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The Forces of Enlightenment

Joann Bakula
May 2007

The full moon of May or Taurus is the time of closest approach of spiritual energies to the human mind, and also the time of easiest approach and contact from the human side. So meditations are most effectively done in the twelve hours preceding this time, when ever practical. This is the moon of enlightenment, commemorating the Buddha's enlightenment, his birth and his death, all having happened at this same auspicious time. The focus of this meditation, therefore, is on what the Tibetan, for whom Alice Bailey wrote, calls the Forces of Enlightenment and their Presence in the present. They produce comprehension of the plan of light and love, in contrast to the plans of domination and control motivating much of the human world and its leadership. They produce "a revelation of the issues involved" in the working out of this higher plan and "in their right and possible sequence." And also lead to a "sense of proportion" and an appreciation for 'spiritual values determining policies.' This is a plan for humanity to act as one functional family responding to light and compassion or love/wisdom stage by stage until we demonstrate our ability to function more as the God part than the animal part. Up until now we have responded mostly to basic instincts, and only sometimes as the soul, the spark of divinity or the enlightened mind.

For individuals, groups and humanity as a whole, the key to enlightenment is in meditation, defined as deep pondering "applied to all possible areas of life process." It is one of the major ways of discovering truth and becoming conscious and awake in the deepest sense of Self-awareness. As developing individuals we first bridge between soul or consicousness, mind and activity, fusing all into a new integrity with strength enough to enter the field of impersonal abstract group lines of thought. It then becomes possible to fuse identity with the whole and a whole new world is revealed, a new perspective that sees what is permanent. Consciousness is always changing. Deep within it is a center of Will or Life that does not change. It is permanent and unchanging, an island in a stream of consciousness. Meditation is a method for building the antahkarana bridges in consciousness to the center of Being. When this is achieved, a world thinker emerges like an Einstein or a Gandhi, depending upon the extent of the fusion and "the conscious recognition by the individual of the attained fusion." The Tibetan calls this one of the "newer truths," on Shamballa, a name for the Will center of the planet, or the Father's House, and how to get there by bridging consciousness and Beingness. It is this Will center and its energy that is the focus of this meditation at Wesak. With the goup consciousness of the soul, we create the antahkarana bridge between us as humanity and the Heart center of enlightened love, called the communion of saints or enlightened beings. He teaches that, "Meditation is essentially the science of light, becasue it works in the substance of light. One branch of it is concerned with the science of visualisation because, as the light continues to bring revelation, the power to visualise can grow with the aid of the illumined mind, and the later work of training the disciple to create is then made possible." The building of the second half is called the science of vision because it is built with the use of light substance, just as the first half uses material substance or chitta. (Education in the New Age, pp. 145, 96-97) Sogyal Rinpoche, the well-known author of the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying in the Dzogchen tradition, names different kinds of light. The Clear Light of luminosity is the natural radiance of our own Rigpa arising at death, the first Light and deepest bardo; this is different from the light of the next bardo down, the second bardo of many splendid visions; and the type of light known by mental substance in the third bardo, when the mental body has arisen but the physical body is yet to make its appearance; finally in the 4th bardo, physical light is perceived with the physical sense of sight. These different types and degrees of light unfold in stages and, at the same time, they are all present at any time, if a path through the aggregate layers that obstruct is made, so that the clear light can shine through here and now. Using Christian terminology, when the meaning of the words "tranfiguration of a human being" is understood, then realization will come that when the "body is full of light" then "in that light we shall see light."

The Tibetan's "newer truths" all have a decidedly sociological as well as a psychological application, reminiscent of Tsong Khapa's approach, the great Gelugpa Buddhist whose tradition is the basis for the cosmology of the Secret Doctrine and the Bailey books, and who founded the Dalai Lama's lineage. He was known for writing Stages on the Path of Enlightenment and for engaging the public in his spiritual endeavors. The four major deeds resulting from his enlightenment in 1398 were 1) drawing all of Tibet into the dedication of the now completed refurbishment of Maitreya, with its promise of a glorious future with the coming of the Maitreya Buddha. He was a futurist with a love for the people, much like Jesus Christ, who many think is an earlier incarnation of the future World Teacher, 2) the teaching of the monastic Rule or Discipline (Vinaya), which affirmed the importance of the Individual Vehicle and the monastic Order as the foundation of the Dharma, its root, even though the advanced may use the Universal Vehicle or the riskier Vajra Vehicle. The Discipline was, therefore, the "integrative synthesis of the teachings," Thurman writes. 3) The establishment of the great Prayer Festival at the central temple in Lhasa. Thurman describes this as a "socially far-reaching move [which] seems to have been designed to diminish the Tibetan tendency to sectarianism," a tendency historically characterizing the Abrahamic religions of the West as well. This was a time "when people could rise above their sectarian identities and affirm a universally shared participation in the miracle of enlightenment." 4) The last great deed was building an architectural mandala of the Yoga Tantric Deities that grew out of the Great Festival. He built a monastery at Ganden, named after the heaven in which the Maitreya Buddha resides, to house this symbol to the 32 Esoteric Communion Deities, the 62 Supreme Bliss Deities and the 13 Vajrabhairava deities. (Robert Thurman, The Central Philosophy of Tibet, pp. 85-87). Not one stone remains standing of his Ganden monastery in Tibet, but perhaps the spirit of this great symbol and vision is spread out upon the earth in what Christians call the 'Kingdom of God.' There are many Buddhists, especially in the West, who denounce intellect, seeking " 'pure experience' free of concepts, unwitting of the fact that the conceptual always operative to determine any state of consciousness." This misinterpretation can cause "the grievous error of taking the nihilistic reification of the metaphysical nothingness underlying materialistic culture to be the emptiness or selflessness that is ultimate reality." This tends to make some "morally defenseless against the dictates of various secular agencies." (Thurman p. 7). And perhaps these spiritual Festivals at the full moon, honoring Easter and Wesak both, and open to all people, are a further reach out to the inhabitants of our global village in a "universally shared participation in the miracle of Enlightenment." Many of the Tibetan's 'newer truths for which he accepted responsibility' echo Tsong-Khapa's great ideas of 600 years ago.

The Forces of Enlightenment pour forth their energies on humanity 'influencing the minds of the new group of world servers and the thinkers in every field, working through all who truly love their fellowmen. Today...a general recognition that the causes of war are to be found in selfishness and cruelty has greatly widened people's approach to reality and to possibility." Those seeking the new modes of living and thinking in every field that will lead to right human relationships are always seeking the light of these Forces of Enlightenment, whether consciously or unconsciously. The thinkers of goodwill in every field, the statesmen, churchmen, businessmen, scientists and social scientists, journalists and film makers present a field of expression to these forces and offer them an opportunity to enlighten human thinking with a higher order of light. This is our opportunity. And it is open to every intelligent, thinking awakening individual.

Intelligent voices can be heard in many fields, expressing ideas based upon enduring principles, in different languages from field to field. The art of the 7th ray is in expressing the new truths in many languages drawing together the group of thinkers and concerned world citizens who love humanity whether in foreign affairs, communications, business, religions of East and West, the sciences and social sciences, human rights, film, music or sports. All of these make up the fabric of human living in which we weave with the thread of knowledge-wisdom and compassion. Recognition of the leaders in every field who are working for a better, more intelligent and socially just world is what awakening to group consciousness means. It is not groupie consciousness. As the inspiring visionary and world server Robert Mueller, past Secretary General of the United Nations, so eloquently expressed his sweeping vision, 'we need a new psychology, a new sociology, new economics and world politic, a new environmental science' and so on until each academic field and areas of United Nations concern was recognized. Leaders in every field with principled ideas are finding their voices and being heard by a world awakening to itself. In psychology Wilbur and Beck have recognized stages in the evolution of human consciousness, Fowler in the stages of faith, Thurman and Sogyal in the Buddhist stages of enlightenment, to mention just one area. Preeminent statesmen like Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brezinski, who said that now 'the world is awakening politically', can be heard, as well as investment firms aware of the awakening environmental consciousness focusing on biofuels and photovoltaics, and other green funds and indices,as well as social justice. Hearing the voices of positive world change in every field, understanding the language, and adding the language of intelligent spiritual thinking 'applied to every process of human living' is our work. This work rests upon the shoulders of each of us and it is light.

Wishing you all the blessings of Wesak and gifts of awakening.