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Resurrection and Restoration

By Joann S. Bakula
March 2005

The next full moon occurs at 9 pm UT on Friday, March 25th. The keynote used in the Alice A. Bailey books for the Easter/Aries Festival is "I come forth and from the plane of mind, I rule." The yearly keynote for the Arcane School is "Let the group understand the Law of Synthesis, of unity and fusion." The theme of synthesis is bringing groups together from around the world. Synthesis permeates the spiritual planes of atma-buddhi-manas, just as the sense of synthesis permeates the minds of disciples, and the meditation form "Yoga of Synthesis: Union through Identification with the Whole" gives shape to our thoughts. It is with this energy that our vision of the future takes shape. Unwavering identification with and motivation to include the whole, with equality, is our service to the world. With the sense of synthesis, which is the background of the highest spiritually inspired thought, distortion is seen through. The veil of distortion and the illusion of separatism are penetrated, reality is seen, and the best path to the future is revealed. This is the purpose that drives us.

Easter/Aries is the great Western Festival of resurrection and restoration. Next month we celebrate the great Festival of the East, Wesak/Taurus, the Festival of enlightenment. The two great lights of East and West come together in their mutual emphasis on love as compassion, on enlightened thinking and ethical living. The third Festival is that of humanity itself striving to fulfill its destiny as one awakened center in communication, awakened in head and heart, recognizing God and the one ashram of enlightened and perfected beings, the kingdom of God. This kingdom isn't polarized into East and West or North and South; this kingdom does not know nationalism or separatism. This is the great opportunity that awaits us when we think as one human family, and act together in shared light, goodwill and the sense of synthesis, going beyond tolerance to appreciation and to united effort, speaking words that ring of universal truth in places that resonate with the same originating energy. The first such place we have is the United Nations, where, the Tibetan tells us, the Avatar of Synthesis overshadows the General Assembly, representing our first step taken as mature humans.

In this first festival of the higher spiritual interlude of the year, energy from the Mind of God stimulates human intelligence. It has its greatest effect in the psychology of the masses, resulting in "energy that makes men think, plan and take action." It is also affected by, what the Tibetan calls, the Forces of Restoration, cautioning us not to misunderstand this word. "The Hierarchy is not occupied with the restoration of the old order…or with the restoration of theologies (religious, political and social)," and it's very interesting to ponder on what he meant by social theologies. Old forms are dying out, of this most are keenly aware. Forms produced by the 6th ray of abstract idealism are being abstracted. Seeds of new life are being born in the creative intelligence of humanity thinking as one in the light of synthesis. "The restoration referred to is psychological in nature, but will work out in the restoration of the will-to-live and the will-to-good." Restoration of the plan of Love and Light is the driving purpose of world servers in our eon and our permanent goal. Perhaps this is symbolized by a small miracle in the natural world.

In Death Valley, USA, one of the hottest and driest places on earth, flowers that haven't been seen in 100 years, have come to life. Dormant seeds, just awaiting the water of life, lie hidden in us as in earth, unknown; they are the God-seeds (the soul, spiritual triad and Spirit) awaiting right conditions to flower forth. The lotus of the soul is such a seed and its blossoming can give life on earth a new birth, a renaissance. For humanity the God-seed can come forth from the plane of mind, where the soul is embedded in consciousness. The power of a small spiritual seed in the vast field of human thoughts can affect the structure of human living, in this time when the power of the great in size dominates the minds of men. And it is here on the mental plane in identification with God-seed that we begin our approach to spiritual worlds in group meditation. Here the creative, active intelligence of men and women around the world in every field is bringing forth the ideas that can liberate us from the wrong methods that result in seeds of karma. Here we see humanity itself fight to survive its infancy, to drink in the water of psychological life, to use the opportunity of the season as nourishment for the dormant seeds of life, of the life energy that results in new forms and structures adequate to growth, able to fuse many parts into one whole of integrity.

May the spirit of life resurrect new hope in your life, and on earth wherever there is goodwill and the will-to-good,

Joann S. Bakula
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