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Universal Communication

Joann S. Bakula
October 2010

The second or blue moon of Libra 2010 is on Oct 23 at 1:38am UT, and Oct 22 at points west of Greenwich, England. Libra, as we know, is called the Balance, originally referring to the balance of night and day, the equinox. This seventh sign of the zodiac also brings seventh ray energy and qualities; it is called the Ray of Organization and the Ray of Form, as well as the ray of order and ritual. It is the ray which joins spirit and matter or life and form. This incoming energy stimulates the scientific search for new life forms and the languages, including chemical, which different forms use to communicate across kingdoms and through orders, plants to animals, neurons to electrons, planets to solar systems.

The Theory of the Seven Rays
The seven ray theory hypothesizes "that every human being is swept into manifestation on the impulse of some ray, and is coloured by that particular ray quality, which determines the form aspect" (Alice Bailey, Esoteric Psychology, Vol. 1, p. 61), and that the seven rays exist in the cosmos. "In our solar system only one of these seven great rays is in operation. The seven sub-divisions constitute the 'seven rays' which...form the basis of endless variations in [the] system of worlds. These seven rays [are] seven channels through which all being... flows, the seven predominant characteristics or modifications of life, [and] the seven kingdoms as well. In fact there is nothing in the whole solar system, at whatever stage of evolution it may stand, which does not belong and has not always belonged to one or other of the seven rays." (EPI, 163) The seven rays are "the sum total of the divine Consciousness, of the universal Mind.....They create the forms and are the forms through which the divine idea can be carried forward to completion" (EPI, 59). Each of the five vehicles of theosophy, which correspond almost exactly to the five skandas or aggregates of Tibetan Buddhism, is qualified by one or another of these seven rays, from the body or form to consciousness or soul. This knowledge advances our understanding of human nature and natural law.

As HP Blavatsky wrote (The Secret Doctrine, Vol. I, p. 49), "It hardly seems possible that science can disguise from itself much longer, by the mere use of terms such as 'force' and 'energy,' the fact that things that have life are living things, whether they be atoms or planets." Planet Earth lives in the solar system, a living form, an organization of life like the atom, which is composed of a center and planets that revolve around it. When we perceive our relationship to this larger whole as a living form of life everything changes. We can see it both in its nature as a physical form of life and, imaginatively, as an intelligent entity. Using the language of myth and religion the 'seven spirits before the throne' can be seen as the 'seven ray lords', the 'seven sacred planets', all with a higher order of intelligence. In esotericism, Saturn is called the sacred life of the 3rd ray of active and creative intelligence, not the feared influence upon which are projected negative images. The study of Saturn, Jupiter and their moons by space scientists has become an exciting and captivating interest to a general audience as well. What we perceive as our environment is expanding outward into possible space colonization, inward into subatomic physics, and downward into the deep of lightless ocean depths where, even there, new life forms are being found.

Communication between Life Forms
The study of bio-semiotic language is a study of this hidden communication through signs between life forms, "from intracellular signalling processes to animal display behavior to human...artefacts such as language and abstract symbolic thought." (cited in New Scientist, Aug 21-27, 2010, pp. 28-31.) It gives us a larger frame in which to perceive an unexplored web of meaning and communication from smaller systems to larger, within and without. It is the study of the capacity in all living organisms to navigate their environments through the processing of signs. Each creature lives in a world of its own perceptions of physical and chemical agents in accordance with its own experiential world, not the whole unseen but still existing world. We see only what we need to see to fill our own needs, to eat, to sleep, to mate and to survive. Each species lives its own web of meaning evolving from its own different needs in a shared environment. Is the new language, not of metaphor, but of signs as containing information needed for intercommunication between natural hierarchies? Biology can be defined as a science of information coming from physical and chemicals signals, each with its own meaning according to its interpreter. Communities of living systems share common knowledge as to what they remember, what they recognize, what signs they explore, and how they use signs and what they mean. Questions arising from this knowledge are "all about how different living systems perceive the world, how they model the world, what experience motivates what actions, based on those perceptions." (New Scientist, Aug 21-27, 2010, pp. 28-31.) The same questions can be asked from a sociological perspective about cultures. Recently a program on the History channel named the four most significant human discoveries of all time as including the wheel, the plow, and the internet, which we are just beginning to use and develop. It promises to be a higher order of communication like nothing humans have ever known. It reveals to us a plan of our integration into a new view of the synthesis of all life and its ability-necessity-to communicate one part to the next, one atom or person to another.

SETI and Post-biological Intelligence
"Almost everyone I know believes in extraterrestrial life. Extraterrestrial intelligence, however, is more problematic," writes Louis Friedman, cofounder with Carl Sagan of the Planetary Society, the creators of SETI, the Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence. Intelligence is defined by them as 'a civilization that sends signals through communication devices.' In a new book by Paul Davies (The Eerie Silence: Renewing our Search for Alien Intelligence) the 40 years of the SETI program is reviewed; he suggests that "If we ever encounter an extraterrestrial intelligence, I believe it is overwhelmingly likely to be post-biological in nature." He hypothesizes both that, "biological intelligence is only a transitory phenomenon, a fleeting phase in the evolution of intelligence in the universe," and that genetics and DNA signals could be embedded in biospheres, leading to discovery of a new form of biological communication. (The Planetary Report, Sept-Oct 2010, p.6). Hindu, Tibetan Buddhist, theosophical and esoteric traditions have long hypothesized that an energy or subtle body substands all physical forms, is the inner form from which the outer grows, and is composed of four levels subtler than physical matter. These same traditions believe in telepathy as a universal form of higher communication, familiar to all of us in the dream state, where words are heard but none is spoken.

"Each of the four ethers, as they are sometimes called, is intended-as far as man is concerned-to be a channel or expression of the four cosmic ethers. At present this is very far from being the case. It can only truly be so when the antahkarana bridge is built and acts, therefore, as a direct channel for the cosmic ethers to which we have given the names of universal life, monadic intensity, divine purpose and pure reason. Ponder for awhile on these types of energy and creatively imagine their effect when, in the due course of time and spiritual unfoldment, they can pour unrestrictedly into and through the etheric body of a human being," the Tibetan says (Alice Bailey, Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle, p. 156.)

Many of us already know that intuition speaks through signs as well as symbols. The language of higher consciousness, or the soul, communicates to its 'personality' anchored in the brain, through symbols and signs that arise spontaneously from within. They can appear, for instance, spontaneously in a form like international signs, usually from the ajna center area between the eyes, in meditation, dream state, or times of crisis, for instance. Unlike a symbol, a specific meaning is inherent in a sign. International traffic and general use signs are being used more and more in our trans-language, trans-grammar world of pictographs. Perhaps this is the most direct form of communication all hierarchies use.

Humor: the Language of Sanity
A Rally for the Return of Sanity is being organized by comedian Jon Stewart at the National Mall in Washington D.C. (USA) on Saturday, Oct 30, noon to 3, and broadcast live in the US on the Comedy Channel, to further his "call-to-reasonableness." In a time when every other word spoken is crazy, he is gathering together those who are 'mad as hell, and don't want to take it anymore!' in a Rally4Sanity. He is being joined by Stephen Colbert--the day picker who recently testified before the US Congress--with his March for Fear, in order to Keep Fear Alive (KFA). Why? Because "America, the Greatest country that God ever gave to Man, was built on three bedrock principles: Freedom. Liberty. And Fear-that someone might take our Freedom and Liberty." (www: Rally4Sanity and KeepFearAlive) The Balance that Libra brings is sociological sanity and as such will help to restore "truthiness." Never forget that Libra was in olden days, before the Julian calendar, called the Claw of Scorpio and was considered part of that sign (Allen, Star Names, p. 273). The antahkarana bridge of stars linking the two sides of the constellations is historic. Later, John Milton warned in "Paradise Lost" of sanity terribly frayed,

"The Eternal, to prevent such horrid fray,
Hung forth in heaven his golden scales, yet seen
Betwixt Astraea and the Scorpion sign".

May the Balance of reason be restored between the deep end and the high end, between capital and labor, between perception and reality, and between the inner world of experience and the outer world image, as we use the 7th ray energy in our meditation at the Libra 2010 blue moon, using the penultimate keynote of balance, "I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force."
Joann S. Bakula Oct 15, 2010

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