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Money, Relationship and Legislation

Joann S. Bakula
October 2008

"Will the world Hercules…'elevate the Hydra' of passion and hate, of greed and aggression, and of selfishness and ambition up into the region of the soul? Or will it carry the whole matter down to the physical plane with the inevitable corollary of world disaster"? (Esoteric Astrology, p. 217)* Such is the question many are asking right now in view of the monetary crisis in the US and markets around the world. Will world financial leaders have the wisdom to think and plan for the long term health of the whole economy? Will they have the wisdom to expose the corruption, bad judgment and greed of the few at the expense of the many?

The next meditation using the full moon approach is Tuesday, October 14, 2008 at 8:04 UT/GMT. In Alice Bailey's tradition of world service through meditation, all aspects of universal human need are considered spiritual, requiring deep thought by all disciples. At this time of the alignment of sun, earth and moon, the channel of energy is clear and unobstructed, as it is from the planetary center of will to the planetary center of love to humanity, and as it can be from the spiritual triad to the soul to the mind-brain of the individual. Moonlight, as we know, can have a very different affect, on rabbits and young lovers alike. Our meditation is on solar light and solar energy, within and without. In the words of the Gayatri,

O thou in whom we live and move and have our being,
Unveil to us the face of the true spiritual sun,
hidden by a disk of golden light,
that we may know the truth
and do our whole duty,
as we journey to thy sacred feet.

Libra is called the hub of the Great Wheel, (Esoteric Astrology, p. 183) the place of equilibrium between polar opposites, like spirit and matter, the great and small, harshness and mercy, the rich and the rest. The keynote for the meditation, "I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force," reflects this pattern. It is the center of balance where the polarities meet and come together. Therefore, it is symbol of what is just, what is fair and balanced. It is the seventh sign, emerging at the center or heart of the two triangles of signs that precede it, representing the higher and lower forces; it is where they come together. It is the point of universality and the point of power, the power point, if you will. "It is at the hub of the wheel or centre of the Scales that the true perspective can be seen correctly." Perhaps that is why on the reversed wheel of the disciple, Libra is unrelated to any other sign, and is also called the door into Shamballa, which is the center where the will of God is known, the planetary Will center.

The Tibetan and Alice Bailey associate this opportunity for meditative world service in October with law, relationship and money, so it seems no coincidence that a crisis involving money and its relationship to legislation and the people should come at this particular meditation for world service in Libra. For those who are interested in the extra-planetary and ray influences, Venus (5th ray), Uranus (7th ray) and Saturn figure predominantly. Saturn, the sacred planet of the third ray of Active Intelligence, the third aspect of the Godhead, works out in human terms as conditioning law, sex and money, on the mental, desire and physical planes respectively. "It is only now that the full purpose and the work of Saturn for humanity can reach a point of group usefulness, for it is only now that humanity has reached a point of general and widespread intelligence which can make any choice a definite conscious act, entailing responsibility." Bailey goes on to write that in Libra "the path of choices, of deliberately applied purificatory measures" and the turning point "which governs the path of discipleship" is made. We can hope that choice is made by our leaders for the common good, as it is by the people themselves. Bailey is referring, here, to the early Aquarian age. In another place, referring more to the last age which overlaps the Aquarian, the Tibetan and Bailey write that "This time of balancing is, however, upon the astral plane and the desires of men are predominantly in a position of casting the deciding factor, where in the next great cycle it will be the minds of men which will do the deciding." It's hard to see that intelligence and not desire was the predominating factor that caused this financial crisis for the world.

It is from a place of balance and fairness, or social justice, inherently possible in the Libra meditation, that legislation could, ideally, be made. Perhaps this is why the scales of justice and law are the symbol of Libra. "The inculcation of right relations and the spread of self-control and the growth of unselfishness…are the goal, subjective and oft unrealised, of all legal procedure." Seldom does the world situation produce a point of crisis that is more directly addressed than in the meditative themes Bailey addresses for this meditation. The response of the world will work out for some time to come.

That capitalism lends itself to corrupt practices, greed, and reticence to self-regulate is well known. By this opportunity that has arisen in the world we have the chance to right an imbalance and regulate the capitalistic system structured to favor the rich over the rest, ˝% balanced with all the rest together, in a scale of social justice that has no equilibrium, but is dangerously out of balance. Regulus is also mentioned in Bailey's chapter on Libra, even though it is a star in the constellation Leo; it is associated with "re-orientation of the attitude of the legal profession" toward world service motivated by concern for the children. Regulation is now under discussion, at this time when the US is facing the unknown consequences of the largest bail-out of banks in world history, and when the markets of the world are shaken. World service is becoming very pragmatic.

Gradually, the old guard, with its worship of greed and self-interest alone, is being replaced by younger people with newer ideas, and a triple bottom line of "people, planet, profit" together fostering "post-partisan, multi-stakeholder common ground." This is a healthier and more holistic attitude, characterized by inclusiveness and wide-mindedness. It is green, or environmentally aware, and shows a substantial upgrading of motivation and intelligent thinking. Gandhi, a Libra himself, was famous for saying that production by the masses, is better than mass production. He advocated local producing and local buying wherever possible. This is a period when all reasonable new ideas might be considered, and should be heard.

Money is the symbol of the material realm, and hence interconnected with life on the material plane. Money affects us all and, as esotericists, we contemplate the right use of money in the world, in economic systems, in innovative ideas like Gandhi's, and in commentators on programs such as PBS's Bill Moyers' Journal [a US television program], who trace the rise of consumerism as a national policy- through incentives to buy-- with the decline in manufacturing, as job's are outsourced to cheaper foreign labor pools. Have we become a nation of consumers who produce little?

Money fulfills many of our valued desires quite beyond basic needs, from "the satisfaction of sensed need, the desire for goods and possessions, the desire for material comfort, for the acquisition and accumulation of things, the desire for power and the supremacy which money alone can give. This desire controls and dominates human thinking; it is the keynote of our modern civilization; it is also the octopus which is slowly strangling human life, enterprise, and decency; it is the millstone around the neck of mankind….The love of money is the root of all evil." The Tibetan and Alice Bailey go on to raise the question, "Can the conflict between capital and labor be ended and a new world be thereby reborn… [so] that right human relations can be permanently established?" (The Problems of Humanity, pp. 79-81)

At the same time money is also an outer form of the golden flowing energy of the etheric plane, and can transform life for most on this planet, and literally save the lives of millions. Money, like everything else on the physical plane, is the crystallized form of etheric or vital energy. The etheric body is often described as containing golden flowing light and "fiery essence." It is considered to be the progenitor of both the central nervous system and the endocrine system, and can be visualized in much the same way. For instance, pale vessels containing red blood carrying oxygen, might appear as blue/violet-white nadis through which golden light flows, containing the fiery essence of solar prana. Bailey associates the etheric body with the 'golden bowl' of the Bible. The planetary body, it is said, lives on the same prana as the individual, and has the same structural system of nadis, meridians and centers, as does the CNS of a human body. On a planetary level, some of the etheric network has materialized as electricity, and in another form as the internet and world wide web.

Each of us has an intelligent mind, a loving heart and a willingness to think deeply about universal human needs, to see from a holistic standpoint, to register and act with fairness in our own lives, as we change our relationship to the earth, to our lifestyles, to our banking and market systems, and take a look at how we must act as individuals. As Christ said, "to he who gives, is given." And as it says in the Old Testament, "my God is a just God." It is up to us to emulate the God or the ethics we claim, by reflecting on earth our own restraint of selfishness at the expense of others, combined with a just economic system that does not reward crooks, but encourages and legislates for a more just, fair and safe market. Our time, energy, and deep contemplative thought, as well as our monetary contributions, are all a part of what we have to give and what we do as disciples. It is the challenge, the opportunity, the right and the responsibility of every one of us to give an hour a month to world service at the sun-earth-moon alignment on themes of great consequence to the human race, as this one is. The word that brings release from karma, not personal, but group karma, is spoken in Libra by the initiate. (Esoteric Astrology, p. 165) Can it be spoken as a group for a group, such as the group of those who work in the financial field of the new group of world servers?

In Alice Bailey's The Labours of Hercules, the hero's task in Libra is to disarm the boar, a pig-like animal, but not to harm it. "In this stately sign of balance and justice and law we find that the test ends in a burst of laughter, the only labour that does." (p. 129) So many are now in deep distress to see their life's savings, houses, jobs, and banks disappearing, that it might be of some interest to think that restraining and regulating gluttony is all that is required. We can only hope that our legislators and financial leaders are wise enough to see to it that the crisis ends in a laugh of relief, and not the harsh and bitter laugh of crooks who get away with robbing the treasure. In Bailey's interpretation, the myth of Hercules "is an allegory, teaching the emergence of the spiritual man from the control of matter."

May the golden flowing energy, the etheric energy, that money represents, flow through us as the life giving energy that it can be on the physical plane, as we visualize the free flow of life energy from spirit to matter, from the center to the circumference, and from the whole to all people.

May the abundance of what counts be yours.

*All references are from Alice A Bailey's Esoteric Astrology, Libra section, pp. 226-251, unless otherwise noted. NY: Lucis, 1979.
----The Problems of Humanity, pp. 79-80. NY: Lucis, 1964.
----The Labours of Hercules, p. 125. NY: Lucis, 1992.

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