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Inspired Reconstruction

Joann S. Bakula
May 2007

The third of the three highest yearly spiritual Festivals of April, May and June is marked by the full moon at 1:05 am GMT/UT on June 1 and at 9:05 pm EDT on May 31, making it the second or blue moon of May in the USA. This meditation is called the Festival of Humanity and blends diverse spiritual approaches into a united invocative appeal; hence it is also celebrated as World Invocation Day, World Goodwill Day and the Christ's Festival, referring to Christ as Hero, as a model of perfection in human form, a model of behavior in thought, word and deed, which he exhorted us to better! He, too, believed in evolution, the evolution of consciousness and the quality of human life, made better by our own reason and goodwill determining the structures of human living according to the law of love and resulting in social justice and right human relations to all the kingdoms. The heroic model of human behavior is evocative of the new group of world servers, and transcends the differences in beliefs from psychology to religion.

This is the Festival of Humanity as Hero, as warrior against the obstacles within us preventing the kingdom of God from being recognized here and now. We have within us what it takes to transform life on planet earth: in the mind's capacity for enlightened thinking, in the heart's capacity for love, and in our view of ourselves as people of goodwill toward others. These are the universal qualities found in world servers of all nations. This full moon meditation is the point and time of distribution for the blessing of Easter and Wesak to pour out to humanity, utilizing the energy circulation of the planetary triangle of Shamballa, Hierarchy and humanity, empowering those soul-infused personalities who are affecting the world, and empowering each individual whose mind, heart and will is awakened and aware of enlightened love/wisdom and intelligent, universal compassion. This is the time of distribution to the world of the best that humanity has developed a vessel for, the best that can be revealed to it at this end of the old world and beginning of the new. This third festival is time for humanity to step up to the plate, to become inspired by the holy spirit, the spirit of wholeness, the will-to-good, and to reconstruct the house of humanity's life along saner, surer and more sustainable lines, along fairer lines.

The Forces of Reconstruction energize this last of the three primary monthly full moon meditations as an approach to the Kingdom of God, both God immanent as well as God transcendent. Reconstructing the house of humanity's living along saner, surer lines, with better relationships to the kingdoms of nature and stewardship of what we manufacture and use is our task. The 'green movement' indicates a new and growing conscious awareness of human impact on the kingdoms in nature. Sustainable development is that which does not threaten the environment. Needed, too, is a green movement in our mental and our emotional lives. Green thoughts and feelings are those that are sustainable and do not threaten the environment. Even though we are still unaware and largely blind to our relationship to spiritual kingdoms, the Tibetan writes that "The voice of public opinion is, for the first time and with no recognition of the fact, being determined by the Will of God" (Destiny 18). The people are ahead of many of their leaders and this may be a sign that humanity is, indeed, responding to the Will or Shamballa impact in a positive way, despite the increase in aggressive attitudes since 2000.

This Festival is associated with the last sermon of Buddha which, as we know, exhorts people to "Be a lamp unto yourself", to think for yourself and find the light of the soul, or enlightened mind, within to guide you. It cautions people against believing authority, just because it says something is true. Believe it only if you yourself know it is true. This is the spirit of independence and self-reliance that all great religious teachers have demonstrated, because they all have come to reform and reconstruct that which came before. Christ is often called the Divine Rebel. Revelation is sequential and dependent upon humanity's capacity to assimilate the new vision. In the Christian world, Pentecost is celebrated as the time when all disciples are inspired by the Holy Spirit, portrayed both as the dove of peace and the tongues of fire bringing inspiration, and animating those who hear to reach out to the world and share the good news of the good teaching, both East and West. John Gordon, President of the Blavatsky Lodge of the Theosophical Society in London and featured speaker at the Arcane School Conference '07 in New York, described the primordial cosmic fecundant expansion as the "almost completely misunderstood allegory of the 'fall' of the archangel Lucifer and his accompanying hierarchies of angels, supposedly doomed to cycles of Creation in the Underworld. 'Lucifer' is in fact a Dhyani-Buddha and the spiral trail of 'sparks' which follow him downwards in the story is but our old friend Fohat, seeking out a quiescent group of Ah-hi or archangels, awaiting their turn to emerge from pralaya. Thus, as a solar Demiurge, under the auspices of Fohat, they will generate the Oversoul of a local universe out of their own nature. But the principle is the same in our human use of the Mind principle - 'As above, so below.'" The ultimate light bringer, the bringer of manas, the mind principle, arriving with a spiral trail of divine sparks quickening and animating earthlings with fohat becomes known, in the time of Babel and double-speak, as Lucifer, the prince of darkness!

Carl Jung, too, commented: The Babylonian confusion of tongues in the West has created such a disorientation that everyone longs for simpler truths, or at least for general ideas which speak, not to the head alone, but to the heart as well, which give clarity to the contemplating mind and peace to the restless presure of feelings. Like ancient Rome, we again to-day are improving every form of exotic supersition in the hope of discovering therein the right remedy for our disease (The Secret of the Golden Flower, p. 146). Rudolph Steiner equates knowledge of the true names of things with initiation. These names are the keys to higher knowledge. Initiation is learning to call the things of the world by the names they have in the minds of thier divine authors. These names contain the secrets of things. Initiates speak a different language from the uninitiated because,as initiates, they call things by the names through which they were created. (How to Know Higher Worlds, p. 68.)

Well-known social psychologist and researcher, Philip Zimbardo, author of the newly released book, The Lucifer Effect: Understanding how Good People Turn Evil, has devoted the last chapter to "Resisting Situational Influences and Celebrating Heroism." Despite the influence of Babel which turns the mythic Lucifer from the Light bringer to the corrupter and bringer of darkness, the meaning remains clear. Zimbardo, also, is urging us to resist situations that would compromise our integrity by pressuring us to cooperate in acts of abuse and aggression. Some of the steps he urged the victims of compromise to say, in his "Ten Step Program to Resist Unwanted Influences", are as follows: I made a mistake. I am responsible. I respect just authority but rebel against unjust authority. I want group acceptance, but value my independence. I will be more frame-vigilant. 9. I will not sacrifice personal or civic freedoms for the illusion of security. and 10. I can oppose unjust systems. Here we have a 'starter kit' from a courageous and highly respected professional voice giving us a new vision for public mental health and hygiene. Those who stand up for ethics and fight against such wrong methods as torture and lesser forms of abuse and aggression are heroes among us. Those who are aligned to the future are always called 'an enemy of the people' as Ibsen said so well. They herald a change of the status quo. The necessity of working toward right human relationships within the human family and in the environment is gaining momentum once again, as surely as the short-sighted will-to-power and control has gained position.

The Dalai Lama has written, Dangerous consequences will follow when politicians and leaders forget moral principles. Whether we believe in God or karma, ethics is the foundation of every religion. The ramifications of ideas, as they become policy and work their effect on human lives and on the environment, is enormous. For instance, the idea of the United Nations turned out to be good one and the idea of preemption turned into policy, turned out to be a bad one. Preemption led to attacking people for what we thought they might do, without any evidence of what they actually did do. Clothing aggressive methods in the propaganda of idealistic language is standard procedure historically. The Tibetan wrote, Humanity is today more sensitive to ideas than ever before, hence the many warring idelologies and hence the fact that--in defense of their plans--even the most recalcitrant of nations has to discover some idealistic excuse to put before the other nations when occupied with any infringement of recognised law (Destiny, 8).

One of mysteries of light is recognition and response to the kingdom of God. Everyone is called to enter that kingdom. Each of us is inheritor of the divine spark, the sacred animating fire of the soul, and has the same destiny of entering into the kingdom of God whenever we are willing. The lamp that each of us is within ourselves is enough to light the world if we hold it up for the world to see. We are a vast network of world-lovers and world servers who can be found in every region of the world and every time. This is our time to recognize the possibilites in the statement, "Behold, I make all things new!" Celebrated as World Invocation Day, this is the day of concentrated invocative appeal to the Forces of Reconstruction to inspire us to reconstruct the house of humanity's living along saner, finer lines in thought, word and deed; to frequently say the Great Invocation; and to share that great meditative prayer with others.

Wishing you all the blessings of spiritual worlds as the divine spark within you catches fire with holy spirit.