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The Path of Freedom is the Path of Awareness

Joann S. Bakula
March, 2014

The monthly meditation for world service in Pisces is Sunday, March 16, 2014 (full moon at 5:09 pm GMT). This brings to a close the cycle of twelve monthly world service meditations for 2013-2014. Aries will mark the beginning of a new cycle of effort.

The path of enlightenment leads to greater and greater conscious awareness of higher states and stages of human nature, and of relationships to virtually everything from the natural world to ultimate reality beyond phenomena and phenomenal living. The process is marked by psychological initiations into deeper and more inclusive recognitions of relative and ultimate reality. We are self-initiated by the depth of our knowledge and understanding. This is the process by which the evolution of human consciousness occurs in the individual and results eventually in the social evolution of humanity itself. It also results in increasing awareness of effective methods for invocation and evocation of what is needed. Each initiation is a step on the way to perfectment or complete enlightenment, the spiritualization of the human being, enabling a human to overcome himself. Humanity, it is predicted, will also eventually overcome itself and graduate to the next kingdom, the superhuman or evolved human. This, oddly enough, enables and empowers him to become more human. And a better human brings greater freedom for the individual and civilization. Each step in social evolution brings greater freedom and better human relations for humanity as a whole.

The seed thought for this world service meditation in Pisces reminds us of the prodigal son who leaves home to go deeper into his adventure into human living and then returns to his place of origin. He looses himself in hedonistic experience and then extricates himself from it by returning along the path he took. The keynote is "I leave the Father's home and turning back, I save." Salvation is often defined in the Hindu-Buddhist traditions as freedom. The Tibetan, a Buddhist, also defines each initiation in terms of greater freedom. What lies ahead for humanity can be the most exciting and beneficial revelations that we have ever known as the turning takes place and we awaken to the higher potential within us.

The Tibetan defined enlightenment as a series of steps or stages characterized by greater and greater freedom (The Rays and the Initiations, pp. 685-687). You seldom hear this definition being elucidated today; freedom is generally referred to as political freedom. Here is a summary of freedom seen from the point of view of spiritual awareness or steps on the path to enlightenment from the Tibetan and Alice Bailey.

1st Initiation. Freedom from the control of the physical body and its appetites.
2nd Initiation. Freedom from the control of the emotional nature.
3rd Initiation. Transfiguration. Freedom from the ancient authority of the personality.
4th Initiation. Renunciation. Freedom from all self interest.
5th Initiation. Revelation. Freedom from blindness, liberation into a new vision of Reality.
6th Initiation. Decision. Freedom of choice of ways ahead.
7th Initiation. Resurrection. Freedom from the hold of phenomenal life.
8th Initiation. Transition. Freedom from the reaction of consciousness.
9th Initiation. Refusal. Freedom from all forms of enticement including higher planes.

Awareness of the State of Freedom
Alongside of the internal psychological freedom we experience is the freedom we share externally. "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance," Thomas Jefferson is thought to have said but has never been confirmed. Nonetheless, the truth of it stays with us. The responsibility of all who meditate on humanity is to be aware of its behaviors, its potential, its problems, its attitudes, and its relationships as a mediating kingdom between the natural world and higher evolutionary states. These higher states and stages are most often defined as awareness, awareness of who we are deeply and awareness of the world as it exists and how we are changing it. We are becoming increasingly aware that the footprint we are leaving in the natural world is growing larger due to global warming, climate change, overpopulation, habitat loss, and toxic waste. This anthropocene era of human-caused effects are explored in the book The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert, who reviews the last half billion years marked by five extinctions, the last being the extinction of the dinosaurs. The sixth extinction is one in which a swarming humanity unable to control its propagation possibly causes its own demise.

In the February Kosmos Newsletter Nancy Roof voiced concern, as so many have lately including myself, that our freedoms and human rights are at risk in a variety of different ways. Concern was eloquently reiterated as to just how those freedoms are being threatened and an impressive list of books dealing with a variety of issues were recommended, some of which are the following.

"Freedom of the press, the foundation of democracy, is fast declining in the US. State of Power 2014 tells the story of corporations in collusion with governments increasing their power at the expense of the people. And finally the threat to our privacy and freedom from pervasive forms of surveillance."

"Given the possibilities of total electronic surveillance (in the immortal words of General Alexander, the current head of the NSA-Total Information Dominance)--and the absence of any effective controls on the use of surveillance information for whatever purposes, the possibilities (and temptations) for the misuse of this information are effectively overwhelming. Those with access to this information are in a position to put this information to use for national or corporate economic advantage, for political manipulation, for individual targeting, for blackmail or personal manipulation and even when used as a mechanical input into drone warfare as a substitute for judge and jury in the rendering of the most potent of judgments and penalties-that of death."

STATE OF POWER 2014 by The Transnational Institute with
"This Report exposes and analyzes the principal power-brokers who have caused financial, economic, social and ecological crises worldwide. "Unless we know which elites control our wealth and resources, understand how they influence political and social processes, and can identify the systems, structures and policies by which they maintain their power, TNI believes our hopes for advancing social and environmental justice are slim."

The NY Review takes on Evil
The New York Review of March 20, 2014 brought up an interesting view departing from Hannah Arendt's famous 'banality of evil' (The Origins of Totalitarianism), with the statement, "because evil is something monstrous, exotic, and inhuman, the acts and thoughts of a good citizen, in this view, can be banal, not those of a dictator or his agents" (Edward Mendelson, p. 6) and, I would add, not those of a power structure anywhere, even within a democracy, that demonstrate fascist-tending elements which are then written into policy. What made Hitler such an inhuman monster was that he could make and enforce policy through force based on the propaganda and slander of his propaganda meister Goebbels that extended from Berlin to every city and village targeting the Jews with prejudice of the rankest kind, not unlike the claims of inferiority earlier justifying the slave trade in Great Britain and the U.S.A. Conformity to nationalistic propaganda required gestures of adherence from everyone, whether they agreed or not. Threats of punishment for noncompliance were inherent. Thinking for yourself-indeed thinking at all was discouraged.

Bailey on Totalitarianism
Alice Bailey and the Tibetan spoke out strongly against totalitarianism and warned that these tendencies could occur in any field. The Tibetan defined totalitarianism as "that evil process which involves the imposition of ideas, and which can be the method of democratic nations" as well as communist. "It applies equally to any established system … which imposes its concepts and its will upon its adherents. Totalitarianism is the basis of evil today; it is found in all systems of government, of education; it is found in the home and in the community" (The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 701).

The Path of Freedom is the Path of Awareness
Awareness that the path of liberation and salvation lies in freedom internally and externally is the basis of enlightenment. The path to a more enlightened and integrated society is opening up before us in marvelous ways due to science and technology. The geological history and composition of the earth and now even the planets remains true whether we believe it or not. Our tools for discovery are becoming more and more powerful. Many more people are serious meditators today, thinking and caring about the whole of humanity and the planet we care for. What is the next evolutionary step in consciousness that appears to be just ahead? Without an advancement in wisdom equal to the advances in technology, more adverse effects are likely to be realized and without increased awareness of the policies people in power impose on us all without our knowledge, more losses will likely occur. Awareness is the crucial key.

Knowledge and the light of understanding that it brings are being deepened by the awareness of our love for the beauty of creation. Awakening to a new awareness that that beauty also lies within brings a freedom and spring-like joy to living on the path of enlightenment. There is a freedom within that comes from a fountain of life that flows eternally. You are that fountain.

Wishing you the joy that springs from Self-realization,
Joann S. Bakula

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