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Sagittarius 2004 letter - Keyword: Direction

By Joann Bakula
November 2004

Direction, vision and goal-orientation are some of the things considered in this planetary meditation at the full moon of Sagittarius (8:08 pm, Nov. 26, GMT). The keynote used as seed thought in mid-meditation is "I see the goal. I reach that goal and then I see another." This note is a sound, heard intuitively, awaiting interpretation by intelligent minds.

Hercules was told that ‘the flame beyond the mind reveals the right direction.’ This direction is toward the soul, spirit and plane of intuition. It is the perpetual flame existent in every human heart, the god-seed, Christ-in-you or the Buddha-nature. These show us how to think in the heart and love with the mind, how to merge love, reason and will. This light is the beacon of Reality, the ultimate judge of our actions. It is the eternal in the temporal, the heart of values, the source of human evolution and progress.

Alice A. Bailey writes that Sagittarius and the constellation Aquila, the eagle, are interchangeable, and that they are "the symbol of the spirit manifesting through the soul." Whether it is the arrow of the archer as half horse-half man or the eagle as Great Seal on the US $1 dollar bill, with arrows in one talon looking toward the olive branch in the other, both show direction. The symbol reveals an esoteric, spiritual meaning of peace to supplement peace as the alternative to war. According to Alice Bailey the esoteric interpretation of the arrows is right direction, and it is the destiny of the USA to reveal the fact of the subjective reality. The goal spiritually is for the arrows to point us in the direction of true peace, the peace that only comes from subjective knowledge, like the soul as the source of love/wisdom, active intelligent and the will-to-good, and of spirit as the source of life. All of which are at the heart of every human being, no matter how obscured and obstructed.

Most of us know intuitively that this light, this eternal flame is the most real and permanent thing we have to guide our actions. What do we do when we see that our society or country or era is going in the wrong direction? That the idealistic vision presented as a goal is in opposition to chosen methods, often cruel, having disastrous effects short term and long? That sides are brittle and breaking over many cultural, social and political fractures? At the core of selfish separatism is the divide of ‘us and them,’ the desire to control ‘them,’ and derogatory definitions of others. All born of ignorance. At its core separatism is identification with the part instead of the whole. And healing comes from a willingness to understand, to see positives and negatives balanced, and to have intelligent compassion. There will always be selfishness and separatism in the world, but this attitude will not always control the world. The direction we choose at this juncture may well determine how long the crystallized aspects of the 6th ray, those of militancy and fanatical ideals, will slow down the emergence of the 7th ray, with its promise of a newer, closer relationship between spirit and matter, between sides of all polarities, melting the ‘us/them’ conflicts into ‘just us.’ The promise is of full spectrum understanding brought to bear on the polarities that divide, on the choices our dawning world culture will make. Shedding this light is the purpose of our planetary ritual of full moon meditations. Our direction is to approach the spiritual worlds, the next highest holon of human development, Reality or the kingdom of souls, as one group composed of many representative differences, united in our vision of a better world.

In group companionship,

Joann S. Bakula
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