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The Mountain and the Rock

By Joann S. Bakula
December 2004

The next monthly meditation using the full moon approach is Sunday, Dec. 26, (full moon at 8:07 am GMT/UT). The keynote used as seed thought for the meditation in Capricorn is, "Lost am I in light supernal, yet on that light I turn my back." This image, of penetration into realms of divine light and then turning back toward humanity with points of light as centers of transformed energy shining through the soul-infused personality to help light the way for others, is the major visualization preceding all full moon meditations in the form developed by Alice Bailey and used by Lucis Trust. This meditation is associated with the peak or mountaintop experience, the fulfillment of human life through initiation into higher states of consciousness and being. The resultant points of light affect how we see things, how we use our minds, how inclusive our identification is, how wide our circle of love, and how we live. All of these transformations directly affect the kinds of policies we form and support, the plans we make, and how we direct our public, personal and social affairs.

At this season in the West, at the darkest time of the year, two of the major spiritual events are celebrated as Hanukah and Christmas, celebrations of light and love, both holidays of goodwill and good cheer. Whether they are celebrated traditionally or in the new universalized interpretations, or both, they are essentially focused on light and love. Let there be light in the darkness, let enlightened mind be born of compassion, let Christ consciousness be born in the heart of the human race. Let the fuel last until the birth of more enlightened technology can provide us with less harmful sources of energy? Let the secularists lighten up and realize that if we play, as we should, half the world can party for a month!

Many now have achieved the peak view from Everest, and many have likewise seen the loftier view of planetary celebrations, based upon the natural cycle of the heavens, the universal interpretation, grounded in each human being alike in mind and heart, as light and love. To this is added the peak mountain top experience of will/sacrifice, the will-to-good, and the activation of the highest crown center, enabling self-initiation into consciousness of the spiritual kingdom. On this journey we travel from our own mind, heart and will to the planetary centers of mind (world servers), heart (spiritual Hierarchy) and will (Father's house, Shamballa). This is the journey in energy, the breakout from the personal to the transpersonal, the journey from youth to adulthood, from separatism to synthesis. On this journey, the Mount of Initiation brings transfiguration of the ordinary into the sublime, ordinary light into light supernal.

In the universal interpretation of the myth of Hercules by Bailey, the labour in Capricorn entails freeing the tortured Prometheus from his rock in Hades, resulting in Heracles' passing through the 10th gate and entering, self-initiated, into the spiritual kingdom. This is the opposite of the gate of Cancer said to lead into human living, "into what we erroneously call life." Capricorn is "the gate through which we finally pass when we no longer identify ourselves with the form side of existence but become identified with the spirit. This is what it means to be initiate" (The Labours of Hercules, p. 172). This is truly living. In this image, the one who brings the divine spark, is finally liberated from imprisonment by the hero Hercules, who frees him from the hell of psychological entrapment. Realization of divinity, the spark of fire in every human being, redeems the Promethean gift of consciousness, resulting first in painful realizations and finally in identification with the eternal flame in the human heart, spirit that cannot be put out. Forms die, life by definition cannot die. In the immortal words of Shelley from Prometheus Unbound, "To suffer woes which Hope thinks infinite; to forgive wrongs darker than death or night; to defy Power, which seems omnipotent; to love, and bear; to hope till Hope creates from its own wreck the thing it contemplates; neither to change, nor falter, nor repent; - this, like thy glory, Titan, is to be good, great and joyous, beautiful and free; this is alone Life, Joy, Empire, and Victory!"

The symbol associated with Capricorn is the goat, in three levels of experience, as interpreted by Alice Bailey. On the physical plane the goat is experienced as the materialist, on the social plane it becomes the scapegoat, and finally it becomes the sacred goat having climbed to the mountain top and seen the vision, undistorted by selfishness and mistaken identification. Can we see the evolution of Christ-consciousness in this symbol, the progression of the archetype, and even of the image of Christ Himself? Are we willing to let go of the scapegoat and accept the prince of peace and wonderful counselor, as one whose vision leads the way to peace on Earth, justice and goodwill?

Can we detect, underlying the events of the time, the pains of labour that will result in the birth of what Christians call Christ consciousness - the Buddhists buddhic or bodhichitta - and a further externalization of the kingdom of God? Is all of this part of preparing the minds and hearts of people, many now identified with humanity as a whole, for the reappearance of the Christ ideal, the next evolutionary idea to deliver us from our blindness, our prejudice and corruption, to re-form our structures of living once again along truer lines, for the safety of all? The labour of creation is always preceded with pain, not less so with the birth of an age. Our Heracles is labouring under the greatest test of all - cognitive restructuring along holistic lines, learning to choose what is best for the common good, creating humanity as the world disciple. Can we overcome the lesser identifications that obstruct our progress? These are the labours we contemplate as each full moon approach to spiritual kingdoms draws us together in these new planetary meditations on our common work - birthing a new and better age for all.

Wishing you all the light and love of the season at this full moon Festival.

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