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Summiting the Peak Inside

Joann S. Bakula
December 2007

The key note we work with in Capricorn is "Lost am I in light supernal yet on that light I turn my back." This is a meditation on the mountain top experience of initiation, that sequence of revelations that reveals reality. We turn from the summit of brilliant light to face the world and all of its turmoil, letting the light shine through our words, deeds and teaching. Climbing your own mountain of spiritual potential within and summiting in the radiant light of your own true nature, you face the world and all of its turmoil, letting the light shine through you to where it's needed the most and most sought.

"Peak Inside" reads a postcard from Himalayan High Treks, reminding us that peak experiences are summits achieved after strenuous, self-imposed effort, whether physical or spiritual in nature. Mountain top visions of Martin Luther King and Black Elk, for instance, both resulted in visions of right human relations for the world, which reaffirm the goals worth fighting for. MLK saw a time in which each person was seen from the inside out, by the quality of character, instead of the outside alone, by the superficial color of skin, or any other physical characteristic. Black Elk saw himself on the central mountain of the world, a symbolic place, only found from the 'peak inside', where he saw the hoop of his nation as one of many hoops composing the great hoop of all nations, each having a unique part to play in the one story. His perception of a truer view came when he said, "But the central mountain is everywhere." Many tribes and regions, East and West, have sacred mountains or centers associated with the mountaintop experience of this meditation; some are cities representing high points, like Jerusalem, Rome, or Mecca. Some are mountains like Kailash, Arunachala in southern India, or Kanchenjunga in Nepal. At 28,168 feet Kanchenjunga is not as high as Everest; is symbolic o spiritual summiting. It is the most scared mountain in the Himalayas, the holiest, the most metaphoric and symbolic. It has five peaks, the perfect illustration of 'isolated unity', symbolic of the five directions of Tibetan Buddhism and many other traditions, the primordial center plus the normal four. These also stand for the 5 Buddha families or Dhyana Buddhas adopted by Blavatsky, Bailey and Roerich, and the five-colored prayer flags seen wherever Tibetans gather. For esotericists, these also stand for the 5 rays in manifestation at any one time and therefore the five active ashrams and their work, knowledge the wider spiritual group would benefit much by knowing, but which is still largely unknown.

In the literary classic by Rene Daumal, Mount Analogue, subtitled "A Novel of Symbolically Authentic Non-Euclidean Adventures in Mountain Climbing," spiritual stages, psychological insights and the physical climb are merged into a single path that leads up to the mountain peak within, from which the view of the whole, outside of the strictly human, can be seen. It's a peak that unites heaven and earth, the superhuman with the human, which we must become first and maintain throughout the difficult climb. As he said, we must first become truly human before we can attempt anything superior. Base camp is, of course, where those who want to profit on the climbers set up shop and settle for the supply side, a comfortable choice. In the end, although the novel is unfinished, the peak is a Buddhist view, with a twist, of desire and nothingness, being and becoming. Being a great writer he uses the psychology of William James and esoteric philosophy of Gurdjieff while finding a direct way to cut through the clouds hiding the mountain peak within his readers, and this is what we, too, must do. He saw his task as preparing many minds for the difficult voyage to Mount Analogue. We are committed to preparing the minds and hearts of men for the reappearance of the Christ, which means prepared to accept the light and love within, from the Mount of Initiation, as God-immanent, as Christ consciousness, the only sane way to approach God transcendent, without being swept away in a bizarre interpretation. We ourselves, as a human family united in one circle, can bring forth from within ourselves a God-hero, a bodhisattva, with a world vision free from the distortions and illusions obstructing humanity's way forward together. The two paths of God-immanent and God-transcendent go together. Until we know ourselves to be lighted beings whose primary quality is love, how can a further point of revelation be made?

In the Tibetan's teaching on Points in Revelation from Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II, the prediction is made that "the next sequential revelation will be that of creativity, of the world of thoughtforms which humanity as a whole has created and the setting in motion--by humanity and in relation to its own destiny--of the Law of Cause and Effect or Karma." (p. 367) We can build the beast or we can build the Christ with the thoughts we build together and project onto the world. Some of you may remember Perry Coles, previous President of Lucis Trust, making the case that the planet Saturn, the sacred planet of the 3rd ray of creative intelligence, itself had been scapegoated! In the actual world, Saturn and Jupiter, the gas giants, act as 'good shepherds' in protecting Earth from asteroids, and as a sacred planet is Earth's teacher and a Ray Lord, a Ray of Aspect Lord. Saturn is called one of the four Lords of Karma, or you might say, of true history, the record of actions, and therefore of cause and effect. It "guards the secret of the soul itself and this it reveals to the initiate at the time of the third initiation. This is sometimes called the 'secret of the hidden glory.'" (Esoteric Astrology, p. 165) At this time also the interlocking forces of the twelve constellations and the seven rays pouring into and through all kingdoms in nature, can be seen. "It has been occultly said that a vision of these powers and their many weaving lines (seen as rivers and streams of light) is given to the initiate from the mountain top of Capricorn, once that summit has been reached." The power of the 3rd ray is primary at this meditation both exoterically and esoterically. The extraplanetary energies available to us now in this meditation of Capricorn can directly affect the fields of service associated with each, if we can rise to the opportunity of systemic alignment with planetary Ray lords whose sound and light may not be registered consciously, but whose power may nonetheless have influence through us.

The polar opposite of the mountain top of transfiguration lighting the world is that of the authoritarian, judgmental and punitive attitude, which is prevalent in some parts of the world today. The mountain goat and the scapegoat are both associated with Capricorn, the later being the archetypal symbol of projected evil, making the ancient habit of scapegoating the archetypal method of projecting a tribe's, group's or a nation's own denied evils upon an individual or a minority, an animal or a plant. Mythologist James Frazer has much to say about this in The Golden Bough, as does Alice Bailey. Being aware of this prompts us to ask if we are contributing in any way to this trend, or are we, as Ban Ki-Moon suggests we should be, standing on the platform of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for every person? This landmark document, plus the Bill of Rights and Magna Carta, represent the individual's safeguard from the authority, periodically arbitrary and unjust, of any group or ideology in power at the time. Lucis Trust has a video entitled Human Rights discussing the history of human rights and the three documents. International Human Rights Day, Dec.10, is propitiously polarized with the authoritarian, paternalistic attitude pronouncing bad judgments from a summit of power, inflicting pain on those who have a different point of view. We can build thoughtforms of the beast or of the Christ. We see what we believe.

Light supernal is the opposite pole from the valley of darkness, and occurs, as we know, when the seven rays are blended with the seventh ray, bringing illumination and a new order. The Great Invocation is one of the new tools by which this transforming light can be invoked, and minds and hearts prepared for the light and love which originates within the cave of the Christ within, so to speak. "The result will be the creation of a direct channel for the precipitation of 'light supernal' into the three worlds and its dominant focusing upon the physical plane. Thus will be brought about the new civilization and the new world order, and the new approach to divinity will be rendered possible; the initial steps will then be taken to create the 'new heavens and the new earth.' (DNA II p. 427).

May the warmth of your rays and light of your Sun radiate afar at this propitious time of the full moon and Christmas, blending with all other rays and radiant light from within the human family and from the Christ and His Ashram.