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The Path of Revelation to Earth

Joann S. Bakula
April 2008

The three Festivals represent the unity of East and West in spiritual values; faith in the unseen, non-material worlds; and in human destiny. People all over the world are united in their love of truth, sense of justice, spirit of cooperation, sense of personal responsibility, and in serving the common good. The three Festivals strengthen the unity of Christians and Buddhists in celebrating Easter and Wesak, and of all people who share these values in reaching out to each other in a spirit of cooperation during the Festival of Goodwill, the Festival of Humanity in June. Within the great diversity of doctrine, the spirit of these meditations emphasizes the unity of approach as one human kingdom joining the natural worlds with the spiritual worlds of higher intelligence. Conflict falls into its rightful place representing the diversity of opinion and freedom of thought, as the overarching harmony of the human note takes precedence, and hope is renewed.

Humanity's primary ray, the 4th ray of Harmony through Conflict, is also called the ray of Beauty, occurring when right and refined relationship between parts of a whole reaches perfection, such as it does when heart and mind, love and reason are united. When one or the other is not present we have distortion, misconceptions, misinterpretations and the other effects of glamour and illusion, making up what is less than beautiful in the world, and the fields in which we toil to bring beauty and truth out of discord and disharmony. The Tibetan for whom Alice Bailey wrote describes illusion as the "frequently misinterpreted and misapplied mental perception of truth" which can plunge down into the "world of feeling and become glamour. When this happens, its potency is exceedingly great because a thoughtform has become an entity, with vital power, and the magnetic power of feeling is added to the cold form of thought. Ponder on this" he adds. (Glamour a World Problem, p. 175.)

As the conflict rages on earth, need coalesces into hope that the evolutionary way ahead will be revealed, which is the promise of the ages and to be expected. This revelation on the verge of recognition seeks its shortest distance to touching earth as it passes through the atmosphere of the threefold phenomenal world of mind, feeling and the etheric/physical structures. It is our task as disciples and initiates to meditate on this path, which, the Tibetan tells us, is of a threefold nature: "to gauge the unfoldment of human consciousness and to meet its constant appeal and demand for further light and judge what is the next needed revelation and what form it should take, through what medium it should emerge, and where and when it should ascertain which obstructions, hindrances, and pre-conceived ideas the new incoming revelation will have to contend" (Glamour A World Problem, 176). The Presence from which revelation emanates occurs to those who have a true link through God Immanent, the source of intuition, and from them the next phase of truth is expressed, in symbolic terms or otherwise. From these intuitives of the world, necessarily of diverse traditions, the newer truth is presented to the thinking public. It is at this point that illusion appears, following behavioral pathways of the past anchored in old beliefs, and the newer truth can be misinterpreted and misrepresentation can take place. The degree to which the new truth can have its evolutionary affect on earth or add a new layer to world illusion is dependent upon our recognition of how the idea works out in ideals and will inevitably become the ideologies of the future. The vision is never separate from the quality of the methods used. This is our challenge: to recognize how yesterday's methods can reduce the new truth to illusion and glamour, rendering it ineffective. The Tibetan reminds us that this is true of both scientific truths and spiritual truths "or the great standard of spiritual values whereby advanced humanity of both hemispheres seek to live and which, from time to time, move on a step in significance and in importance" (Glamour, 177). If humanity is successful in registering this new step, it will arrive at the beginning of a new day, the age of world integration, the first dawning that we live in a wider world of Higher Intelligence, the true space age, and a new age of exploration will begin subjectively and objectively.

As we meditate on the precipitation stage, visualizing the five planetary inlets symbolic of five etheric centers, it is wise to recall that "Geneva and Darjeeling are two centres through which pure spiritual energy can be directed with more faculty than the other three; they, therefore, constitute the higher points of their respective triangles," even though New York, London and Tokyo are much more active and larger during our time. Darjeeling is said to cover the entire region of Asia, including North, South and Central Asia, and also the Middle East. The thoughtform of Darjeeling is "Enlightened Social Structure eliminating age-old practices." As Roger Roy points out in the Beacon magazine (April-June 2008, pp. 15-20), "The keynotes and geographic areas of influence shed light on the wonderful instrument that various Ashrams of the Hierarchy have at their disposal to help humanity to evolve its consciousness and redeem itself from the past, and to deal with our planet's 'suffering, sorrow, pain and struggle.'" He also quotes the Tibetan as saying "there is an etheric 'vortex of force' that is building in the centres which permits a degree of transference of 'ashramic direction' from the ashram to the centres themselves." As the world prepares for the Olympic games in China and the human rights protest for the Tibetans, we can hold both in high esteem as we flood this area with the light of higher consciousness and compassion in which conflict resolves into the note of harmony humanity so desires and aspires to, the note of harmony that the Olympics themselves have consistently stood for since ancient times, despite conflict.

Many blessings are sent to you as we enter the spiritual year of opportunity, and anticipate and work toward the "new heavens and the new earth."