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The Incoming New Energy

Joann S. Bakula
January 2009

The first part of the seed thought for the month centers on light supernal, a special kind of light, the highest kind, made up of all 7 rays blended with the 7th ray, the incoming ray, and on the mountain-top epiphany or peak experience. The second part focuses in the opposite direction, toward facing the valley of human suffering and world problems, letting the light pour through us to meet need. We work with the 7th ray energy, a ray of attribute, stemming from the 3rd ray of aspect, in order to let more light in to the human family.

Times of transition from one period to another are always both exhilarating and apprehensive, for the individual and for humanity as a whole. New powers of perception, ability to rightly interpret, and the skills to make good use of the new are all called into question. In historic terms, this time of transition from the 6th ray of Devotion and Idealism to the 7th Ray of Organization and Order began in the 17 c. and will continue for some time to come. For disciples of this teaching, a major effort in this period of transition is to facilitate and illuminate the qualities of the incoming 7th ray and the effects of the outgoing 6th ray. These are energies that affect humanity as a whole, and are therefore primarily sociological in affect. If we are to be effective it is up to us to translate esoteric terms into something that leaders in the new group of world servers can use-a daunting task. Most leaders are not esotericists and have neither the time nor the interest in learning the language of esotericism. The responsibility to communicate is ours, and the incoming 7th ray opens the way. What are some of the signs of the new order that the 7th ray is bringing in? Revolutionary changes in communication have resulted in worldwide news 24/7 on CNN. The internet has resulted in the reorganization of people into worldwide social networks, by definition ideological in nature; and interest networks along many lines. Global economics has reorganized the world into a new and powerful interdependence, and air travel has reorganized the world into one quick trip.

A Time of New Thinking
Earthrise, the most famous photo in the world, is now 40 years old. All those younger than 40 were born into a world where a picture of the home planet had been taken from an objective point of view. This was the beginning of the reorganization of human thinking. Seeing a new whole required rethinking the parts of the whole: the whole climate, the whole economy, all the people, all the rainforests, all the water. Thinking had to change. One such new thinker is Nobel Prize winner, Steven Chu, of UC Berkeley, the incoming American Secretary of Energy. His new approach is interdisciplinary. He saw how multiple disciplines were involved in the area of energy, from physicists, to environmentalists, to corporations, botanists, and farmers, as well as consumers and governments. This reorganized thinking in holistic and practical ways results in a more effective solution to world problems. Other examples of those with reorganized thinking might be integral psychologist Kenneth Wilber, or the spiral dynamics of Don Beck, with its 8 psychosocial stages of growth, or author Malcolm Gladwell, whose books are described as part journalism, part social psychology, and a little self-help. These people, and many others like-minded in different fields, weave ideas and cultures together in a new way, revealing behavior patterns, cultural codes, ethics and values that condition the past, and may reveal the new incoming energy. For growth "of the intellectual powers of man is gathering momentum" and "man, as creator is coming into his powers..."

The 7th ray "employs the principle of mind", and works with the "intelligent use of form", the Tibetan and Alice Bailey write. It is most potent on the 7th plane, the physical plane. It applies intelligent, creative thought and active intelligence in a practical way to reorganize and reprioritize systems, such as for a more workable and stable economic relationship for the whole: labor, management, and capital together. The incoming 7th ray period, the Tibetan suggests, is a time of "mental test"; it is more particularily a time of testing our "usefulness in mental work and power, it will show [our] capacity to build thought-forms and to vitalize them."

Outging Effect of the 6th Ray of Devotion and Belief
As the strength of the old way vies for power with the new way, the 6th ray of ideals corrupted into ideologies, struggles with the new 7th ray way of organizing new patterns of thought and networks of people more adapted to serve planet earth. The old and new mix for a time until the new proves it is the better way. In the meantime, social networks are characterized by ideologies, defined commonly as "the body of ideas reflecting the social needs and aspiration of an individual, group, class, or culture." Old ideologies are inherited from the past and qualified by the outgoing 6th ray of devotion to one's own. The 6th ray of devotion "endeavors to transcend mind in process of finding Self." The 7th ray uses mind as a primary tool for reaching the Soul. Today, the two are mixed as ideological factors motivate thinking.

President-elect Obama is calling his administration a post-ideological administration in order to deal practically and swiftly with the current financial and economic crisis, and to clear the obstacles to action. Opposing ideologies have acted as beta-blockers to each other causing deadlock. In order to respond to the needs of humanity and to avert prolonging a downturn, the new more practical and inclusive attitude and methods of the 7th ray, with its linking of spirit and matter, vision and practical matters will be needed. His is essentially restoring the ideal to be attained and keeping it free of its corruption into a small and exclusive ideologies.

Eventually the post-ideological 6th ray period will be superceded by the energy of synthesis resulting from goodwill and commonality. Because rays manifest negatively at first, we can expect an increase in effective 7th ray social networking in service of old ideologies before the old separative ways are left behind. Networks of world goodwill will actually be networks of goodwill toward all, instead of limited goodwill to some. Another example of the purification of the 6th ray influence would be in perceiving the difference between values based upon principles, and morality stemming from the social mores of a time. Devotion to social customs and arbitrary mores would be influenced by a new global idealism of tolerance.

Networks of Synthesis
Like a spider we spin webs of relationships "creating a sensitive network of meanings. The result of such activity is synthesis." Standing between the concrete and the abstract we relate the two. "Always there is a discrepancy, always the gap between the end envisioned and the goal achieved; and yet, the web glows luminously and assumes a pattern of intricate beauty. Halfway between heaven and earth," we view the terrain, seeing the loftier vision and also the obstacles to making it real. Between these two worlds of vision and practicality we work including "the highest and the lowest, [seeing] the good and the bad, the lofty and the insignificant. This is compassion."

Adjudicators Between Polar Opposites
Through all of this resolution will come and adjudication will result in a new order and a new era. For the esotericist this is a sign of great progress, an unlikely sign to most, perhaps, that planet Earth is indeed growing into a sacred planet. We are called in esoteric philosophy, "The School of Magnetic Response" or "the adjudicators between polar opposites.". Esotericists know this as a function of the 3rd ray of Active Intelligence, of which Saturn is the sacred planet, and into which the 7th ray and all the rays of attribute eventually merge, both for the initiate and humanity as a whole. When things are out of balance, adjustments are made. So it is in the world today. This is a small cycle of adjudication and can, therefore, be a meditation on adjudication, a primary keynote of planet Earth. This adjustment to restore balance can be applied to the economic world where it is most needed now, to climate changes, and to many other areas in great need of adjustments and the restoration of equilibrium.

Wishing you all of the best of 7th ray energy: 'strength, perseverance, self-reliance, courage, correctness, polish, courtesy, care in details,' and above all, as the "designer of beautiful forms and patterns" and finding in chaos a new order and a new era.

All quotes are from Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Psychology, Vol. I, pp. 79-89, 25-26, 208-212, and The Labours of Hercules.