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World Service Meditation in Sedona

By Joann S. Bakula
October 2004

Dear Friend,

"Mythus is the undisclosed thought of the soul" Blavatsky wrote in Isis Unveiled, highlighting for us the direction of monthly meditations. Named after the constellations of the zodiac, they keep us looking up. The focus on the larger world, on cosmos and space, is given a time in our spiritual calendar of meditation lifting our eyes to the stars like the Hubble, marveling at the incredible beauty, mystery and vast expanse of the universe, and pondering on our place in it, on how a human can have a place in the cosmos. It also shows our direction as the soul, whose undisclosed thought is to be discovered, and whose attributes are to be actualized. The soul and its qualities are for us the hero Hercules. The next full moon approach to the Hierarchy of enlightened and perfected Beings who work upon the inner side of life is Thursday, Oct. 28, 3:08 am, GMT. This vision is what brings us together month after month in this planetary meditation on spiritual worlds within and without. In Bailey's modern interpretation of the Hercules myth, the labors faced are spiritual, psychological and ethical. The labor in each sign of the year is applied to humanity as a whole, as well as the individual, in its great labor of transformation from animal to god-like. In this yearly round we create a mandala in time built of the sand of every culture.

In Scorpio the seed thought, "Warrior am I/we and from the battle I/we emerge triumphant" concentrates our thought on questions like what are the battlefronts, who is the soul as Hercules, and how do we measure victory? The Herculean labor in Scorpio is described by Bailey (LOH 145) as destroying the hydra-headed monster of illusion on the astral/social/emotional level with its nine heads, 'in that keg of explosives, the human mind,' as sex, comfort, money, fear, hatred, desire for power, pride, separativeness, and cruelty! The labor and battle is control by the soul, through its lotus/locus of power: love/wisdom, creative and active intelligence, and the will-to-good, vs. control by fear, hate, selfishness and powerlessness. 'The true war is within,' as Gandhi said, and the monsters are those we create in our own subconscious minds and project onto others.

The world wars became necessary because the heart center of humanity had grown, the Tibetan for whom Bailey wrote, tells us (EH 156); we had become more group or soul aware and 'new forms were required of government, religion and social order.' He considered WW I, the Great Depression, WW II, and the emergence of the United Nations as part of one effort, and predicted that if there were a WW III it would be a religious war. He also said that the crisis humanity faces in this 'war in recent centuries is a war of ideologies,' but that we should not blame people for where they are born. Evil is in method, in the use of force which denies people free choice, not in the ideology of the culture they were born into (RI 744). Imposed freedom is an oxymoron.

Humanity always emerges triumphant in time. Victory is often not seen, emerging in small ways, in light of what we know now. The truth has a way of emerging when masses of people ponder on what happened, who gained, who lost and who did it? Is this essentially the battle of energies: the out-going 6th ray with its militantism and fanaticism vs. the in-coming 7th ray of mediation and the possibility of more civilized ways and means? We now actually have the magical means of allowing each person on this planet to express their opinions and vote their minds on many issues via electronics. Will this be one of the eventual victories, inaugurating an age of democracy undreamt of by our progenitors, the ancient Greeks? The world gathers to celebrate the Olympic games as they did; will we go on to celebrate the Mysteries as well ? Will this be humanity's victory?

Joining you in meditating the new hero into human living,
Joann S. Bakula

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