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Time and the New Materialism

By Joann Bakula
July 2005

This sign of Cancer is the first of the nine meditations on divine attributes following the three high spiritual festivals of the major aspects: will, love/wisdom and creative intelligence. This fourth point anchors divinity or Reality in the 'house of humanity' in a 'new materialism.' The Cancer keynote of "I build a lighted house and therein dwell." is said to be a key note or 'word' sounded by the soul, the voice of silence, for the human family as a whole. It is intended to resound in all departments of human living: government, religion, economics, the media, arts and sciences, and all structures of civilization. New forms reflecting the synthesis and wholeness of this new materialism are associated with this spiritual opportunity.

New ages signify profound changes in the structures of human living, such as in the way we calculate time itself. There has been a new world fusion in groups and nations agreeing to a Universal Time using the arbitrary point of Greenwich, England, United Kingdom. Such new world structures are born of necessity to accomodate the livingness already present. Universal time and calendar organize and ritualize in very practical ways, restructuring the very way we think into global thoughtforms reflective of the underlying unity of consciousness. From synthesis to unity to fusion the energy of creation flows.

From fusion to unity to synthesis the new thoughtforms provide the structure of global living. "The forms through which these new ideas [of synthesis and wholeness] must take shape have yet to be created and become powerful enough to influence public opinion," the Tibetan tells us, predicting that it will take roughly the whole of the 21st century to accomplish this restructuring.

This is the 100th year anniversary of Einstein's published work on time, space, matter and energy, E=MC2, and yet proof of the Grand Unification Theory still alludes us. Delays and spurts of growth characterize the development of civilizations, often determined by environmental factors, and the willingness and determination of humanity to overcome its obstacles. The U.N. has declared this year the Year of Physics, among other themes, in honor and appreciation of how physics has structured our truth. Cognitive restructuring along lines of greater reality and universal truths is often a painful process in which old beliefs are proved untrue, unworthy and unworkable. They are, nonetheless, hard to leave behind, as are our religious and worldview belief structures, none of which is provable.

"Existence, Being, Essential life, Dynamic Energy, Electric Fire are all of them distinctive of the higher initiations" and therefore operate outside of the limitations of time/space and appearance. It is the unique work of the new group of world servers to communicate the quality of consciousness embodying the newer truths for an age, acting as the living link between Life or Reality and time/space. It's tempting to abandon consciousness (and the conscience embedded in it) for beingness, especially in the fading light of post-modernism and the world of increasing uncertainties, but the need for meaning is a real human meta-need served by expanding and deepening consciousness, put into words by those who respond to human need.

May our fusion of groups help in meditation and service to provide the qualities of consciousness needed to build the structures of a new age.