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The Festival of Humanity: Toward a New Fusion

By Joann Bakula
May 2005

The third great Festival of the yearly cycle is called by several names, one of which is the Festival of Humanity. This is humanity's opportunity to fulfill the promise of Easter and Wesak, to receive the healing and restoring energies released, to rise to a new level of enlightened vision for reconstructing humanity's relationships along wiser, more compassionate lines, and to achieve a new fusion of spirit and matter. Growth and healing takes place, the Tibetan for whom Alice Bailey wrote tells us, when the light of the soul or egoic lotus is reflected in the aggregate of form. The lotus of light, love and will/sacrifice has its own pattern and destiny, as does the form. The pattern of the lotus of the soul is always there, sensed if not known, invisible except by its gravitas, the effects of enlightened mind, love/wisdom, and the will-to-good. This pattern of behavior is what heals the destructive force of selfish, separative personality behavior patterns, so well described in the great tragedies of literature: the ancient Greeks, the Bible, and Shakespeare. Whether the jealousy of patricide (Oedipus Rex' destiny and MacBeth's ambition), matricide (Hamlet's vengeance as justice), or fratricide (the lethal jealousy of Cain's sibling rivalry), whether in thought and word if not deed, humanity is where these powerful and well-known patterns meet. Here on the battleground of human existence, is where the desire to kill whatever stands in the way of earthly selfishness and ambition, fights it out with the invisible, yet only permanent, identification a human has, the soul or egoic lotus. This is why Easter and Wesak, Christ and Buddha, are so important. They are historical figures who were human, yet expressed the divine pattern in their lives and told us that we could do the same. Each year we go to them, and they come to us. Now we turn toward humanity.

This Festival of Humanity is the day of humanity as Hero, of the journey of the Hero-Man, the spirit of the group-conscious entity itself, as it faces the Herculean labors it must endure on its way to purification, good works, and initiation into the Mysteries of love, wisdom, compassion, creative intelligence, universal responsibility, sacrifice and will. This Festival is the one with many names, signifying the many faces of the Festival. It is called the Christ's Festival, along with the Festival of Humanity itself, in recognition of Christ as Divine-Man, God-hero like Hercules before Him, and representative of perfected humanity, one who fulfilled the human purpose of giving of Himself fully, fusing kingdoms. It is called the Festival of Goodwill in recognition of the energies of the will-to-good and understanding working out as goodwill among people and nations. It is celebrated as World Invocation Day in honor of the worth and dignity of every human being, each one endowed with heart, mind and will; each one a spark of Divinity, linked in the stanzas of the Great Invocation, our primary tool and application. The Tibetan encourages us to direct the energy of this meditation into the General Assembly of the United Nations, an increasingly important construction in need of the Forces of Reconstruction associated with this Festival. This is the Festival of fusion.

A new fusion is occurring all around the broken fragments of yesterday's shattered patterns. Inaccurate observations, interpretations and belief systems are always shattered in time, as we grow. Truth dispels illusions. Identification with the one human family has already occurred in the hearts and minds of many-even most--around the world, while the fragmentation deepens. Science and technology have done much to create a new fusion of humanity through the world wide web and the internet.

A new fusion of 'light matter' and 'dark matter' is occurring in physics, where what is invisible is called 'dark matter' and what is visible is called light matter. (To esotericists, of course, the darkness--the invisible etheric web--is the light body and the other-dense matter-- is the darkness.) Maya and illusion rest on this misperception of the eye. Dark matter, physicists speculate, outweighs light matter in the universe roughly 6 to 1. It forms tubes, like superhighways in space, through which we can travel to far distant places. Although it cannot be seen, its affects can be measured. Is the pattern and process of dark matter the same for the universe as it is for the individual? Discovering just how the macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm is probably why we developed reason, and its more perfect form, intuition, in the first place. When the individual goes from visible to invisible, the pattern and process may follow the same lines. Near-death experiencers describe the dark tunnel, tube or trough traveled through with great speed until the light at the end of the tunnel is seen and reached. Then comes the bright light illuminating another world, in an altogether different direction, a more causal world, many report, of which this world is the mirrored reflection. Are the galactic superhighways of outer space and the etheric meridians of inner space analogous? The new fusion of light and dark matter in physics promises a whole new, more integrated and fused, vision of the ways things are. The visible and the invisible merge in a new consciousness of what we are.

Two streams of consciousness flow in opposite directions. One goes up to invisible worlds, the world of 'dark matter,' or etheric matter, and to the soul and spirit. One goes down to the physical world of dense matter. Yet now we see a clearer picture that they are one world fused in the synthesis of Reality. Things are the reverse of what they seem. Seeing these two as a new whole will expand human knowledge to a new unity, a gift of science, eventually transformative. Each expansion to a new whole opens up to a new world view. We are just discovering that there are super-meridians or super highways in space, perhaps our new guide to hitch-hiking in the galaxy. As esotericists know, everything physical has an etheric body and the structure is much the same, like DNA, for everything, and that the etheric or dark matter is the protoype of the physical. The duality of light and dark worlds is like the reversal of a photographic negative. Recognition of the new holon of physics disrupts the old point of balance, requiring a new grasp of the larger whole in which we live.

Much of the work of fusion is unconscious under the Shamballic law of evolution. A new unity results from the conscious work of the soul's egoic lotus on its own plane, working in its environment fused with the consciousness of the soul-infused personality, an extension of the work. Healing takes place when the pattern of the soul is reflected in the etheric body, the Tibetan teaches. The ashramic/soul pattern mirrors itself anew in the etheric/physical, refreshing and healing world servers in their toil.

The 7th ray of synthesis has already replaced the fragmented 6th ray of the old order in many ways. The new mental attitude is one of holism, of an integrated world and worldview based on appreciation of the whole body of people and their knowledge. It is perceptive of differences, without being judgmental. The most fragmented of the old order are the judgmentalists, who top it off with poor judgment! Those who sit in judgment love to punish, even torture. Is it not time to dispel the illusion that wrong methods, like cruelty, bring about right ends? In the end we are the methods we use: the means are the end. The methods of the outgoing militant, judgmental types are in sharp contrast to the diplomacy and empathy most people wish for. The preservation of values is one thing, the preservation of old policies, cruel methods and outmoded beliefs is another.

Perhaps the greatest area of fragmentation is not between humans factions at all, but between humans and the natural world. We need to think outside the human family to see the greater vision. There is a resonance between the kingdom of nature and the kingdom of souls, by-passing mind, an instinct-intuition sympathy that preoccupation with humans and their events blinds us to. As the outgoing 6th ray makes brittle our fanatical focus on ourselves, the wisdom of nature slips our myopic attention. When we approach nature with the lower analytical concrete mind, we see in fragments, missing the synthesis that unites all physical life forms, and their common need for air, water and habitat.

Synthesis already is. One life form embodies us all: the aggregate of kingdoms that make up planet Earth; the three centers of mind, heart and will; the multitude of people who make up the whole human family; and the unity of the visible and invisible in every form.

May the energy of synthesis infuse the golden lotus of the group soul as we prepare for the Festival of Humanity, Goodwill and World Invocation Day.

Joann S. Bakula

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