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Wesak: a Festival of Unity and Synthesis

By Joann Bakula
April 2005

The spiritual highpoint of the year's meditations, the full moon of Taurus, occurs this Sunday, April 24, at 10:08 am GMT, and is observed publicly on Saturday, the 23rd. In this sacred Festival the two great spiritual figures of East and West, Christ and Buddha, come together to forge unity and to open a channel for the communication of the energy of synthesis. This is not just a commemoration, but is said to occur every year when the Buddha returns to give his blessing to the world and the present World Teacher, the World Bodhisattva, the Coming Christ, accepts the blessing as the head of the spiritual hierarchy/kingdom of our planet. On the most public level this event gives opportunity to focus on the spiritual world united, East and West, in a harmony of principles Christ would find necessary if he were to minister to the whole world. We don't need to reach to intuition, or even reason, for this truth; it is apparent to common sense. The same core principles that are elevated East and West are the basis of this unity; values like light, truth, love, compassion, wisdom, justice and freedom cut across religious and cultural fragments on a more basic level than social identifications to the heart of the individual and the group. They are the heart of the individual and the group. Beneath this is the energy of synthesis, the theme of our meditations for the coming year.

We do need intuition to know the truth. To reach beyond kama-manas, collective desire-mind, to both reason and intuition seems increasingly mandatory-and more difficult--in the world climate today. Things are not as they seem, and the 'knowledge' upon which we act is often deceptive and distorted. The necessity of intuitive knowing increases with the pressure applied to rely upon the concrete thought of others; these are the thoughtforms most strongly reinforced in the astral/social/emotional world media, by its very nature. The world is easily deceived. Indeed the Christ predicted that at the time of his reappearance, even the elect would be deceived. Intuition is the only source of accurate knowledge, and the illusions of the time are much more easily anchored than intuition is. The common distortions of fear/hate/anger, lower energies, and separatism, as well as wishful thinking, self preservation, and self-doubt obstruct the pathway of intuition. These are matters that could be swept away in the illumined arena of our group meditation with hierarchy at Wesak, if we are willing.

The golden lotus of the group soul opens to the Plan of love and light. Humanity's part of the Plan is not the plan of love, light and power. Power comes to help humanity restore the plan, but humanity itself has been given no divine plan for the use of power. Our herculean task appears to be learning the difference between power and force, and freedom and force, self-will and imposed will, a greater truth and a lesser truth. The history of human rights is the history of struggle to protect individuals and groups from the unjust use of force by a central authority. The greater the spiritual authority and hierarchical power, the more real is his/her link to the individual and to all the world's people. An example of this is the historic pontificate of John Paul the Great and his defeat of religious suppression by the Soviet communists.

The primary gift or use of synthesis by a group is to expose an illusion that holds us in the dark, illusions that prevent us from entering into the greater light of truth. Every group is tested before it can enter through the gate into group initiation, is it not? The labors of Hercules always result in gifts to humanity; they are our world service. As the energy of synthesis circulates through the group of all true servers, what thoughtform of illusion is disappearing in the light of a greater truth? What is the gift of our time to humanity? The measure of success is in results. We have common purpose. Every individual and group can join in the great labor of enabling more truth, love and freedom to reach a world struggling and striving to let in the light. In this way we gradually build our planet's rainbow bridge, as the sacred planets have done, and who participate in the Council of the Solar Logos.

May the blessing and healing power of this world service meditation be yours,

Joann S. Bakula

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