shamballa. The direct way is not sidetracked by exclusivity, but reaches unimpeded from center to circumference, spirit to form, chakra to nadi. Not a sparrow falls without notice, the Christ said of the Father. Will is concerned with essentials and is therefore freed to a Larger Freedom. Ultimately reason supersedes motivation and frees humanity from its lesser plans, such is something of the quality of the triadal field of Spirit.

Perhaps this is why Shamballa is called the only place of peace on our planet. We can approach this peaceful, silent Will as a group unity (the actual unity, not the illusion of unity) as we extend our full moon approach to include the International Day of Peace on Wednesday, Sept. 21 (see U.N. Days Meditation and celebrate this event with a 24 hour vigil of saying of the Great Invocation every 15 minutes by different individuals and groups. This is especially important during this U.N. Decade for Building a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World, and the U.N. World Summit this week on the U.N. 60th anniversary, the final phase of the Make Poverty History Campaign, 170 Heads of State making decisions about the Millenium Development Goals, and U.N. Reform (see Cycle of Conferences at This is deeply important in the aftermath of the 2000 Shamballa impact of energy, as humanity struggles to absorb the Shamballa Will energy on the altar of its own sacrifice---the sacrifice of its children, or the sacrifice of its selfish aggressive will to power.

May the Spirit of Peace, the Avatar of Synthesis, and the Christ overshadow the group of all true servers as we approach the fusion of the three planetary centers: Shamballa, the Will Center (the Father's House); Hierarchy, the Love Center; (the Kingdom of God); and Humanity, the Light bearer (the rope over the abyss!).

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