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Invoking Light for World Service

Joann S. Bakula
January 2011

The seed thought suggested in the Alice A. Bailey books for Capricorn is, as we know, "Lost am I in light supernal, yet on that light I turn my back." This image of penetration into realms of divine light, and then turning back toward humanity with points of light as centers of transformed energy shining through the soul-infused personality, to help light the way for others, is the major visualization preceding full moon meditation in the form developed by Alice Bailey and the Tibetan. This meditation is associated with the peak or mountaintop experience, the fulfillment of human life through initiation into higher states of consciousness and being. The resultant points of light affect how we perceive things, how we use our minds, how inclusive our identification is with the web of life, how wide our circle of love, and how we live. All of these transformations directly or indirectly affect the kinds of groups and official policies we form and support, the plans we make, and how we direct our lives, our social and public affairs.

The first part of the seed thought centers on light supernal, a special kind of light, the highest kind, made up of all 7 rays blended with the 7th ray, the incoming ray, and on the mountain-top epiphany or peak experience. The peak experience of penetrating into the realm of supernal light is associated with the 5th initiation of revelation, carrying 1st ray energies, a mountaintop experience far ahead for most, yet achieved by some, to whom each religion looks as enlightened saints, prophets, masters and bodhisattvas. The second part focuses in the opposite direction, toward facing the valley of human suffering and world problems, letting the light pour through us to meet need. We work with the 7th ray energy, a ray of attribute, stemming from the 3rd ray of aspect, in order to let more light into the human family.

From the perspective of higher mind, humanity has barely entered into the meaning of Active and Creative Intelligence of the 3rd ray. The extraplanetary energies available to us now in this meditation can have a subtle affect, if we can rise to the opportunity of systemic alignment with planetary Ray lords whose sound and light may not be registered consciously, but whose power may nonetheless have influence through us. The primary energy of this meditation both esoterically and exoterically is the 3rd ray of Creative and Active Intelligence associated with Saturn, the light planet of ringed splendor.

Unity and Invocation
The beginning of a new cycle in the world's calendar is always a time for new hope and new beginnings, all the more so in troubled times. In the mountain top meditation of Capricorn we ascend the building of the world house to look out ahead, to view where we are going, and what methods we will choose to get there. This year and next, in particular, many long-term cycles are said to be ending, such as the great Mayan cosmic wheels. When a year or a cycle ends, a new one begins without a second's loss, because calendars are only concepts to help humans organize units of time. The ticking of time will not be stopped, despite all of the fear and trepidation of the ignorant. It will be a time of new beginnings and a new cycle.

The Tibetan wrote in his work with Alice Bailey, "New truths…are hovering on the horizon of the human mind." We are "being prepared for the sowing of this new seed and the stage set for the emergence of new Actors in the great drama of the unfolding revelation of Deity. Certain concepts are firmly grasped…Certain great hopes are taking form and will become the pattern of man's living." These truths, he said, are only dimly sensed by the most advanced esotericist and are new to the most advanced thinkers of our time. Behind this two things are occurring: humanity is being stimulated to move ahead on the path of evolution and reorientation is leading to a reorganizing for human unity. "A great stirring and moving is going on," Bailey writes. "The world of men is seething in response to the inflow of spiritual energy. This energy has been evoked by the unrealized and inaudible cry of humanity itself. Humanity has become-for the first time in its history-spiritually invocative." (The Rays and the Initiations, pp. 77-78). And the most effective tool we have in meditation is letting light, love and purpose affect our minds, hearts and wills when we meditate within the structure of the Great Invocation and sound it with full intention and exactitude.

Healing broken bodies, hearts and minds
Yet because a major cycle is ending, we seem to be living in a broken time, between the old ways and the new truths, past troubles and a new cycle. From broken bodies on the battlefield of a nation, to broken hearts in the battlefield of divorce courts, to broken minds in the ideological wars of hate and idée fix, we suffer from entrenched patterns. Beneath it all is the deeper break with nature itself, resulting in decimated rain forests in the tropics, and dying trees in the acid rain of European forests. This break is perhaps the most devastating of all, putting human beings at odds with the very web of life that supports them.

The U.N. was founded to enable the nations of the world to address these common concerns. Beside its full agenda of peace keeping, emergency aid, millennium development goals, and other life and death matters, it quietly highlights themes for discussion, conferences, research and contemplation. This year the U.N. has declared as the Year of Forests. And the Year of Forests is one of the themes for meditation used by the UN Days & Years Meditation group. The effect on the individual of letting light descend on earth is expanded perception, bringing much more into view than before, allowing us to see more of the large picture and to see it in a different light. We hold the light, as it were, for those professionals in the field to apply their expertise and technical data in a context of greater harmony, deeper relationship to nature, great awareness and wisdom. We work with the larger wholes of relationship and group integration. We see the symbiotic relationship of trees to humans; they are called the lungs of the planet from a human perspective.

As working mountaineers, we build the ascending base camps toward the summit of light and relationship "creating a sensitive network of meanings. The result of such activity is synthesis." Standing between the concrete and the abstract we relate the two, standing between the far out and the working paradigms "Always there is a discrepancy, always the gap between the end envisioned and the goal achieved; and yet, the web glows luminously and assumes a pattern of intricate beauty. Halfway between heaven and earth," we view the terrain, seeing the loftier vision and also the obstacles to making it real. Between these two worlds of vision and practicality we work including "the highest and the lowest, [seeing] the good and the bad, the lofty and the insignificant. This is compassion."

Tragedy in Tucson
In Tucson, Arizona, the state where I live in the USA, a young man with a mind broken by hate, shot a congresswoman, killed two of her staff and four others, including a 9 year old child, in the terrible Tragedy of Tucson. What comfort could be given was taken from President Obama, who is being called the mourner in chief, no doubt because he showed considerable knowledge of the grief process and how to move it forward, as well as in addressing both the uncivil social climate of today, and the promise of greatness in transcending racial and cultural separateness that the world admires us for. The opposite of harmonious relationships is also what the world sees. The degree to which we engage in the uncivil discourse of our time by demonizing and labeling others, or incessant criticism and derogatory innuendo, projecting evil on others or denigrating them and their position, to this degree we have not overcome the glamours of distortion and ill will. (A note on glamour: Alice Bailey was not referring to well-dressed women — or men. In her Unfinished Autobiography she mentions taking pride in dressing her three girls to look good! Glamour refers to illusion on the desire/emotional plane, the distortion of perception caused by either selfish desire or fear.) This creates a climate of hatred and in such social climate scapegoating increases, as people seek someone to blame for their ills.

The habit of scapegoating is often associated metaphorically with Capricorn and the mountain top experience. As interpreted by Alice Bailey in the Labours of Hercules, there are three levels of experience on which to consider the position of the goat. On the physical plane the goat is experienced as the old goat, the materialist; on the social plane it becomes the sacrifice, the scapegoat; and finally it becomes the mountain goat, the sacred goat having climbed to the mountain top and seen the vision, undistorted by selfishness, fear, and mistaken identification.

Light and Revelation are Cause and Effect
"Light and revelation are cause and effect," the Tibetan points out (The Rays and the Initiations, p. 74). In this, our mountain top meditation, we contemplate the initiations, that sequence of revelations that reveals reality. We turn from the summit of brilliant light to face the world and all of its turmoil, letting the light shine through our words, deeds and teaching. Climbing your own mountain of spiritual potential within and summiting in the radiant light of your own true nature, you face the world and all of its suffering, letting the light shine through you to where it's needed the most and most sought.

Blessings to you and for your good work in 2011,
Joann S. Bakula

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