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Rooms In The House Of Humanity

By Joann Bakula
July 2006

The keynote given by the Tibetan and Alice Bailey is, "I build a lighted house and therein dwell." There are many rooms in a mansion and so it is in the house of humanity. Some rooms in the media spotlight today are very old, like the war room, and also the sports room, with stadiums full of people from around the globe celebrating the World Cup. Others are new, like the General Assembly hall of the United Nations, and the world meditation room whose internal radiant light brings us together, though the media spotlight seldom shines here.

Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations, has expressed his admiring envy for world football, celebrated this month in the World Cup, which is ahead of politics in achieving the goal of right human relationships. He has named five ways in which sports are ahead of politics.

  1. Everybody knows what each national team is doing minute by minute, who scored and when, in honest and peaceful competition, beloved and celebrated by the nations. An open and honest atmosphere of goodwill and sharing.
  2. Everybody talks about the game afterwards, their own and othersí, who did what and how, engaging the youth and fans for years afterwards.
  3. World Cup takes place on a level playing field, where every country has a chance to participate on equal terms. Only two commodities matter on this field: talent and teamwork. Every country gets a real chance.
  4. World Cup demonstrates the value of cross-pollination, or cultural interchange and interaction, in the exchange of ideas and experiences, players often becoming heroes in their own country and in other countries as well, helping to open hearts and broaden minds. For any country playing in the World Cup it is a matter of national pride, but for those qualifying for the first time it is a form of acceptance by the world community of nations, and for those who are riven by internal conflict it is a time of renewal and a powerful symbol of national unity.
  5. The World Cup is an event in which we actually see goals being reached. And the most important goal of allóbeing there, being a part of the family of nations and peoples, celebrating our common humanity.

Kofi Annan's hall of the United Nations is itself in the spotlight of world news. This room has three tall pillars beloved by the peoples of the world: peace and security, economic and social development, and human rights. Around the third pillar a New Human Rights Council is gathering. Many who work with the internal spiritual lighting of the world are meditating on this new effort, holding up the lamp of liberty to let in this soft light.

Indeed, the scourge of war and new weapons of mass destruction had become so alarming that the new hall of the UN was constructed in 1948. More has been written about the war room in the history of the human house than any other room. Dreams of empire and conquest have been discussed there from the time of Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar to Napoleon and since. What glory there is in world dominance and conquest comes with an inevitable cost. According to Chalmers Johnson, author of The Sorrows of Empire, and political scientist, an empire is actually a military dictatorship. Imperialism and military might always go together and have four characteristics wrapped inside:

  1. Perpetual war
  2. Loss of liberty
  3. Endless lies
  4. Financial ruin

Considering these things drives people to meditate on building a lighted house like the one they have found inside themselves, a house older than earth where supernal light radiates love eternally, and of which the sun itself and everything visible is a reflection. The meditation room in the house of humanity is today frequented by people from many different traditions who come together in fellowship. This is a very new and magnetic room. In it a group of souls from all around the world and many traditions join in group meditation as an act of cooperation with the plan to increase light and love in the world, as an act of world service. This unanimity of effort is slowly bringing about a pooling of spiritual resources and a united spiritual effort. The light in each individual is enhanced and evoked by this group effort and because of this great invocation of spiritual light the visible house of humanity gets brighter. The power of the universal mind, the heart of humanity, and the anima mundi are great reservoirs of radiant lighted energy. From these each of us draws the breath of life and to these each of us contributes, making a great web of light that enfolds the world. Lit with consciousness--the bridge between spirit and matter-energy flows into the etheric web and planetary inlets lighting the world from within.

The inherent web of spiritual light has become so energized that it has externalized as the worldwide web of the internet. The light bearer who made this happen more than anyone else has the spotlight of the media on him again for lighting up the way of compassion and serving the world. Time magazine's people of the Year 2005 intensify their war on poverty and disease, redirecting war toward conquering extreme poverty and disease. Bill Gates, the wealthiest man in the world, along with Warren Buffet, second wealthiest, have dedicated their wealth to humanity in a desire to give back something of gain to a humanity in need. A whole new group of world servers have emerged as a new model of motivation including Bono, Melinda Gates, Ted Turner, Bob Geldof, Angelina Jolie, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, and many others, who live by humanitarian values, who give of themselves with time and money. Turning from the pursuit of private gain and profit making to the world of charitable pursuits for the common good is a powerful model of human behavior. To see leaders of power and wealth walk the lighted way in the halls of humanity illuminates the whole world. Youth can see another model of behavior than greed, cruelty and self-interest. Hope is renewed that we can live up to who we really are in essence. The wars they fight are against suffering, not causing suffering. Here is a whole new model for adult human development in the second half of life, and for a positive resolution of the mid-life crisis.

From the deck of the Upper Room we can commune with other worlds as Christ did, looking out upon the forests and rivers, the sky and fellow creatures. Here we can see troubling signs of kingdom rising up against kingdom. Minerals are rising up into the air where our engines put them making it hotter all over the planet and harder to breathe. Our habit of seeing and using only part of a thing and throwing the rest away has left us a reminder of what waste does, whether the waste is physical or spiritual.

Bringing our combined, lighted mind upon the house of humanity and its relationship to the whole environment is our work together as souls. The new group of world servers is composed of people in all of these rooms.

Seeing the divine light in you,
Joann S. Bakula,