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Hands Across the Kingdoms

By Joann S. Bakula
October 2005

One of themes of this 7th of the 12 yearly meditations at the full moon is the balance between spirit and matter, as its called in Western religions, or mentality and materiality (Buddhism), or energy and matter (physics). Having pondered our journey from mind to matter (Aries to Virgo) in the first half of the year, we now come to ponder on the place of balance between the two, before the return journey. "I [or we] choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force." We choose the way that links the two great forces of which we and the world are made. We link the two lines of force not by force but by conscious relationship in two directions. By seeking relationship we grow increasingly conscious in both directions and come to realization of our ability to respond (which is one of the Tibetan's definitions of love) as the link between the kingdoms of nature (rupa, with form), and the spiritual worlds of higher intelligence (arupa, without form). This is our task.

The incoming 7th ray will help us to become more sensitively aware and conscious in both directions. Planetary meditation in Libra provides an opportunity to channel both 5th and 7th ray energies, among others. It utilizes the progression from 5th to 7th ray energies to achieve its developmental goals, through intelligence first, reason and accurate analysis, two of the gifts of the 5th ray and science. Then it finds the most skillful means of action, the right method, which, with its increasing velocity and specificity, looks like magic even to intelligent beings. Driving this fountain of varied energies is the evolution of consciousness itself. Conscious awareness of what we link in nature, through understanding of the natural world beneath and within us, and conscious, direct awareness of the spirit within and above us in evolutionary terms (the 5th kingdom) is our purpose.

The Tibetan predicted that the relationship between humans and animals would become increasingly close with the incoming 7th ray, and that there would be "a close synthesis and sympathetic coordination between them", resulting in the intended rapid increase in animal intelligence. Inevitably--if unfortunately from the human perspective--this quickened evolution will also lead to many species dying out, as they are today (The Animal Kingdom, a Spiritual Perspective, p. 70). Birth, existence and death is the natural cycle of all things. Humans need not indulge in inflated self-blame for nature's design, which comes to all things formed: nations, religions and civilizations, in time, as well as individuals. Birth and death go hand in hand separated only by temporality. This is a human's natural meditation: the continuity of consciousness from form life to formless life. One world at a time. Two worlds linked by time.

A similar increasingly close relation between humans and the spiritual worlds is taking place in recognition of the 5th kingdom, the formless spiritual world of souls out of time, headed by all those who have achieved perfectment and enlightenment through the ages, those who have achieved self-initiation into higher states of consciousness, deeper understanding and the freedom of a larger environment., headed by the Christ. This relationship to the 5th kingdom is bridged by the appearance of world servers, who are characterized by creative intelligence, love-wisdom, the will-to-good, a sense of synthesis and universality, and whose identification is always with the whole, no matter what part they specialize in. In this new group of world servers are the creative people in all fields who resonant to the same principle of inclusive compassionate unity and sense of the underlying synthesis of all life, and therefore who emphasize points of identification instead of points of criticism and difference. They resonate with the same unity of vision and spirit of goodwill. They intuitively recognize each other and need no other or outer organization. Presumably humanity itself may-happily-become a bit more intelligent, as conscious awareness of the principles that link the spiritual and human worlds expands and deepens through recognition of the new group of world servers. A special festival week in their honor occurs this year Dec 21-28, beginning Dec 17, and every 7 years in December in New York, London and Geneva. The theme this year is "A Celebration of Living Synthesis." We are urged to use meditation at the new moon to "Strengthen the Hands of the New Group of World Servers" by recognizing the values and principles that unite all people of goodwill.

This 7th gate of Libra, is also called the door into Shamballa. Given humanity's responses thus far as totalitarian aggression, one might wonder why we would want to enter this planetary place of power? Isn't trying to absorb the force applied now and then quite enough? Perhaps the secret is in becoming consciously aware of the difference between power as force and power as will. In WWII force was considered necessary. Since then many would say we are suffering not so much from the use of force, which has continued, but from a lack of will. Fear and force feed each other. We lack the power of will to implement our better plans, and we slip back into the use of force to impose our little wills with their separative plans on others. This is when we fail to achieve true will and cooperation with the plan of light and love, or expanded intelligence and relationship, which alone leads to larger freedom. The vision of the UN, for instance, born out of the suffering of WWII, (the last justified use of force in the eyes of many) has been blocked by obstacles to will. Even though the vast majority would choose peace, not war, with its forceful and destructive methods and defiling, dehumanizing tactics, we lack sufficient will to find the right kind of power to overcome our weaknesses and obstacles to the vision of a world without the suffering caused by war. Isn't there enough suffering in the world? We can measure our wrong response to power in our choice of wrong methods. Purification of method and motive in the use of power might help to fit us for our task of increasing awareness of the kingdoms and centers we link, and of the will underlying the evolution of consciousness and relationship, behind which is synthesis, holding everything together.

Consider the scientific search for intelligent life elsewhere, as well as here, or for any form of life in our solar system. The scientific mind and the intelligent spiritual mind are not in conflict; there is just one mind that seeks reality, in the world of form or the formless world. In either case our search is limited by past knowledge and by our imaginations. Both struggle with the established inaccuracies that make up our worldview and illusions. We 'live' in an exceptionally narrow, thin band in the spectrum of possibilities, a tightly prescribed set of conditions of light, heat, moisture, gases, etc. in which we necessarily search for life as we know it, not life as it may be. This is one of the primary illusions that space scientists are trying to deconstruct for us, as they expand their search for life in hitherto unexplored regions of ocean, desert and cold. As we break through our temporal-centric and environmentally restricted notions, we open intelligence to wider horizons. With the dispelling of illusion comes clarity and an opening to new possibilities.

In the myth of Hercules, this labor in Libra offers tests of friendship and courage, and is the only sign that ends with Hercules singing and dancing, and all the onlookers laughing to see it. The downside to ponder is the experience of killing what should be loved or is loved. This is often the theme in films, because of its frequency in filial relationships. This year we have the film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," a metaphor and parody of marriage in which friends discuss-least we forget---how loved ones kill each other, either all at once or a little at a time! Pondering on relationships near and far, great and small, known and unknown, temporal and timeless, with a balance of what can be with what is, is also our contribution of light and love-wisdom to the pool of planetary thought, in addition to the act of will that results in realization of living synthesis.