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The Avatar of Synthesis

Joann S. Bakula
May 2010

The third of the three higher interlude meditations (Aries, Taurus, Gemini) is Thursday, May 27, the full moon occurring at 11:08 pm GMT/UT. The underlying theme of all the monthly meditations is enlightenment or union (yoga) through identification with the whole, revealing the synthesis of reality through the gradual evolution of human consciousness expressing as integration into an effective whole through individuals and institutions. In this meditation we direct our attention and energy to humanity as a whole and to stimulating its will to take the next step ahead, to overcome itself, to overcome its limitations, and to engage the creative will to build a better world. This is the festival of humanity and of goodwill, celebrating the unity of nations, epitomized in our time in the United Nations and the General Assembly, the forum for the nations, to which we send the energy of light and goodwill. This festival in Gemini is also called the Festival of Unification.

The Avatar of Synthesis
Related to this third festival of the higher interlude is the Avatar of Synthesis, portrayed as a Being, whose name says so much, and whose energy is felt, it is said, in three fields:

  1. "Within the spiritual Hierarchy itself, revealing the nature of the divine will-to-good which the Kingdom of God must express, and the nature also of divine Purpose.
  2. Within the Assembly of the United Nations" where the "will-to-unity" is slowly growing.
  3. "Within the masses of men everywhere, fostering the urge to a general betterment." (Bailey, The Reappearance of the Christ, 77.)

The Avatar of Synthesis is also said to channel energies at this time through the group of world servers. All who act in service of humanity and its relations and its relationships have a special opportunity to ponder on the energy of synthesis and what it reveals in terms of oneness, and what it potentially can reveal to each of us, each having a unique combination of qualities, rays and conditioning factors affecting our perception and creativity. According to Alice A. Bailey it is the task of world servers to usher in the new era or age, an age in which "the five Kingdoms in Nature will begin to function as one creative whole." The three functions of this group of world servers in our time are:

  1. "The production of a human synthesis or unity which will lead to an universal recognition of the one humanity, brought about through right human relations.
  2. The establishing of right relations with the subhuman kingdoms in nature, leading to the universal recognition that there is One World.
  3. The anchoring of the Kingdom of God, the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, in open expression on Earth, thus leading to the universal recognition that the sons of men are one." (ibid, 78.)

"Synthesis dictates the trend of all the evolutionary processes today; all is working towards larger unified blocs, towards amalgamations, international relationships, global planning, brotherhood, economic fusion, the free flow of commodities everywhere, interdependence, fellowship of faiths, movements based upon the welfare of humanity as a whole, and ideological concepts that deal with wholes and the militate against division, separation and isolation." (Bailey, The Rays and the Initiations, 121.)

The Era of Cooperation
The era of cooperation was inaugurated, many would say, by the creation of the United Nations as a forum of nations and association of agencies created to protect human life and our common environment. It is a sign and a symbol of humanity's will to organize into an integrated whole. It represents the sustained effort which is the seed of synthesis. It was born from WWII and, today, is taken for granted as the primary institution representing the whole of humanity. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon addressed the General Assembly only last week (UN Daily News Digest, May 20, 2010) urging member nations to expand their understanding of what constitutes human security:

The protection and empowerment of people worldwide, he said, must form the basis of government actions, and that the interconnected nature of the world meant that crises and catastrophes today can transcend borders and threaten the lives and livelihoods of millions of people as never before. Pointing to the recent food, economic and financial crises, Mr. Ban said "no region has been left untouched, no country is immune." In terms of natural and political turmoil, last year alone more than 200 million people were affected by natural disasters, and violent conflicts drove a record 42 million people from their homes.

The creation of an integrating institution makes it much easier to give aid to those who are in an emergency situation. Achieving the will to prevent and aid long term suffering is a phase of growth we have not yet mastered. It calls for creative will and intelligence, sustained by compassion stemming from the sense of synthesis. Alice Bailey and the Tibetan point out that the main objective "is so to distribute [the] constructive, synthesizing energies that the theory of unity may slowly be turned into practice, and the word 'United' may come to have true significance and meaning. It is with this type of energy that the Avatar of Synthesis is peculiarly allied." (Bailey, Reappearance of the Christ, 93).

Signs of the new era of cooperation are also evident from the masses of people of the nations who love to engage in peaceful healthy competition for the World Cup of football/soccer. Because the game is simple and requires little money in equipment to play, it equalizes the playing field between rich and poor athletes, and rich and poor nations. Although some team has to loose a tournament, it is not catastrophic loss to a whole socio-economic group or a whole part of the environment, such as glaciers or estuaries. The billions of sports fans around the world are all winners, because they affirm goodwill through an international game. This is why the competition is healthy. "It is what is happening behind the scenes to humanity as a whole that is of moment," (Bailey, Destiny of the Nations, 25) both in expression of world governance through institutions and in the widespread goodwill of the masses through, for instance, international sports. The Tibetan suggests that "identification with all and participation in world conditions-voluntarily and not from force-is the way out today for all peoples." (ibid, 65).

"All vaunted freedom or vaunted control is but the temporary reaction of a humanity which is swept by ideas, controlled by ideals, impulsed by selfishness, impregnated by hates and yet all the time is struggling to express the higher and better qualities and to free itself from the thralldom of ancient evil, the slavery of ancient codes and the curse of ancient habits of thought and living." (ibid, 25) Recognition of the interrelationship, interdependence, and integration of all parts of the whole is growing swiftly in so many areas, driven by economics, natural and human caused disasters, communication, and the study of bio-diversity in nature. Yet the polar opposite of cooperation is also thriving. Some would say, more than ever. Private gain at the expense of the whole is illustrated with international incidents happening on a regular basis.

The Circle of Liberation
The Tibetan suggests that even a better phrase than "Brotherhood, Relationship, Fraternity" is the "Circle of Liberation" and that the implications are far reaching (Bailey, Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II, 320). The circle of enslavement is always broken by egalitarianism to become the new circle of liberation. On an individual level, for instance, where every disciple struggles to put theory into practice and to live according to principle, the circle of liberation may be applied on almost every level where ideologies and power structures exist: religion, cultural conventions, political persuasion, socio-economic class, education, etc. Each one of these is a small circle needing liberation through a more inclusive view. Moving from competition to cooperation is liberating for the soul. Sustained effort is the seed of synthesis and the promise of liberation. "Cooperative work is clear to those who have understood Hierarchy through the heart. A teacher of freedom is a manifestation of Hierarchy, for it is said-first of all walk the shortest path, gather your forces, affirm yourselves in the understanding of individualization, because a rainbow is strengthened by all rays." (Roerich, Heart, 59)

The Tibetan stresses two things: "the value of the individual and the fact of the one humanity." (Bailey, Problems of Humanity, 46) Between the few individuals who bear the weight of world governance and world public opinion is the "thin, frail line" reaching to Shamballa, the center where the will of God is known. Both linking and separating them are innumerable groups representing all the ideologies of political persuasions; economic groups, cultural groups; social groups; media groups; religious and anti-religious groups; some with ready access to CNN and other world media channels and many with none at all. A significant difference between them is the spectrum of methods that they use and/or advocate. Between them all is the razor-edged path of the middle way. Social scientists are well funded today to do research on group dynamics and behaviors, often government funded in the desire to predict and control what foreign groups will do, but not limited to these. Often groups and individuals are set against each other creating suspicion, generating fear, and even hate. Through this morass of conflicts the line of creative will connecting the One Humanity with the individuals in power must hold firm in the continuum of synthesis, from will as sustaining directed purpose, expressing as understanding, and united with the goodwill of the masses. Through sustained effort and inclusive goodwill we grow the seed of synthesis and fruit of cooperation, recognizing all the rays and colors of the human family as equal in life, all the kingdoms of nature as equal to the human kingdom, and the unrecognized fifth kingdom of evolved beings who have always led to the future.

World Invocation Day
One power tool we, as esotericists, have is the Great Invocation celebrated at this meditation as World Invocation Day. As meditators we ponder on and develop the power of invocation and evocation to accelerate the process of integration, both vertically in subjective and spiritual ways, and horizontally in stimulating the urge toward unification. Both require all the creative intelligence, love/wisdom and purposeful intention of the group of world servers. It is equally powerful as a tool both for individual growth and for integration of the three planetary centers of mind, heart and will. Vigils are held every year with individuals and groups saying the Great Invocation on the quarter hour throughout this time, as well as increased publicizing of the Great Invocation and World Invocation Day. (Search keywords: World Invocation Day Vigil on-line for many ways to participate).

Wishing you and yours all the joys of this festival of humanity and goodwill,
Joann S. Bakula May 24, 2010 (please note new email address)

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