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"There is Something in the Soul that Longs for Freedom"

Joann S. Bakula
February 2011

The upcoming meditation at the full moon, dedicated to world service, invokes the energies of Aquarius and the new age of Aquarius. The energies of Aquarius are the energies of the world server who sees in universals, who wants people to have freedom of thought and choice, and who uses the transformative powers of the seventh ray energy to bring about rebirth into a higher level consciousness, of livingness, and therefore of civilization and culture.

The Revolution in Egypt
The youth-inspired non-violent peaceful revolution that occurred in Egypt on Feb. 11, 2011 is an example of the demand for universal rights, for freedom, and for a higher level of participation by the people than the old autocratic dictatorship would afford them. It was a revolution of hope for positive change, a revolution of rising expectations, led by youth and joined by many, for freedom and opportunity and an end to oppression. What changes will actually come in the future is uncertain, but what has already happened will be remembered as an extraordinary time. This magical moment in history comes from the ancient tradition of magic in one of the oldest civilizations on Earth. In the ancient past Egypt was known for magic of the material kind on the physical plane, but the magic of this revolution was of a higher type, bringing in the influence of the new seventh ray energy that transforms whole groups by its soul-centered energy, coming from the inside and working out. This magic of the seventh ray influence, is the magic of the new energies absorbing the old, changing the forms and structures that are no longer adequate, and creating the rebirth of a nation. It's motivation stemmed from subtle positive energies like hope and an end of fear resulting in a group unity with moral power. Gone is the autocratic leadership who finally bowed to the persistent cry for freedom and change coming from Cairo's Tahrir or Liberation Square.

"There is something in the soul that longs for freedom" Martin Luther King said and U.S. President Barack Obama quoted in celebration of the movement toward democracy. The world held its breath while the cry went out for freedom from corruption, for fair elections, and the end to police tactics of surveillance, torture and imprisonment for opposing forceful methods. As the escalation quickly intensified President Obama cautioned, "This is not about personalities, it's about process." It was nothing less than the rebirth of the nation that the youth, the intellectuals and people from all walks of life joined together to bring about. The process has begun and the direction brings hope to all who strive non-violently for liberation.

Right Method and Right Aspiration
The protesters of Egypt maintained their adherence to non-violence, the right method that recognizes harmlessness and peaceful civil disobedience. They asked for the universal rights of freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and redress of wrong policies. They demanded the right to participate in their governance, and the same self-rule that every individual and people want. In addition, these youth have right aspiration and the right idealism so necessary to youth. What they asked for is greater opportunity to participate, and they were joined by multitudes of others asking for an end to corruption, calling for a better day for themselves and their children. Theirs was described as a joyous celebration of the spirit or soul of their nation signaling that they were no longer afraid, and could claim the power that belongs to the people as a whole. The destiny of the people is always to outlast any particular national expression, and the destiny of all is eventual soul-realization, or realization of the 'anima mundi, the world soul' (Secret Doctrine, p. 26).

"We can now come to a consideration of the seventh ray in relation to the present situation....Through doing this, there will unfold in your consciousness an idea of the developing process and of the emerging events and of the immanent happenings which may logically be expected," Alice Bailey and the Tibetan wrote. The process is twofold; first it is one of energies and forces coming together and might be described as "Contact, conflict, adjustment, equilibrium..., absorption and the final disappearance of the weaker outgoing energy. The conclusion is always inevitable for it is not the rays themselves which are in conflict but the substance and the forms which are implicated during this period" (DON, pp. 115-116).

The second factor to be considered is the quality of the ray. "This is in reality the expression of the soul and intrinsic nature, which--impinging upon the condition existing when the ray comes into manifestation--definitely...changes the nature of the civilisation and the culture of humanity in an given period. It is this force which the Hierarchy utilises when any meeting of the ray energies takes place. The culture is first changed, because all basic quality changes work ever from above downwards, and it is the intelligentsia who are at first sensitive to the incoming differences" (DON, p. 116). The seventh ray acts predominantly from the subtle etheric levels, bringing about change from within that then changes the outer form through the effect of the 3rd ray of active and creative intelligence.

Right Magic
The power of right method combined with the right aspiration of the 6th ray in igniting the flame in the soul of the nation brought in the power of the seventh ray to make things new. "The powers of the magical age are many and one of the reasons why the seventh ray is now making its appearance is that, owing to the rapid perfecting and integration of the human personality, the higher integration between soul and personality is today more possible and more easily accomplished than ever before....We are, therefore, at a most interesting and crucial period in racial and planetary history--a period unlike any which has preceded it and for the reason that the evolutionary process has been definitely successful in spite of all failures, mistakes, and delays; of these latter there have been many owing to the refusal...of the Energies, concentrated at Shamballa, to impose the force of will on matter and on form until such time as this can be done with the cooperation of the human family" (DON, pp 117-118).

People "are today confronted with conflicting and antagonistic ideologies or schools of thought, and automatically-according to their background, tradition, training and place of birth-they regard some one of these ideas as true and all others as false and wrong. They are apt to forget that according to the locale of birth, the national mode of schooling and the nature of the national propaganda, so will be the chosen ideology or the imposed ideology. Very few people are free agents even in a democracy....The platform of the leading ideologies is not necessarily wrong or wicked; it is the imposition by force and by police state of an ideology, and its use by powerful men or groups for their own benefit, plus the keeping of the people in blind ignorance so that no free choice is theirs-which is fundamentally wicked and evil" (Rays V 744).

Each of the nine stages in the process of initiation into higher states of consciousness and beingness is described in terms of greater freedom. The process leads from freedom on the physical plane through self-discipline (1st initiation); to freedom from selfishness and narrow self-interest that is detrimental to others (2nd); to "freedom from the ancient authority of the threefold personality", physical-emotional-mental combined (3rd); to "renouncing...the personal life in the interest of a larger whole" (4th); to the freedom from the blindness of the phenomenal world and seeing "the Reality lying beyond any hitherto sensed or known" (5th); to a major decision on the path of higher evolution (6th); to the lifting into a higher cosmic plane (7th); to "a liberation into a state of awareness" not related to consciousness that "might be regarded as complete freedom from sensitivity, yet with a full flowering of that quality to which we give the inadequate name 'compassion'" (8th); to the 9th and last initiation in this scheme called the Great Refusal (Rays, pp. 685-687). This "indicates the Initiate's last contact with what we understand as cosmic evil, manifesting on this planet and in relation to this planet. He is accorded this last contact, but a contact is not based upon anything analogous to evil within Him, but its based upon 'the planetary appeal for liberation.' This appeal is so strong that the Initiate--because His heart is on fire with love--is tempted to go back upon His decision and stay upon the planet with Those World Saviors Who have chosen the Path of World Service. This He may not do, and in sight of the assembled Initiates He makes His refusal and 'does His whole duty as He journeys to the sacred Feet of the One Who stands at the end of His chosen Path" (Rays V, p. 736).

May we each do our whole dharma or duty, our highest calling of soul or spiritual expression through the gradual internal realization of Reality and penetration into truth in this, humanity's hour of greatest opportunity for transformation. The Aquarian server which you are, man or woman, pours forth in mediation from the river of its life the flow of new energy from the space of liberation in the center of the mind as soul.

Let the power of the people be felt so that their power may say, "Let light and love and power restore the Plan on Earth."
Joann S. Bakula February 2011

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