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The Appearance of Avatars

Joann S. Bakula
November 2008

The seed thought for Scorpio, "Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge triumphant," is particularly applicable to humanity right now. The world is in a struggle against corruption in the financial and economic arenas, which some have called 'casino economics'-except that the house is apparently not in control. Self regulation, it turns out, was a reckless bet. Unemployment is rising and is predicted to continue rising. Stocks are falling and nest eggs shrinking, resulting in a general worldwide feeling of economic insecurity. The Great Depression is being reviewed, along with the successful measures that FDR took to bring relief, in hopes of finding some for our times. Humanity, the world disciple, is in a struggle to maintain equilibrium.

During times of crisis avatars are often evoked to "release from crisis" those who are suffering. They have taken the form of those men and women who have championed successfully some truth or some right cause, some human right or correct human demand….they changed the current of men's thoughts; they pointed a way to a better life; they pioneered into new territories of human achievement. (The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 297). The Tibetan and Alice Bailey cite Leonardo da Vinci, Luther, Columbus, and Shakespeare as examples of these. They go on to describe five types of avatars, the first of which may be of especial significance to us today:

  1. Racial Avatars.
  2. Teaching Avatars
  3. Ray Avatars
  4. Transmitting Avatars
  5. Divine Embodiments
Racial avatars are "evoked by the genius and destiny of a race" and embody the qualities and consciousness that are inherent in a race. Such a man was Abraham Lincoln, coming forth from the very soul of a people, and introducing and transmitting racial quality-a quality to be worked out later as the race unfolds….They emerge along the lines of government, of the first rayand of the third ray, and are very sensitive to Shamballa force. (ibid, p. 298-299)

The enthusiastic national and world support for the new United States president has caused some to wonder if Barack Obama isn't one of those who are 'working out a quality' inherent in the very soul of America. Only time will tell, but he has already proven that the American people are not racists, and that Martin Luther King's hope that all people be judged by their character, not their race, religion or ethnic background, has come to fruition in this last election. He has renewed faith in the American ideal of equality, government by and for the people, and the just system set out in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, admired the world around.

As we know, America represents an experiment in multi-cultural, multi-racial, and multi-religious integration, where all people are equal before the law. 'There is not a Black America and a white America, an Hispanic America and an Asian America. There is the United States of America.' The qualities inherent in it are a 2nd ray soul of love-wisdom and a 6th ray personality of idealism and devotion, or "devoted attention." This has the affect of "producing ideologies" (The Destiny of the Nations, p. 5), which can become a weakness of the 6th ray personality. There has been much discussion of the role that ideology has been playing in national and world events of late, and some have interpreted the U.S. election results of 2008 as expressing the peoples' disgust at the role that ideologies have come to play at the expense of action by Congress, and practical effects in peoples' lives. The people, it appears, remain faithful to idealism, not ideology, idealism based upon love/wisdom in addressing the peoples' needs. Idealism based upon ideas that the world admires.

It would be hard to overestimate the role that the 6th ray of devotion and idealism plays in the lives of even the most advanced of humanity. It would not be wise to misinterpret the knowledge we have, that the 6th ray is fading and the 7th ray is coming into prominence, as meaning that idealism and devotion will disappear. There is a recent tendency to dismiss idealism as being for children. By far, the most prominent expression of the 6th ray of devotion is to children by parents. How many national and world leaders, and disciples, can be cited who said they did it all for their children? Despite positions of tremendous responsibility to masses of people, the role of parenthood still dominates as the overriding motivation. Many world leaders 'did it all for their children.' The question always lingers, what did they do to other peoples' children, in the name of their own? Untempered by the ray of the soul, devotion can be misused. When devotion and idealism are expressed as a national or ethnic quality, the level and extent of the conditioning factor changes the perspective. Devotion to a small family, or to a family of elites, becomes devotion to the national family, the human family, or to the one family of life on earth. Some of the weaknesses of the 6th ray of devotion as a personality ray, whether in individuals, groups or nations, are 'merciless excesses', 'exclusiveness', and "fanatical blindness…to the detriment of the long range vision which is needed at such times as these." (ibid, p. 89). When serving the soul ray, the ray of the personality becomes an attribute of beauty, expressing the quality or 'thatness' of a thing.

Few are those who are motivated primarily to serve their nation or humanity as a whole. These are the avatars. And in these we have hope, evoked as they are by the will of the people, in a time 'when the will-to-good is being evoked on a large scale.' (ibid, p. 5) "Destiny lies in the hands of the people, and no one knows exactly what the people will do-once aroused and educated." (ibid, p. 55) The people and their leaders are often divided, even in a democracy. Once they are united, the destiny of the nation flows from the fountain of human hope.

Three countries have 2nd ray influences: Great Britain, the U.S. and Brazil. Great Britain represents that aspect of the mind which expresses itself in intelligent government, based on just and loving understanding. That is, of course, the ideal before her, but not yet the…achievement. The United States represents the intuitive faculty, expressing itself as illumination, plus the power to fuse and blend. Brazil will--at some distant date-represent a linking interpreting civilization, based on the unfoldment of the abstract consciousness which is a blend of the intellect and the intuition and which serves to reveal the wisdom aspect of love in its beauty. (ibid, p. 54-55) It seems an obvious truth but one overshadowed sometimes by absolutism that Every nation-without exception-has its peculiar virtues and vices which are dependent upon the point in evolution, the measure of control of the personality ray, the emerging control of the soul ray, and the general focus of the nation. (ibid)

What is true…of the individual is true also of humanity as a whole, and today humanity (having reached maturity) can 'enter into realisation' and consciously take part in the work of enlightenment and of spiritual, loving activity. The practical effects of this process will be the dissipation of glamour [distortion, spin and slander] and the release of the human spirit from the thralldom of matter; it will produce, also, the dispelling of illusion [mis-knowledge] and the recognition of truth" (Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 361). We stand at a decisive moment of world history when the human race can move forward as one to become humanity, the world disciple. Recognition of climate changes, carbon footprints, and energy alternatives have made it so for our time. We all live on the same planet and breathe the same air. To emerge triumphant from this conflict, or at least choosing the right direction that permits of eventual victory, we will need to call upon all the spiritual resources available to us at crisis point. Through suffering, test and trial, we can emerge as the triumphant world disciple, purified of corruption in the departments of human living, and strengthened in character, in the quality of our desire life and in the values we choose to accept as a standard of the good life for all people.

May the trials of the times leave you and your country stronger, and the standard of the good life for all people higher.

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