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A New Equality

Joann S. Bakula
May 2011

The 2011 meditation at the high point of spiritual opportunity, the full moon of May and the Wesak Festival, is Tuesday, May 17, at 11:10 am UT/GMT, which means that many people will gather for meditation physically and subjectively on Monday evening.

The hopeful signs of people communicating, losing their fear, breaking down the walls that separate the masses from their leaders, that separate the top from the bottom, and the people of one nation from another, one language from another, even those that separate commoners from royalty are popping up everywhere. A new equality is emerging that strengthens humanity by its sheer numbers and weight. A new invocative call is being born of this unity in equality and the result is automatic: response from the center, from the center of the soul or Self, from the center of the Hierarchy to its periphery, from the Heart center to humanity itself, from the Will center of the planet to its Heart and Mind centers.

The externalization of the spiritual energy and reality that each one of us is born of and resides in our deepest center is springing forth in a new language; the response is a new model of organization and power, of unity and rights, of release and discovery. It may not take the forms we expect; like lightning it will find its quickest paths to earth. This is not a bureaucratic wave with ordered and fixed ranks; this is from the center to all. It's as if the 360 degree circle of humanity flickered with light and the radial response of the greater Light was immediately released, whether we registered it or not. The world has changed. The velocity of our speed was needed, perhaps, to break the bonds of earth matter and enter the new order of flight in Aquarius.

This new 'all' of whom we are is limitless; it knows no bounds that keep out other life; it is inclusiveness and universality as we have never imagined. That which has separated the center from the periphery is being superseded by a direct influx of the new energy, a powerful force equal to the force that resists the new perception and attitude. The human family is coming to know its center.

This is the process of evolution itself, demand and supply, ask and receive, need and the fulfillment of that need. New ways are needed and being found, new approaches to spirituality are being demanded and many ways are beings presented. The call for a unified approach based on the language of universal values is emerging. At the center of our deepest Self we know that love is united with life. Love is the life-force that serves existence, not luxury nor exclusiveness. The unity of equality affirms this life of the Whole that is made of the synthesis of all life. Everyone senses this. What remains is for the world's leaders to demonstrate the will-to-love their people, and to create the social climate in which this natural higher order can breathe and give birth to a new age. "The will-to-love means the love of the greater Whole." This flame in the heart of life never goes out; it is the fiery essence of love that is the salvation and liberation of every individual and group that makes up the Whole in which we live.

The opportunity of Wesak 2011 awaits us and the invocative call goes forth. For those who use the Great Invocation with 'all' instead of 'men,' the many ways in which the All is inclusively new will present themselves.

All good wishes for a meditation equal to the cry of humanity invoking the new energy of the spiritual center, and the release of that power from the center of the Will as fiery Love.