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Synthesis and Identification

By Joann S. Bakula
August 2005

Individuality is the stage of human development closely associated with this meditation in Leo, and individualism, working out in the ups and downs, strengths and weaknesses of its creative expression in the arts. As we know, the individuality of I-consciousness proceeds from herd conscious dependence (herds perpetually running from fear), through independence, and eventually evolving into group or soul conscious identification with the whole--a very different 'whole' from the whole herd.

Identification with the whole is a method of union or yoga through absorption in synthesis, and through it we have a unique opportunity in this meditation in the energy of Leo (with especial opportunity for those who have rays 1,2 and 7, with Leo rising). Working from the perspective or view of synthesis as our whole, identification always proceeds from the spacious view of the heavens (stars like Sirius and constellations like Leo), to the Logos of our sun and of Earth, through the Christ, Buddha and all other enlightened Beings, humanity and our fellow kingdoms in nature. Through what channels and links does this cosmic and systemic energy flow to us? The Tibetan, for whom Alice Bailey wrote, tells us that the three 'Buddhas of Activity' act as the three mind aspects of the human do on the mental plane, only from cosmic levels. They embody the wisdom aspect of the 2nd ray as it works out in skill in action--hence their name. They represent in action the 3 aspects of mind working out from the center where "the will of God holds sway," or Shamballa, and where purpose always held steadily in the "area of preparation."

These three high Beings represent the three rays of aspect and the three act play of humanity: the act of individualization, the act of initiation and the act of identification. They all come to fruition, after long processes, in transforming the action of thought, words and physical activities, time and again, plane after plane. They culminate for us in the act of identification described as a "moment of opening up" to "that which lies within the cosmic intent and begin to function not only as a planetary unit but as a cosmic focal point. This is a first ray activity linked to cosmic intention and it is available to us in this opportunity of the Leo full sun meditation. The "Lord of the first ray...functions as an outpost of the consciousness of... Leo." The quality of synthesis is not strained by exclusivity. Separative thoughts, words and physical acts motivated by illusions simply cannot exist there.

What can this mean to a human who identifies as synthesis? How can we as a group of meditators be absorbed in the right kind of energy, the energy of the life principle, without self-deception? Buddhists refer to emptiness and the spacious mind as opening up to the whole. In ultimate bodhicitta (buddhi or intuition directed 'upwards') the protective circle of emptiness (1st ray or dharmakaya in this case), occurring with clarity (3rd ray or nirmanakaya aspect), cuts off the confusion caused by illusions. Emptiness and clarity are inseparable (2nd ray relationship). The growing thunderclouds of fear, blame and aggression arise with ominous darkness and localized power with great thunder bolts flashing forth until finally they dissipate in rain. Conditions create this phenomena and, like the similar delusional states of emotion and aggressive thoughtforms, they are dispelled in time and do not affect the work of synthesis. The transformative action of identification with the whole, makes harmful projections based upon distortions fall like raindrops. The bodhi mind, or intuition, is in a formless realm where perception is direct and clarity of first ray intent makes possible an opening up to cosmic intent. The confusion of our time is dissipated in the clarity of our immovable identification with the life principle, inspired by the Being who is the 'outpost of Leo consciousness.' May we become a further outpost in this time of great planetary endeavor.