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House of Light

By Joann Bakula
June 2005

Dear Friend

The next planetary meditation as world service is June 21; the exact time of the full moon is 4:15 am, on June 22, GMT/UT. The keynote given by the Tibetan for this sign of Cancer is "I build a lighted house and therein dwell." We are enjoined to build on earth a reflection of the spiritual reality that substands the world, the radiant luminous Light of the Spirit, call it soul, Mind or Atma: it is the center Sun, the light within, often cloud hidden, but empirically knowable and awaiting its dawn. The house that needs building is the house of human living, often dark with all too human greed and selfishness, but aware of its own brilliance, flashing forth in radiant magnetic love to meet human need and sooth suffering. The people of the world united in response to the natural disaster of the tsunami in Southeast Asia. For the first time, advances in communication have allowed the people of the world to meet human need independent of their government's efforts. Can the people of the world unite to address other suffering? Is this new light coming directly from the goodwill of individual people now linked to the whole in a new structure? At the end of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus Christ told the parable of building a house on a rock solid site. The rock on which to build has often been called the rock of truth and justice. The only sound foundation for the house of humanity able to withstand the winds and floods of time is one built upon a rock of truth and justice. These create a lighted world; lies and corruption create a darker world, do they not?.

In The Labours of Hercules Alice Bailey called the labor in Cancer the last of the four preparatory tests for the aspirant. Learning mental control in Aries, turning desire into spiritual illumination in Taurus, and choosing the immortal over the mortal life in Gemini, the aspirant now experiences the more universal sense of which mass consciousness is the lower aspect. The next four months are symbolic of the tests of crisis and of the strenuous struggle for physical plane achievement of spiritual skills. "Illumination, intuition and soul power are…are utilized to the uttermost" (pp. 81-83). The last four months of the spiritual year are symbolic of conquering glamour and standing free, of demonstrating spiritual achievement and the powers of the soul.

This 4th labor of Cancer is designed to awaken in Hercules "the fulness of his wisdom and the rightness of his power to choose" which of the voices of authority he will listen too (p. 77-78). The opportunity in the month of Cancer is to experience that "the sublimation of instinct is the intuition" (p. 83). Here is an opportunity for the collective to evolve into the universal. In the mythic story of Heracles, the elusive fawn (the intuition) is seized, raised up to the shrine of God and dedicated there; after the various other claims of ownership are voiced and overruled, intuition is willingly given its rightful place as servant of the Whole or God. This is not a short test, taking a full year; neither is it a one-time test, but must be demonstrated again and again. The shy fawn-like nature of the newly awakening intuition, timid and fearful of the strong predatory personality appetites, is wise to fear becoming food for the self-interest of the ego-system. Intuition is defined by the Tibetan as having the three necessary qualities of illumination, understanding, and love as active compassion. Love "is that synthetic, inclusive grasp of life and needs of all beings….It negates all that builds barriers, makes criticism, and produces separation. It sees no distinction, even when it appreciates need, and it produces in one who loves as a soul immediate identification with that which is loved" (Glamour: A World Problem, pp. 3-5). This is the compassion that Christ and Buddha taught to the world and that their true follows have, a union of head, heart and activity. Illumination without understanding or compassion can be--and has been-used by those 'unencumbered by the qualities of heart,' that the Tibetan spoke of in WWII. Recognizing severely distorted intuition is the test of discrimination between the Real and the unreal that we are all faced with time and again. If it isn't universal, if it lacks understanding and compassion, then it isn't intuition

May the illumination of loving understanding and kind deeds be the gift of our group intuition and relationships as we meditate with the Christ and Hierarchy.

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