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The Power of Growth

Joann S. Bakula

The third of the three major meditations and festivals of the spiritual year, beginning at the vernal equinox, is called by various names such as the Festival of Humanity and of Goodwill, among others; it highlights the highest human potential and most harmonious energy for the well being of the one human family and for the well being of the individuals in that family. In this meditation we contemplate the energies that will allow humanity itself, as it becomes aware of itself an integrated whole, to take its next evolutionary step ahead in letting in more light and love expressed as beneficially sustainable relationships among nations and in the natural world that sustains us. Following the Easter and Wesak meditations that recognize the two major enlightened deities of East and West, in this meditation the focus is on humanity itself. We are the center of mind linking with the Heart center and the Will center where the plan of evolution is known and the plan of love and light is held in energy and blueprint. This meditation also includes the observance of World Invocation Day, a day for generating the power to accelerate growth by evoking the 'better angels of our nature," as Lincoln called them or the highest qualities of human character and the leaders who are imbued with them …

Now we as a planetary group of awakening world servers take our stand in the midst of the world's energies, esoteric and exoteric, subtle and powerful, spiritual and material. The greatest human potential is drawn upon and the figures of the greatest humans are visualized. For the Christian nations, the figure of the Christ with the 'spiritual government upon his shoulders, 'coming in the clouds' and 'being seen by every eye' as human is the highest visualization of potential human wisdom with its many implications and possible interpretations. In his prophesized incarnation he represents for Christians the highest of human character, capabilities and accomplishments, especially governance, knowledge, and the ability to be seen or recognized. His is the quality of character and the skill in action meeting real human need that the true super human can demonstrate (regardless of physical superman comic book powers!). In this image is visualized all of the qualities of the next highest, the 5th kingdom-human on earth acting, living and being.

For others like the 16 Buddhist nations, the ideal visualized human is the bodhisattva, the enlightened figure who has taken the bodhisattva vow to stay in this world of samara, the world of appearances, until all living things have achieved liberation through enlightenment. This ideal human does not live for himself, but is motivated solely by serving others, and time is no factor. The bodhisattva thinks long term. Many people, including esotericists, see these two images as being essentially the same: compassionate, kind, serving others, beings who radiate the light of high intelligence, deep love/wisdom and skill in action having the power to see and quickly meet real need, healing, teaching and empowering others to reach their full potential.

The Vidyahara Chogyam Trungpa wrote of the bodhisattva's use of power contrasted to the ordinary person (1973, pp. 217-218). "If we have power in ego's sense, we tend to exert that power and use it to undermine others. But as bodhisattvas we do not use power to undermine people" In "the tenth and last stage of the Bodhisattva Path" we experience the birth into 'luminosity'....The powerful jolt of the varjra-like samadhi is necessary to bring the bodhisattva into the state of being wisdom rather than knowing wisdom. This is the moment of bodhi or 'awake', the entrance into Tantra" or energy. Thus the inner power is released into service and that service becomes the birth of new power and a new stage of growth. The essence of the teaching is the same East and West expressed in different languages but both are the universal language of love, compassion, intelligence, and empowerment as energy in service to others.

In the Hindu tradition the enlightened being is one who has access to 'the raincloud of knowable things.' This is surely one cloud that the future 5th kingdom or super human comes with. This raincloud of what can be known is called in esotericism the "revelatory storehouse of energy" and "immediate cause of all events on Earth." Indeed, one of the ten stages of the bodhisattva path is also called 'the cloud of dharma.'

Our knowledge is as yet primitive next to what can be known. In the scientific world perhaps moving from gravity centered physics to plasma and electromagnetic centered one is that huge step forward in growth that clarifies and expands our knowledge of the universe. In the economic world, perhaps it is already known and reflected in the natural patterns of biological growth.

The Power of Growth in the Natural World
Consider the sunflower or the daisy. Both generate spirals moving in opposite directions, are logarithmic and equiangular. Both reflect the Golden Section and Fibonacci series in the proportion of their successive petals and patterns of growth. One biologist called this the relatedness of neighbors, because each successive cycle of growth has a pattern proportionate to the whole, and this is true of many trees and plants and animals. "The power of the golden section to create harmony arises from its unique capacity to unite the different parts of the whole so that each preserves its own identity, and yet blends into the greater pattern of a single whole," architect and Jungian Gyorgy Doczi (p.13) observes. The golden section's ratio is an irrational, infinite number, which can only be approximated. The underlying formula is expressed as 'the whole is to the greater as the greater is to the lesser.' The Pythagoreans, who discovered the infinite nature of irrational numbers, tried to keep it a secret punishable by death! Today we can chart this geometry in the common dimension of the 'golden rectangle' of 5 x 8 (such as in the shape of the credit card and paper money), in art, and throughout the pattern of the growth process in the natural world, including the sea shell and the wave. "There is an energy-creating process that transforms discrepancies into harmonies by allowing differences to complement each other" and is analogous to musical and root harmonies (ibid.). The power of limits is that they give form to the limitless in a graceful and artful way. The discovery of patterns of order and beauty in nature are a delight to the eye and mind, and serve to remind us that the 7th ray of order has always connected spirit and matter, created artful grace through the power of limits, and as we grow into the blossoming of the 7th ray era we, too, will come to use this power to reconstruct our world into a work of artful beauty in our relationships to each other and to the web of life.

Empowerment: The Initiation of Transfiguration
When we consider the stages of higher human development using the life of the Christ as an example, we see the transfiguration of the man as his true inner nature becomes radiant, his personality becomes soul-empowered and others can perceive this power. Due to differing values and social conditioning, the ability to perceive an advanced human is not easy. Indeed, today people are so conditioned they seem to believe their propaganda more than there own eyes. The power to become transfigured would be a clear deciding point and possible goal for humanity itself through its most evolved people. In terms of energies, "It is the relation of these two energies [rays 2 and 5, love-wisdom and concrete, scientific intelligence] which makes the initiation of the Transfiguration possible. What is the effect of this ray [5] upon humanity as a whole and at this time?....very great and of supreme importance. It is the fifth in order that is destined to be the instrument, the vehicle or implementing instrument for the second. The Universal Mind, as it works through all the planes of our conscious planetary life, is the creative agent and the form-building factor which makes the revelation of love possible" (Bailey, 1960b, p.593).

Growth and Absorption
The absorption of light is central to the meditative process and to the acceleration of growth and is enhanced by the use of the Great Invocation. The Gemini seed thought highlights this process of the personality growing into the light of the inner Self through absorption into it. The bridge of light that connects the Soul with the self or the Self with the personality is two way. The impermanent self embedded in flesh and bone sees the higher light at its center and gradually embraces what is permanent, luminous and real knowingly shifting its relative reality to the ultimate reality that pervades all in the end. Bailey writes that absorption is part of the Law of Attraction (1953, p. 434). It relates life to form, governs the coherent integration process, and later brings about the imbalance that causes disintegration. "Absorption [is] the mode whereby the human soul is integrated into the originating source, the overshadowing, universal soul. This is an expression of the first aspect.' These phases "illustrate or demonstrate the unique potency of the Law of Attraction and its relation to the Law of Synthesis, which governs the first divine aspect. Integration eventually produces synthesis." After many cycles of integrations the goal of the synthesis of soul and spirit is achieved.

"After the third initiation, this liberates a person from the pull of personality living and results in the 'ability to wield the Law of Attraction in the creative process,'" (ibid., pp. 434-5). After this, planetary consciousness becomes available. Kulu Rinpoche describes absorption in terms of the eight stages of meditation from the planes of form to absorption into the formless planes. This absorption is also into the Ashram as described by the Tibetan, who prefaces his remarks with the observation that intensifying the inner recognition of the Ashram itself can occur through this monthly meditation approach at the time of the full moon, which can "stimulate 'the process of absorption,' as it is called. This is a process which serves to integrate the disciple regularly and cyclically into the consciousness of the Ashram, with subsequent and consequent results to the disciple" (1955b, p. 760). This is not a social hierarchy or community of people who associate together and think of themselves as a sort of village ashram, but the actual, real Ashram existing on formless planes. The Tibetan often encouraged his students to "Find me," to go direct, to make contact with the center of the Ashram implying that all 360 degrees of the circle had an equal radius to the center. The radius is the same distance for all. No social or artificial hierarchies of status should impair any disciple from finding the Ashramic CEO himself. Each of 360 degrees of a circle has a radius going direct to the center. The center of heart/mind leads directly to the center of Ashram. This ensures equality and the innate "sovereignty of the Self," as suffragette Elizabeth Cady Stanton called it, cutting through the artificial social hierarchies that have a history of obstructing disciples' accelerated absorption into the one true Ashram of souls.

The closing words of Carl Jung's recently published and controversial private journal, The Red Book (p. 582), are from a visualization and personification of the soul. "I, your soul, am your mother ….I am your body, your shadow, your effectiveness in this world, your manifestation in the world of the Gods, your effulgence, your breath, … your magical force. You should call on me if you want to live with men, but the one God if you want to rise above the human world to the divine and eternal solitude of the star."

World Invocation Day
World Invocation Day is a day of goodwill and vigil. Some sound the Great Invocation every 15 minutes all day when they can, and as often as possible the day before and the day after, as well as keeping a moment of silence at noon on May 25th. The generation of power of rightly expressed sound and silence results in the acceleration of growth. World Invocation Day is a day connected with humanity's 'better angels' creating a more socially evolved culture. The lower correspondent of the antahkarana bridge of higher consciousness and invocation/evocation is social evolution, and we have come some distance in the growth of human rights, equality, shared power, freedom, independence, literacy, health and well being. The generating power of freedom and equality propels us forward in the evolution of consciousness and entry into the much wider dimension of a fully integrated and well functioning human entity. We have begun the journey and our meditative efforts to reach the plane of intuition where the plan of light, love and power is known help to further this growth.

More strength to your endeavor,
Joann S. Bakula

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