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Earth Mind, Sun Mind, Sky Mind

Joann S. Bakula
July 2010

As we prepare for this 5th of the monthly full moon meditation rituals of spiritual approach, we reach out to all who serve the world and work toward world betterment, including the majority who are not esotericists, and wish we would speak and write in plain, non-esoteric language once in awhile. It is to address this issue that part of this Leo 2010 commentary is written. The monthly meditations are named after the constellations, visible when the sun sets, reminding us that the cosmic world in which we live is empirical. It's not a concept. When the moon is out of the way, the alignment between sun, earth and moon is fully clear and open, and this meditation is often compared to an open door spiritually. This requires an ability to think abstractly and visualize the solar system, which, like astronomers say, keeps us looking up. We exist in space, like a turquoise ball in an indigo ocean, circling around the radiant sun with other planets, some larger and gaseous, some said to be sacred and some not. This is the cosmic world that we as a species are only now entering, only now having become intelligent enough to break the bonds of earth's gravity and look back at where we came from, seeing earth whole for the first time. In this higher remote view, we can also see human behavior in its unique blend of animal and god, newly integrated into a cosmic picture, capable of awakening its heart, as well as its mind, to the larger environment, and striving to discover its larger purpose and the larger life in which it lives.

The structure of these 12 monthly meditations is simple, yet comprehensive and inclusive of scientific, religious and psychological applications, if we let it be. It centers around mind, heart and will, or intelligence/light, love/wisdom and will/purpose, in both the microcosm of the individual and the macrocosm of the whole-the whole of humanity, and of God/deity, and the unknown Whole. The Great Invocation, the great mantra of our time, is the essence of the meditation and the teaching. The seed thought for Leo is "I am that and that am I", which takes us there and back again, from our individuality to our Oneness or Wholeness and then brings back these realizations and energies for application in world service.

Likening the sun to the heart is a common analogy often used in poetry pleasing to people in all fields. The heart is the center of life, the engine that circulates what is needed to all parts of the body. None is left out. It is the engine of warmth, light and life. "The heart is connected with the life aspect, for there is the seat of the life principle and there is the life energy anchored. It is connected with synthesis, with the monad, and with all that is more than the separated self." (Esoteric Psychology, Vol.II, p.541) The consciousness of the heart unites us with all life, and with the One Life of which we are a part and is the same for all. The heart is the organ of sensitive response to world conditions and the focal point of higher sensitivity for all the centers above the diaphragm. "The Kundalini is the laboratory of the heart. The brain and all the centers are the estates of the heart.… But the heart stands as the temple of humanity. One cannot conceive of the unity of humanity by way of the brain or the Kundalini, but the radiance of the heart may bring together the most seemingly varied organisms even across remote distances. This experiment, of the unification of the hearts across the distance, awaits its workers." (Heart, p. 200)

Many Tibetan Buddhists use variations of a simple meditation and visualization practice that transcends any religion, is empirical and therefore appealing to secular world servers who seek participation in these monthly planetary meditations, but who so often are put off by esoteric language. Yet the simple structure affords infinite esoteric and spiritual elaboration. Meditation is like the lab work accompanying academic course work. We study first, then try doing it ourselves, and later contribute our own greater light, knowledge and wisdom in service of the world.

Earth Mind, Sun Mind, Sky Mind

Earth Mind, body, everyday reality, appearance, phenomena
Starting where we are in the world of appearances, we identify with the body, we see the myriad of forms, from our time and space of seeing, from our point of view, and the perception arising from our perspective. This is my world, my life, my things, my roles. It is the mind of desire, the consumer, the mind that desires gain and fears loss. It is the everyday world of taking care of business; the world of natural living that we share with other creatures. By going beyond this mind, especially in economic hard times, we can sometimes get the problems we face in perspective. This is the flat world; the sun revolves around us. This is earth world and earth mind.

Sun Mind, sol or soul, relative reality, quality or consciousness
We visualize the sun. We are the warmth and light that gives life to the earth, to the earth mind and to all forms of visible life. We are the sun shining on all, reaching all with our rays. We are radiance, consciousness and the center around which the outer life of appearance revolves. We are the soul, sol or sun, the warmth in whose life the creature lives. We are the consciousness that is the next higher holon of integrated life or order of integration. We are the center of the solar system, the life-giver who lives in space.

Sky Mind, spacious mind, spirit, absolute reality, pristine mind, life
Beyond earth and sun is the vast spacious reality in which both exist, all appearances and all qualities appear. Space is most of what all bodies are made of. We are that space, inside and outside. We are spacious mind. All forms that come and go arise from this space. This is the womb; the synthesis of all that is. It is unborn and undying, yet all that is born and dies does so in Space. It is formless, yet from it all forms arise. Nothing exists outside of this void. There is no subject, no object, no separation. It is neither existence nor non-existence. It is the indivisibility of space and awareness. It is luminous Reality, limitless, rigpa. Spacious Mind, Ground Reality, Being, Life, Void, Pristine Primordial Luminous Absolute Reality.

In esoteric language, we sometimes visualize a flow of energy through etheric lotuses: from the 'twelve-petaled heart center of a human being, through the twelve-petaled egoic lotus on the mental plane, through the planetary Heart, also a twelve-petaled lotus, to the solar twelve-petaled lotus, to the logoic twelve-petaled egoic lotus on the cosmic mental plane' and so on upward, outward and inward. Or to use just the sun analogy, we visualize the energy of the 'physical sun, the heart of the sun, and the central spiritual sun.' (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 1205) This leads to the star Sirius, associated with this meditation in Leo. Sirius is to our solar logos what the Monad or spirit is to the enlightened human. It is called the emanating source of manas or Mind and is the buddhi or direct cosmic connection at the heart of every atom. In terms of higher evolution, it is the fourth of the seven paths from which a master can choose at the 6th initiation, the initiation of decision. The majority of liberated humanity choose this way to the cosmic center. The stream of energy coming from Sirius enters the heart center, Hierarchy, of our planet directly, bypassing the will center, Shamballa. It is the energy of pure love and freedom and permeates the livingness of the Ashrams of souls of which the Hierarchy is composed. (The Rays and the Initiations, pp. 413-419) It is called the Blue Lodge in Freemasonry, and there is abundant lore in esoteric mythologies concerning this star, the brightest in earth's sky. It is also called the 'dog star' and August is associated with the 'dog days' of sweltering heat in the Northern hemisphere, although it is winter for our friends in Australia and New Zealand.

We join together in this meditation of August, of Leo, with all world servers, whether secular and scientific, or political and ideological, or Buddhists, Hindus, Catholics, Protestants, Jews or Kabbalists, Muslims, natives and all other spiritual traditions. We are joined by love and freedom, and to this we dedicated ourselves and our meditation this month. The consciousness of the heart unites us with all life, and with the One Life of which we are a part and is the same for all.

Wishing you the gifts of love, wisdom and compassion, which are at the heart of freedom.

Joann S. Bakula July 23, 2010

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