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The Will to Serve

Joann S. Bakula
April 2009

The high spiritual interlude of the year, during April-May-June or Aries-Taurus-Gemini, is the quarter of highest spiritual reach or invocation. The three meditations and festivals upcoming are the three hierarchical or planetary meditations invocative of the will aspect of deity or Shamballa. They also evoke the will aspect reflected in human nature and expressed by the Christ in the words, 'Not my will but thine be done.' Alice Bailey recommended using the Lord's Prayer as well the Great Invocation, the Gayatri and other great world prayers. This Easter-Aries meditation seems the perfect place to include the prayer of the Christ Himself, with especial focus on the will aspect: 'Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.' An influx of energy comes at this time of resurrection, renewing the will to grow spiritually, to make life sacred, and to see the better way to grow in the interest of the whole human family and whole planet we share.

The crisis of will that the human family and its leaders face this year is economic and environmental. The cycle of international conferences called to engage leadership and public interest in this time of economic and climate crises is a prime opportunity to use all the esoteric knowledge and meditative skills at our disposal. The G-20 Economic Summit in London just held and the Climate Change conference in Copenhagen later this year, offer moments for restructuring policies in two crucial areas of need. The agreements of the Economic Summit and follow-up will affect us all for decades to come, as will environmental decisions. We are facing both policy crises and ideological crises in how we treat others in financial matters, in handling our own money, in job loss, life style, and in care of the environment, all of which come together in the idea of the Green New Deal. Those who are dedicated to serving the world have the will of the people on their side. The Tibetan predicted a time would come when the world will be ready for an over-all financial adjustment; the 'principle of sharing' will be a recognised motivating concept of the new civilisation. This will not involve beautiful, sweet and humanitarian attitudes. The world will still be full of selfish and self-seeking people, but public opinion will be such that certain fundamental ideals will motivate business, being forced upon business by public opinion; the fact that the new general ideas will in many cases be governed by the expediency of interplay will not basically matter. It is the sharing that is of importance. Alice Bailey, Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 580

The will to adjust policies and adjudicate sustainably can even be seen to have an underlying esoteric purpose. Esoterically we are known as a non-sacred planet of the 'outer round or circle,' whose planetary school is known as the 'School of Magnetic Response, painful endeavor, and adjudicators,' and whose goal is to become a sacred planet, like the seven sacred planets or Spirits before the Throne known esoterically as the 'seven divisons of the field of knowledge' (Alice Bailey, Treatise on Cosmic Fire, pp. 1175-1178). To adjudicate is to hear and settle by judicial procedure; it is related to the Latin words for jurist, judge, justus, just. The will to listen and settle judiciously the matters of great concern to every person, every nation, and to the planet itself by curbing ignorant, divisive and derisive behavior, is being exercised. It needs the power of our united will in meditation and action. (Where else but in the world's esoteric literature can you find knowledge like this!)

In esoteric terms, energy and force are said to enter our planet during this era through five etheric inlets flooding all parts of the globe (Alice Bailey, Externalisation of the Hierarchy pp. 675-678). One is London, where the G-20, the 20 governments representing 85% of the wealth of the world, adjudicated the restructuring of world economics along more just and therefore sustainable lines. The keynote of London is 'I serve' and the energy is that of the will. Geneva, another center, 'seeks to blend, fuse and serve' the nations in brotherhood. New York 'lights the way' with its energy of universalized idealism, and is both the financial and communications center of the world. (Is it possible that Brown, Ban and Obama, a triangle of leaders dedicated to serving humanity, are together acting as channels for this energy?) Tokyo brings in the energy of 'economic and trade restructuring,' and has a significantly adjusted ideology regarding CEO entitlements-salaries held at only 15% over other employees! And the region where China, India and other nations meet, around Darjeeling, because of its 'nearness to the Himalayan Brotherhood,' brings in 'social restructuring' along more enlightened and equitable lines, which can already be seen in the substantial movement of the last 50 years toward equality, sharing, and equal opportunity, if not human rights. Through these five vortexes the world is flooded with energy and the will to light the united world with more enlightened structures is evoked. And we are catching the wave. In the economic summit the first stated goal is to insure transparency and disclosure in financial institutions in the future, so that trust of those who safeguard your money can be reestablished. Secrecy, deception, fraud and the ideologies leading to these tactics are being exposed and regulated. Without trust there is no confidence in our economic safety, causing depression.

As the Tibetan sees the problem:

The key to humanity's trouble…has been to take and not give, to accept and not share, to grasp and not to distribute. This has involved the breaking of a law which has placed humanity in a position of positive guilt. War is the dire penalty which mankind has had to pay for this great sin of separateness. Impressions from the Hierarchy have been received, distorted, misapplied and misinterpreted, and the task of the new group of world servers is to offset this evil. Alice Bailey, Problems of Humanity, p. 7

There are many forms of war from hot to cold, economic to psychological.

Even in the field of finance, we can find individuals who are models of sustainable behavior and sustainable/successful values, not the destructive values of those who brought down the banks-the banks, the market, the economy and employment. The Bank of America's founder, Amadeo P. Giannini, was known as a compassionate man who lived well but refused to become obscenely wealthy; he refused the hefty bonus offered him at retirement. He put public service over personal gain, which is why his model of behavior is sustainable. It is "right and principle we are battling for and there's no compromise with right or principle," he wrote to his son. He described his banking firm as an "institution with soul." One writer describes A. P. Giannini as having a profound "sense of destiny" and "working for principle" as primary characteristics of a person motivated by their soul or group consciousness, rather than personality. "The soul, being group conscious, being conscious of the good of the whole, seeing the end from the beginning, not mistaking the part for the whole, shifts the getting and acquiring into a giving and serving," (Kurt Abraham, Great Souls, pp. 74-80). In instructions to the Bank of American for administering the Giannini Trust he wrote: "Remember always human suffering. Let no legal technicality, ancient precedent or outmoded legal philosophy defeat the purpose of the Trust. Like St. Francis of Assisi, do good-do not merely theorize about goodness." This banker did not think that money was proof of worth. He recognized the inherent dignity and worth of every human being, and their right to work for a living. Corrupted values have caused many to betray our core values of equality and social justice. Transpersonal and integral psychologists might point out that greed for money is an attempt to compensate for dire spiritual deficiency. Of course money can never satisfy this need. Realization of oneness and wholeness are meta-needs. Slim bodies do not compensate for gluttony of money appetite, any more than excessive food can compensate for a lack of love.

Psychological Transparency
As Freud pointed out, the words we use often have associations revealing a deeper, more subjective fear or need. Facing the financial crisis, leaders see the first need as the need for transparency, disclosure, and the end to 'lier's loans' and derivatives. Transparency is a need that runs deep and throughout our world, subjective and objective, inner and outer, from financial matters to psychological honesty. We all want to be known intimately for what we are, unmasked and unclothed, without the faces of our skins, classes, roles and the uniformity of the workplace. We are afraid of becoming social derivatives, cartoon caricatures leading inauthentic lives as class derivatives, the humans used by those who operate the machine. Advertising often reinforces the less-than-human view. Humanistic psychologist Sidney Jourard wrote a landmark book in 1964 entitled The Transparent Self on self-disclosure and authenticity as health, a movement overshadowed since then by the spy culture, so widespread an ethic that lies have begun to make the world sick. Deeper still, different cultures give God, or ultimate reality, different masks: The Masks of Eternity Campbell called them because ultimate reality transcends language and art. Nonetheless we are willing to go tho war in defense of our masks and their books. The experience of ultimate reality is more often found unmasked in nature, in the awe of beauty and limitless space. Beyond the conflicts of illusion and reality-the daily media of the world-there is a core of transcendent wisdom that can be accessed through honesty found in the transparent self, the self that knows its synthesis in the whole of life. Dialogue is based upon seeing through to the real need and nature, whether between nations and religions, or between individuals and groups, or within each one of us as managers of many roles with one core center of light in which everything is seen in the transparency that liberates. Spiritual or direct perception sees the inner core of light and love clear through the persona and its wardrobe deeply touching the potential for good and goodwill coming from the center of soul in everyone.

Unveiling the sense of synthesis, there within each of us, is like seeing the hologram of space and star dust through the bone and blood of which we are made. There is no line on the horizon of limitless space within or without. God, the universe, and all there is, visible and invisible, lies within us hidden by the details of daily life, obscured by living, until we ourselves consciously undress or unmask. This is the path of enlightenment and meditation itself, as we come to know what is impermanent and what is not. The unveiling of the 5-fold aggregate, as the Buddhists call it, consists of taking off the various bodies of the senses, emotions, mental body, volitional aspect or personality, and finally-the last mask-consciousness itself. In meditation we appear without masks before God transcendent and God immanent. This brings the silence that comes when we stop telling our story or making our case. Through enculturation we clothe ourselves elaborately with the apparel of our social world, with the language of our telling. Before God we stand naked without shame. Our God is a compassionate God, and God immanent is the compassionate one within. Why do we sit in judgment on others with such harshness? Will that not be the mirror in which we see ourselves, judged by the same standards as we judge others? We are to be adjudicators here in the school of planet Earth, this is our road to becoming a sacred place. We, of the 'school of the graduates of painful endeavor,' find liberation, fulfillment and completion through fair adjudicating between the polar opposites of which we, and all other material forms, are made. 'To hear and settle by judicial procedure' is the heart of redemption for us, if the esoteric tradition is to be believed. And isn't this the heart of right human relations between nations, groups, religions, individuals, and within ourselves as spirit clothed in matter, consciousness clothed in language?

The sense of synthesis, along with altruism, are characteristics of higher motivation, or soul, because synthesis is an attribute of the divine will and the outstanding quality of Deity. The development of intelligence and love/compassion lead to will, will with a demonstration of self-sacrifice or the sacrifice of selfishness in the interests of the whole. This is true public service, and the full blown crisis we have today requires nothing less. Later, the dynamism inherent in the will, wielded by the New Group of World Servers and by the disciples and initiates of the world, will turn [the] instinctive mass response into factual experience and produce the "appearance" on earth of the new, developed "quality" which "life" seeks in the New Age to demonstrate…. the three divine aspects: Life, Quality and Appearance. (Alice bailey, The Rays and the Initiations, p. 120) In Tibetan Buddhism, this yet-to-be quality is called All-accomplishing wisdom, represented by the archetypal Amoghasiddhi, colored green.

Light in the World
Light in the world comes as great avatars, leaders and movements emerge to draw out the light, love and will within humanity to right a wrong, to demand a more perfect, less flawed structure to human affairs. One legend in the Dalai Lama's Kalachakra-Buddha-Tantra tradition, and in accordance with the Tibetan's teaching on Shamballa, concerns our time now, and is retold by Robert Thurman in "A Glimpse of Shambhala:

It predicts that some time around now the entire planet comes under the control of Big Brother, unified under oppressive, militaristic rule. At that time, the land of Shambhala, previously hidden, becomes visible to the rest of the world. Big Brother decides to conquer it but the Shambhala forces emerge with overwhelmingly superior technology and in one short battle remove Big Brother and his coterie of power. This ushers in a golden age on earth, during which individuals all over the globe find conditions ideal for pursuing personal evolution and enlightenment.

Thurman points out, as Alice Bailey does, that the optimism and opportunity of this time far outweigh the doom and gloom of the apocalyptic view focusing only on fear instead of the result: a better world and life of meaning brought about by leaders divinely inspired with superior ideas. Whether you call it the Kingdom of Heaven and the new age, as Bailey did, or the 'golden age of Shamballa,' or an enlightened age, as the secularists do, entry will take place when humanity is truly loved and selflessly served, and when the true divine purpose is seen and humanity is found to be one indivisible whole. The petty nationalisms, religious differences, and selfish [ideologies] …are subordinated to human need, human good and the future happiness of the whole. (Alice bailey, Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 255.)

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