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Battlefield Earth

By Joann Bakula
November 2005

This month the seed thought used in meditation for the world by Bailey is, "Warrior am I and from the battle I emerge triumphant." The battlefield for us can be described as the war of truth, love, and light against mental illusions, the 'glamour' of emotional distortion, and the darkness of ignorance. One of the deepest illusions, perhaps, is what some call the 'illusion of liberation itself.' The illusion is that the Self is not already liberated, that we are not a spark of divinity that is pristine in its wisdom, clarity and compassion. Deep down we know we are that. The esoteric truth is that we have all volunteered to come here to raise up matter. We have come for strictly redemptive purposes. Each of us is already following the footsteps of Christ and Buddha. We are by nature compassionate or we wouldn't have come down this far into dense matter, which blocks and obscures light, creating a body utterly separate from every other body in time and space, resulting in the illusion and maya of isolation. No wonder we are looking for a way out. The Path of liberation, illusion that it may be, shows us at least that there is an exit, that by our own right arm we may reach across the distance between spirit and matter, and raise ourselves up to our full Being.

The illusion of the ego or personality is another concept we deceive ourselves into thinking is real. It is something that the Buddhists basically refuse to acknowledge. In Buddhist terminology a human is a 5-fold aggregate: form, emotions, perception, intellect or concept, and consciousness. From the Hindu yoga sutras as well: "The sense of personality is due to the identification of the knower with the instruments of knowledge." The Tibetan describes a human being as I) in essence divine, 2) A fragment of the Universal Mind or world soul....a lotus of "love, knowledge and sacrifice" and, 3) In his lower nature an aggregate of lesser lives (Cosmic Fire, 809-810). The Tibetan and Alice Bailey, whose work was to bridge East and West, equated the soul with consciousness, and also referred to it as the spiritual Ego, to bridge both to Buddhism and Hinduism.

Freud and the field of psychology use the term to refer to the cluster of cognitive and perceptual processes including memory, perception, analysis, judgment, etc. "without which you wouldn't be able to find your way home," as Krishnamurti used to put it! It is the CPU of the system. Lay people tend to confuse the concept of ego with egotism or a lack of humility. In the ignorance of the common tongue the term has degenerated into a negative term connoting egotism, conceit, selfishness, pride and vanity, quite a different matter altogether. People sometimes justify attacking others with the charge of ego, meaning egotism, and become hopelessly caught in misconceptions. Today it has been used to cover-up efforts to discredit those with opposing opinions. In a recent email widely distributed were uttered the shrill words, "the grip of every human's ego was split asunder"! This traces the dissent from the hall of wisdom, to the hall of learning, to the hall of ignorance, covering illusion, glamour and maya! Freud's ego is similar to Blavatsky's and Bailey's personality. It does not denote conceit but a fundamental structure, coordinating basic functions such as sense perceptions, affective modes, and cognition, or physical/etheric (sense and perception), emotional and mental bodies.

Applied to current events, our battle against ignorance is a battle against the fear that has led us to denying the basic worth and dignity of the human being. The use of torture by today's power structure has been denounced by many leaders. Past U.S. President and Nobel Laureate Jimmy Carter has spoken out against both pre-emptive war and the use of torture as internationally illegal. The United Nations 15-page report on "Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment" was presented to the General Assembly Nov 9, 2005 in response to charges against the CIA of "outsourcing torture." Carter also said, speaking as a Christian, "We worship the Prince of Peace, not the Prince of Pre-emptive War" (in Our Endangered Values: America's Moral Crisis). Peace is achieved through compassion the Dalai Lama says, not aggression. The distortion and glamour of our loves and hates blinds us to our underlying humanity, not to mention our divine essence. Our battle should be on the plane of ideas; it is corrupted by our nationalism and our personal attractions/aversions, until we are tricked into aggressive and inhumane treatment of others, including humiliation, itself part of the Geneva Convention definition of torture. Taking our stand on the plane of ideas, not distorted by negative or positive personal feelings, is our task.

The three aspects of mind are sometimes referred to as concrete thought, understanding (soul) and abstract thought (manas). Today people with well developed concrete and abstract mental functions seem to by-pass understanding. That part of mental functioning influenced by the soul is intentionally closed off. Alignment bypasses heart. From the Buddha (Dhammapada), we learn, "In every trial let understanding fight for you to defend what you have won." Clear concrete thinking is part of world service: we contribute our thoughtforms to world public opinion, individually and as the heart of the group of world servers. We need to recognize propaganda as the distortion and misrepresentation of people and facts. Here, too, is where understanding defends democracy. The "Veil of Distortion" (Rays V 196) is one of the four primary veils, the one most affecting the public arena. The new group of world servers focuses on principles and values; it sees with clarity and insight. In this way we serve by dissipating the darkness of fear and persistently unverified suspicions that lead to discrediting and aggression. Wise world servers speak to the power structure with truth.

In this month of November in the sign of Scorpio the labor of the warrior is ultimately against glamour and illusion, two permanent causes of suffering that can be redressed through meditation, dispelling harmful emotions and selfish desires, and dissipating inaccurate knowledge with truth. The illumination of the Self is within each one, the power to ascertain the truth is within us. Our task is to "raise the level of consciousness" to be "consciously in touch with the world of ideas and the realm of intuitive perception" which means "oriented to reality" (from Rays II 652-3 adapted).

Seeing together from the divine spark and pristine Mind, we meditate on battlefield Earth in service of humanity.