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Joann S. Bakula
February 2008

This meditation completes the circle of the year, which as we know, benefits in being seen from many different perspectives. Pisces is called the meditation of the World Savior, the completion of the Christ. What is to be saved? From what? Elaine Pagels, in writing about the gnostic gospel of Thomas (Beyond Belief), often called the fifth gospel, says that there are two basic types of salvation. "The first sees salvation as deliverance from sin and death; the second shows how someone 'ignorant of God and of [one's] own nature,' and mired in destructive behavior, eventually develops a growing awareness of—and need for—relationship with God. Heracleon explains that whoever experiences the first type of conversion may—eventually will—also experience the second, which is what Augustine...meant when he spoke of 'faith seeking understanding.'"

It is knowledge of one's spark of divinity or 'Christ in you' that is sought in meditation and the esoteric literature of Alice Bailey and the Tibetan Master for whom she wrote. It is imitation of the life of Christ, not in signs of persecution or body signs, but in terms of higher consciousness and beingness, such as the first five initiations: the birth of Christ consciousness; the baptism or washing away of the glamour of selfish and materialistic values; the transfiguration of the personality as it becomes the true instrument of the soul; the termination of the causal body as the transfigured one forges a direct path between spirit and matter, no longer needing the rainbow of the intermediary soul; and finally, the resurrection and ascension, the overcoming of death, the persistence of the divine element, and the revelation of the ageless Mysteries.

"Within the world of illusion—the world of the mental plane—appeared the Christ, the Lord of Love Himself, Who embodies in Himself the power of the attractive will of God. He undertook to dispel the illusion by drawing to Himself (by the potency of love) the hearts of all men, and states this determination in the words, 'And I, if I be lifted from the world, will draw all men unto me' (John 12:32). From the point they then will have reached, the world of spiritual perception, of truth and of divine ideas will stand revealed. The result will be the disappearing of illusion." [Alice Bailey, Glamour: A World problem, pp. 166-7]

The Tibetan predicts that when the basic teachings of the East and West are seen as one, and humanity has healed itself from its fractured world of desire and illusion, a revelation will come through which "some potent and far-reaching results will be achieved by the merging of light and love, and by the reaction of 'lighted substance to the attractive power of love'". And that "when an appreciation of the meaning of the words 'transfiguration of a human being' is gained, the realization will come that when 'the body is full of light' then 'in that light shall we see Light.' This means that when the personality has reached a point of purification, of dedication and of illumination, then the attractive power of the soul (whose name is love and understanding) can function, and fusion of these two will take place. This is what the Christ proved and demonstrated....both of these potencies—light and love—will find radiant expression in the transfigured disciple. What is true, therefore, of the individual is true also of humanity as a whole, and today humanity (having reached maturity) can 'enter into realisation' and consciously take part in the work of enlightenment and of spiritual, loving activity." [Alice Bailey, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, pp. 359-361]

As the mind of humanity itself increases in sensitive, conscious awareness and clarity it begins to see the whole planet, as it is today, and it takes responsibility for its impact and abuse, and sees its place as intermediary between the kingdoms of nature and the worlds of higher intelligence and consciousness, or the kingdom of God. It sees that its work on itself is not finished, and that each revelation of a son of God enables it to reach higher. If a sacred book is interpreted to lead to war and the death of millions, how could it be true? In the words of Rumi, from 800 years ago:

"The interpretation of a sacred text is true if it stirs you to hope, activity and, awe; if it makes you slacken your service, know the real truth to be this: it's a distortion...not a true interpretation."

In the Vajrayana teachings of Buddhism, a direct path to enlightenment is offered. It teaches that after the stages of deity yoga or yidam, building the master in the heart; comes development and integration; ending in the generation and completion stages of meditation. Generation and completion, are what has to be known and what has to be meditated. Completion is the stage beyond concept, delusion and illusion. The following commentary is from Dilgo Khyenste, The Heart Treasure of the Enlightened Ones. "'We should understand that, in the unborn ground, none of all the many things we perceive—our bodies, houses, carts, and so forth—has any true existence'....If you can develop the complete certainty that this whole unceasing display of illusory appearances is void in nature, that in itself would be the ultimate completion stage." Of the four yogas associated with this stage one is called One Taste (the name of one of Ken Wilber's books), and is described as, "From appearances, cut away the clinging of mind; from mind, demolish the lair of fictitious appearances; where mind and appearances are one is openness; in the realization of one taste, recite the six-syllable mantra." Om Mani Padme Hum.

May the light and love embodied in the two Avatars, the Buddha and the Christ, ease humanity upon its way through its distortions and delusions to a true relationship to the kingdoms of nature and of God, East and West, in reality one seamless expression of an underlying unborn truth. May the power of the one Life be yours as we meditate in the completion stage of the spiritual year.