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The Vital Energy of Easter

By Joann Bakula
April 2006

The Easter theme is on the meaning of Christ's life and the application of his teaching, and the keynote for Aries is: I come forth and from the plane of mind, I rule. Easter/Aries is the great Western Festival of resurrection and restoration.

Three of the most important of Christ's teachings for Easter week have been highlighted as values, peace and universality. The first of these concerns 'poverty in spirit' or in the heart, values not governed by desire for wealth or power. These concern the values we choose to live by, the ones held in our hearts, regardless of what is presented to others, whether we are rich or poor. The second concerns Christ's promise of peace and the dismantling of the war machine. In the words of the great prophet of Judaism, Isaiah, 'they shall pound their swords into plowshares.' We will choose non-violent means for world governance. A rabbi said recently 'look out your window, if there is peace the messiah has come, if there isn't, he hasn't.' The sword that Christ brings, is interpreted by many as the sword of discrimination between the unreal and the real, the fleeting and the eternal, the body and the spirit. His is the blade that separates what actually is from what only seems to be, or is perceived to be. With these eyes we can see with intuitive perception instead of false perception; we can see with 'illumination, understanding and love.' Those who do become the Trained Observers of an Ashram. "We'll see it when we believe it," Wayne Dyer writes. As transpersonal psychologists know, the etheric body is the organ of sense perception, as the buddhic vehicle is the organ of intuitive perception; one is the producer of maya and the other is its disperser. The third great teaching to heal the world is universality, stemming from the underlying synthesis of life. Universality is a value that transcends exclusiveness, separativeness, and competitiveness. It spans the oceans and continents and all the kingdoms in nature. Universality is a primary result when identification is with the whole. The founders of all great religions and scriptures are by nature great psychologists, as well as teachers and healers, or their visions would not last. We all know enough of their truths to envision a better world and work toward it. Given the divisive sectarian views in politics these days, however, it is wise to hold the 'sensible center between the secular and the religious view," as Jon Meacham writes in American Gospel: God, the Founding Fathers and the Making of a Nation, and says the majority holds.

The Easter story proceeds in four short chapters from the victory of Christ and his teaching on Palm Sunday, to an updating of the Passover meal with a new communion, to sacrifice, as Jesus accepted the karma of humanity, to glory as the resurrection of life from death brought liberation, hope and life ever-lasting. All this happened in just one week. The Path of enlightenment is short in relation to the long journey of evolution in the human family. Things speed up as they are now. Initiations in consciousness and beingness follow one another rapidly. They are one process. The worldwide group of meditators of whom we are a part are universalizing the good rituals of the past, taking on the karma of humanity (because we are humans), lifting it up and becoming liberated in consciousness and purified in methods and motives. How could we not take on the karma of humanity? When we take on a body we take on the karma, good and bad, of our parents, our ancestors and cultural group, as well as our communities, races, religions, times, languages, movements, group affiliations, ideas, ideals and idols. And as we do this we take up the threads of the tapestry and weave our turn on the loom of life here. 'Karma is all I teach,' the Buddha said. We all take on karma as Christ did. This is why we have come here, for strictly redemptive purposes.

We begin our meditation with unity, visualizing groups of world servers and contemplatives the world around, before we begin the vertical alignment. The alignment we seek to make is the heavenly or solar one of the sun-earth-moon, the power behind the full moon approach to spiritual levels through meditation. Alignment is a particularly powerful force for good or ill. The spirit, soul and personality rightly aligned-if only for a moment-can result in epiphanies that change a life forever. The alignment of illusion, glamour and maya is also powerful, and what we seek to dispel and disperse. The illusion of wrong thought and intention combined with the glamour of selfishness and distortion working out on the physical plane as the force of maya is a powerful alignment. When it emerges on a world scale, it can become the collective 'dweller on the threshold,' as it did in WWII. The opposite effect is also true. Using the incoming 7th ray energy and force, as we are, we have a powerful tool in the 7th ray Method of Activity. The Tibetan describes the threefold effect of this method on the physical, egoic and monadic levels. The physical effect is through the "union of energy and substance through group activity." The soul or egoic level is through "the stimulation of all etheric forms," and on monadic levels it is through using the "vital energy". Energy channeled through the antahkarana stimulating the new forms with vital energy is our answer and our task. The vision that emerges on the world stage is of vital worldwide concern. Awareness of higher values and the greater goals of a higher order of consciousness and wisdom is what is driving the urge to unity, the Tibetan writes. This desire for reorientation is so strong "that it has produced the present world upheaval, and is the spiritual source of the specific cause of the ideological conflicts now going on in every country". The realization of underlying synthesis bringing a vision of new and wider unity has resulted in all the inspiring visionary leaders throughout history, whether the vision of unity extended to just one tribe or region or, as now, is universal and egalitarian in scope. The question becomes 'which power structure do we perceive and what is its perception?'

The obstacles to the greater vision of underlying synthesis emerge on the world stage for all to see. The blame lies not in any nation, but in the grip of selfish motives and aggressive methods that every individual and nation has known at one time or another. When we fall in love or fall in hate we fall into the grip of an energy that controls us for a time. Aggression can get a grip; it goes from nation to nation throughout history. Enhanced and empowered by the visual images of the mass media and advertising today, it results in maya, the powerful embodiment of selective perception and distorted interpretation. When maya emerges, our perception becomes dangerously clouded and we see what is not there. This is our schooling in power, governance and right human relations. The forms we vitalize today, become the school of tomorrow.