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The Will to Consciously Evolve

Joann S. Bakula
May 2009

The full moon of May and high point in the spiritual year of Buddhists, as well as many esotericists and Interfaith people, is Saturday, May 9, 2009 (at 4:03 am UT) in London and for those to the east, Friday for those west. Wesak is a Shamballa meditation or invocation of the Will center. Legend has it that the Buddha reappears each year at this anniversary of his enlightenment to bless the earth and revitalize the living link in the lineage of enlightened and perfected Beings who work with the world now, to all who serve humanity, to all disciples. This link is primordial and unending, a witness to the teaching of wisdom and compassion as both the original and end state of human nature. Western religion sees a continuous link through history and says that God is never without witness. The Abrahamic religions may differ significantly from the Indo-Buddhist Taoist religions regarding a tribal god, a universal god or no god at all, but in the teaching itself, they are remarkably similar in seeing compassion and wisdom, love-wisdom as the evolved mind and heart.

From that mind and heart, the organs of light and love, grows will, through purpose and power. This is the evolutionary way. The path of discipleship follows the will-to-good and an understanding of purpose onto the path of initiation, group initiation. And this year we have the opportunity of a major crisis to help us along, to clarify what's happening in the world and its current power structure. The tide is with us. We form a group mind of all who are dedicated to serving humanity and the planet as a whole, and in furthering our understanding of our relationship to nature. Group use and understanding is the key to the use of will in the world. These are the two threads that make up the "thin, frail line" to Shamballa or the Will center.

"This Will force is…available for right usage. But the power to express it lies in its understanding (as far as may be possible at this midway point in human evolution), and in its group use. It is a unifying, synthetic force, but can be used as a regimenting, standardizing force. May I repeat those two key words to the use of this Shamballa energy: Group Use and Understanding." (Alice A. Bailey, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 343).

The most important bridge for the disciples of today is the bridge between heart and mind, the undivided union of compassion and intelligence or truth. Those who have intelligent minds united with compassionate hearts make up the one group, the group consciousness of those who govern, communicate, educate, mediate, meditate, and create. They are in public service, the media, finances, business, universities, science, education, film, literature, and religion. This is the group in group use. This group is being empowered today, not by ideologies based upon old beliefs, but by advances in human thinking and technology that have put the one earth on everyone's screen. Today we all have TV and computer. The satellite view of earth is common knowledge, not theory. This undivided planet made up of water and earth has already produced the revolution in thinking that has changed the human world forever. Although the power players have seen the view from above as a tool to spy by, or make war by, the people everywhere see it as an actual photo of great beauty, a self-portrait of who we are: one humanity made up of individuals who love what they see, one natural world in an ocean of space. A drop of moisture in one exhaled breath of a great unknown Being, whose nature we are exploring.

As Francis Bacon wrote 450 years ago during the last great wave in arts and sciences, 'The world is not to be narrowed until it will fit into our understanding, but our understanding expanded until it can take in the whole world.' He knew that that meant both the natural world and the human mind itself, for he also wrote, 'Let us now come to that knowledge of ourselves, which deserves the more accurate handling because its closer to us. This knowledge is for humans the end and term of knowledge.'

Our current crisis, the economic and financial one, occurs in a great time of expansion in science. The change in psychology comes more slowly and affects the very structures of our civilization. This involves the whole group of intelligent world servers whose point of view has changed into an integrated holistic and therefore sustainable world view. It includes administrations throughout the world, economists and honest investors, professors of law and astronomy and philosophy, media commentators and reporters, great film makers, and heads of religions, These are the world servers of our time and they have will in the higher definition of that term, as the will to evolve, to understand and to grow. This is the group of people for whom will means the will to self-expression, creativity, self-mastery, imagination and strength. Not the strength of the ape, but the strength of "spiritualized morality," not military might but the evolutionary possibility of the ubermensch and the love of life. (Robert Solomon, ed. Existentialism. Oxford University Press)

The Mature Mind
"It is wise to remember that all crises in the material world-individual crises and those related to humanity as a whole-are governed by the Principle of Conflict, while crises in the spiritual world are controlled by the esoteric Principle of Decision." (The Rays and the Initiations, p. 608) Can we also apply this to the structure of power, that the decisions made by leaders work out as conflicts in the world, wherever those decisions are unwise or lack compassion. In other words when and where they fail to serve the common good and the evolutionary way of light and love or integration, they produce conflicts instead of peace. We get the war we deserve, as has been said, and the war we have now is a financial and economic one, a conflict between classes that we deserve because we chose to be ruled by gross greed. Now we have to make decisions that could result in the restructuring that always accompanies times of great advances in science and worldview. We have wings for the first time in history that we know of. We are free. We can explore again in the outer world, and in the inner world of creativity and imagination, of integrated world consciousness, the next frontier. This is the truly mature mind.

In esoteric language when aspiration is the leading motivator over time so that it becomes the life's passion, then this desire can be transmuted into will if (and only if) "the energy of the will-to-good is the emanating impulse at the centre of the disciple's being." ... This is the synthesizing effect of inspiration to evoke will. It is the Will and its immediate evocation which is the major need now. To see some part of what is the next step ahead in the evolutionary plan, is the objective. Revelation of the direction ahead is the result of the will-to-good. Strength is to power what desire is to aspiration, or what the personality is to the soul. It is the revelation of quality. (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II pp. 30-31)

We can choose power as the will-to-good, which results in sustainable and fair systems, of we can fall back into the will to power as the brute force of the ape. Initiation might be defined as the moment of crisis wherein the consciousness hovers on the very borderline of revelation. The demands of the soul … [are] in conflict with the demands of time and space, focused in the personality … and its needs. You … have, therefore,… a tremendous pull between the pairs of opposites … demanding choice. Will we respond and react consciously to the higher pull and pass on to new and higher areas of spiritual life? Or will we fall back into the glamour of time and space and into the thralldom of the personal life and its roles? … The disciple either awakens suddenly to a wider grasp of reality and a deeper understanding of the Plan and his [or her] part in it, or the past closes in and a return to the outmoded methods and motivations of the past return. (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I pp. 91-92) We can fall back into what existentialists call our 'facticity,' our national, racial, ethnic, cultural and class identities, instead of surging forward into the 'transcendental ego,' that part of our being and nature that is being-in-the-word authentically as living expressions of what could be called essence in existence.

God Immanent is the Evolutionary Impulse
Andrew Cohen of EnlightenNext (April, 22, 09) has suggested, that God is the urge to evolve. The leap "from formlessness to form, from nothing whatsoever to energy and light to matter to life to consciousness to self-reflective awareness….could only have been made by a force that was nothing less than Godlike….that evolutionary impulse, is what I call God." That is not separate from, "our will to consciously evolve." This is a definition that the scientific community may be able to live with and perhaps even endorse, helping to mend the conflict between two ways of thinking. This is the heart of the Integral method. Our decision is whether we have the will to consciously evolve.

Humanity itself may be standing at the beginning of a new time in history when our intelligence has given us remarkable science and technology, freeing us from the bonds of earth and integrating communication globally. We may be taking another step on the evolutionary path. Knowledge of physical nature has never been greater. It is knowledge of ourselves, of psychological nature, that has lagged way behind. Psychology has become behaviorism, with the focus on controlling others, through whatever means, motivating with the pleasure principle or inflicting pain physically or psychologically, socially or economically.

Two methods, two groups
… the contrast between the way of love and goodwill and the way of cruelty and hate is being clearly defined on earth, ….there are principles and ideals in the world at this time worth struggling for, but whilst the struggle is on it is necessary consciously to preserve and create that field of living, loving energy which will eventually bridge the gap between the two opposing factions and groups and so enable later contact to be made….The dual life of active world participation in opposing that which is seeking to hold back and to destroy humanity and its highest ideals and-at the same time-to preserve a steady attitude of love, is not an easy one…Such is human integration today that it is not possible for any person or groups to isolate themselves …. (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I p. 771)

Universality is the keynote to initiation into the next stage ahead. It is the fruit of scientific knowledge, globalization, travel, communication and technology. People everywhere are aware that we are one world and, even more important, they are using the technology themselves to interconnect. We are also in the midst of a great initiation process into a new world view based upon true practical knowledge, verifiable and useable by anyone, and true philosophical, spiritual knowledge. The will-to-good is the will to evolve, and this will is for self-expression, creativity, openness and imagination. It is in stark contrast to regimented, standardized expression of will as force, imposing rigid dogma and ideologies of exclusivity instead of inclusivity. The psychological equivalent of one world is universality. This is how the mind of humanity adapts to its body. The universals in human nature make us the same; we all have a mind, heart and will. We are also all the same in being unique. As a leader noted recently, 'Money can't buy you love, and force can't get you obedience. ' When both the plans and the methods are good for everyone, then the nations become cooperative, and regimentation, which doesn't work anyway, is left behind as part of the old methods of the old age.

To the group of reactionaries is committed the work of crystallization which will result in the complete destruction of the old form; to them is given the task of defining the old truths so that the mind of the race will be clarified, that non-essentials and essentials will be recognized for what they are, and fundamental ideas so contrasted with the formulations of dogmas that that which is basic will be seen and the secondary and unimportant beliefs therefore rejected, for only basic and causative will be of value in the coming age. (A Treatise on White Magic, p. 328) We can choose the basic ideas and methods that lead to world integration and the exercise of the will-to-good. The decision is ours.

The great tide of love-wisdom is sweeping us all along; it is the practical way of integration. Within it we stand with the will-to-good as the will-to-evolve.

May the plan of light, love and power engage your mind, heart and will as the purpose of our planetary group meditation.

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