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Compassion and Synthesis, Keys to the Aquarian Age

Joann S. Bakula
January 2010

Aquarian Age
As we all know by now, the Aquarian age, or the new age, is both an astronomical and astrological cycle of over 2,000 years, based upon the sidereal, helio-centric zodiac, made up of 12 constellations of visible stars that the sun apparently circles through, and the tropical, geocentric, earth-centered astrological one. As Jungian astrologer, Alice Howell (The Heavens Declare) points out, "it is the interaction of the tropical and sidereal zodiacs that determines these Ages." The sidereal zodiac is "like the fixed rim of a vault lock within which the dial of the tropical zodiac turns." The significance and interpretation of the influence of the stars is mythological, hypothetical and useful in placing earth in the cosmos and recognizing the larger whole in which we all live. Psychologically, therefore, it represents, a "mandala of totality" or a symbol of relationship with the whole that can't be overestimated in an age of apparent isolation. It is the natural reality, and meditation on mystery, that is our larger environment. Space travel has come at the beginning of the Aquarian age and end of the Piscean Age which have an interface of several hundred years due to the amount of starless space between the visible constellations. Even though some denigrate anything 'new age,' the Mayan predictions for 2012 have only reinforced the cosmic picture of cycles beginning and ending, cycles which also form the basis of the The Secret Doctrine and the wider subsequent theosophical writings.

Can you visualize what humanity will be like at the end of the Age of Aquarius? "The soul, the consciousness aspect, that universal urge in each of us that puts us in rapport with God, will have surged to the front....we will have left behind the human kingdom and...our consciousness will be focused in the fifth kingdom of nature, the spiritual kingdom. That is the prophecy, the thing that lies ahead for humanity in 2,500 years." (Bailey, Hercules) The fifth kingdom, in other words, is already in nature, but we do not see it. Awakening soul, gnosis, or consciousness will change our perception, so that we can see what is all around us all the time and we are blind to. This awakening is to a better relationship to our environment, near and far, but this is only the tentative beginning. "The perception of a higher reality, in itself, is little more than an insight. Only when such an insight is vitalized by intense aspiration can it gather enough momentum to become a catalyst for transformation" (Seifer & Vieweg, When the Soul Awakens).

This catalytic task is for the united group of compassionate, intelligent and wise people of all ideologies to strengthen this intention and aspiration until it becomes actual. Many people in each of these groups are already united in this knowledge; meditators bring the added dimension of intuition, practice, visualization and apperception. In the myth of Hercules, the labor in Aquarius is cleaning up the environment, polluted by irresponsible practices. Who can doubt that this is indeed the task ahead of humanity? Meditating on the picture of Hercules as World Disciple diverting the two rivers of life and love to clean the environment past generations have polluted to the point of changing the climate is what we build a thoughtform of. This is how we bring the energy of purpose, intention and responsibility through meditation as world service in an esoteric, religious or secular group. Even though there was no green new deal at Copenhagen, still, the leaders did meet to recognize and talk about the problem, even though they couldn't agree on action or international law. Progress may seem very slow, but we have come very far, very fast in the last 100 years. Careful meditation precedes wise action, way before the calculations of the lower mind should work out the details. "The Aquarian law is based on spiritual illumination, on intuitive perception and brotherly love which is identification with every form in every kingdom in nature. A tremendous future lies ahead; two thousand five hundred years will have been consummated. We are on our way." (Bailey, Hercules)

When intuition is functioning there is a "complete loss of the sense of separativeness. At its highest point, it is known as Universal Love, which has no relation to sentiment...but is, predominantly, in the nature of identification with all beings." It brings an ability to see the divine essence latent in all forms and "contact the light centre in all forms." This is what establishes relationship with all life. When this is known, the "the sense of superiority and separativeness recede into the background." It connotes personality-soul unification, wide experience, and a rapid activity of the indwelling Christ principle. Intuitional activity is always spontaneous. Where the reasoning to an understanding enters, it is not the activity of the intuition....It is that synthetic, inclusive grasp of the life and needs of all beings....It is the sense of universal Oneness." (Bailey, Glamour) Compassion is the result of intuition and its principle of universality.

Traditionally in religion, "Compassion was the major test of any true spirituality and the chief means by which human beings came into contact with God or Nirvana or Brahman," Karen Armstrong said. "Love is the only engine of survival" in "the order of the soul", poet song writer, Leonard Cohen, the conscience of a generation and writer of "I have tried in my way to be free", sings. Love/compassion is a generator or generating engine for life.

In Mahayana Tibetan Buddhism (Kalu Rinpoche), meditation on compassion is considered in three consecutive levels: compassion for living things, compassion for reality, and compassion without referent.

  1. Compassion for living things first arises when we see people, creatures and nature suffering, and we are compelled to respond. A good heart is required.
  2. Compassion for reality begins when we experience the power of ignorance, of taking a thing for its appearance, instead of itself, and the suffering brought on by misperception and illusion, when "motivations and actions contradict one another." The power of ignorance brings on additional suffering. Knowledge of underlying reality beyond time/space requires an intuitive, compassionate, intelligent mind.
  3. Compassion without referent has no subject, object or intention. It is the ultimate form of the bodhisattvas' or buddhas' meditation and depends upon the realization of emptiness, or formless, dimensionless meditation on no-thing, from no-thing. This is comparable to Kaivalya, the state of Isolated Unity, the last of the four books of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and ultimate state of Being that enlightenment leads to (Taimni, Yoga).

Ultimate meditation takes us back to the First Noble Truth of Buddhism, "Existence is suffering (dukha)", which Karen Armstrong (The Case for God) says, is "an insight that in nearly all faiths is indispensable for enlightenment." Realization of the impermanent nature of life, that life inevitably leads to the suffering of death, old age and disease, is the first noble truth that opens the mind to seeking the eight-fold path of right relationship leading to enlightenment and compassion without referent or Kaivalya, permanent freedom from maya.

In Tibetan Buddhism, once there is the enlightened 'feminine' (receptive) principle of space and wisdom, the enlightened 'masculine' (dynamic) principle of compassion and skillful means can arise for both genders. Once a principle has been accepted in mind and life, the door to its energy can open and the presence of the energy behind the principle can empower the meditation, the service and the life. It begins with an attitude of expansion, inclusiveness and possibility combined with an acceptance of the spiritual and holistic nature of life.

The holistic view of the interdependence and interaction of all parts of the whole, which is already permeated with synthesis, is widespread among intelligent, compassionate people, but takes time to find workable practical application. Deep meditation precedes intelligent loving action. "Synthesis is an aspect of the first divine characteristic, the Will, or rather, the will-to-good. "When the will-to-good supersedes the will-to-dominate, then the quality of the new age will be apparent. "The Aquarian Age will be predominantly the age of synthesis and light." (Bailey, Externalisation)

The interior work of bridging between the spiritual triad and the personality is what meditation ,study and service are for. Eventually, if successful, "It is as if a magnetic field were then established and these two vibrating and magnetic units, or grouped energies swung into each other's field of influence." This happens only occasionally at first. "By the time of the third initiation is completed, this Way is completed, and the initiate can pass to higher worlds at will, leaving the lower worlds far behind; or he can come again and pass upon the way that leads from dark to light, light to dark, and from the under lower worlds into the realms of light. " This higher triad of spiritual energies must be blended and fused with the lower triad and physical livingness. "After the third initiation the 'Way' is carried forward with great rapidity, and the 'bridge' is finished which links the higher spiritual Triad and the lower material reflection. The three worlds of the Soul and the three worlds of the Personality become one world wherein the initiate works and functions, seeing no distinction, regarding both together as forming one world of activity." The higher spiritual triad of "Spiritual mind, conveying illumination; the intuitive nature, conferring spiritual perception; and divine livingness" must be blended with lower mind, emotional/feeling nature, and life lived. This antahkarana bridge between higher and lower is "built through meditation" and "brought about by a definitely directed life-tendency." (Bailey Rays and the Initiations)

There is "relationship, interplay and mutual impression between the beings or lives who make up the sumtotal of our manifested universe...leading up to a planetary synthesis or a planetary integrity of a nature hitherto not even envisioned" by human beings. This relationship is both extra-planetary and inter-planetary and thus creates "in time and space a living intelligent planetary Entity of systemic maturity, qualified by immense attractive and integrating energies." We can regard these energies as having centers similar to the familiar human ones of head, heart and throat (Bailey, Telepathy) :

  1. The head center is the "dynamic Agent of the extra-planetary Purpose, the expression of the divine planetary Will as focussed in Shamballa. This is the energy of synthesis, the source of all planetary life; it connotes essential Being."
  2. The heart center is the "Agent of the Plan of evolution. This is the expression of divine Love or pure Reason, the Hierarchy. It is essentially the energy of Attraction, the kingdom of souls."
  3. The throat center is the "Agent of all the three Aspects in relation to the three subhuman kingdoms in nature, the expression also of the divine Intelligence, Humanity. This is the energy of active Mind and makes humanity the macrocosm of the microcosm, the three subhuman kingdoms."

The Great Invocation (Compassion Version)
The importance of saying of the Great Invocation for world service is crucial, focusing on the whole macrocosm of earth within the solar system from the highest center of evolutionary will and purpose through to all kingdoms in nature, in one great synthesis of energy. Keeping in mind that two great manifestations are expected now at the beginning of the new age of Aquarius: the coming of the Avatar of Synthesis to the spiritual heart center, the Hierarchy, and the coming of the avatar, the Christ, to the human center (Bailey. Externalisation). The film Avatar increases familiarity with this Sanskrit term, even though the word in the movie has quite a different meaning. Google Vedanta Society S. Cal, avatar for more on the Sanskrit meaning. Through the use of the Great Invocation we can accelerate the integration of humanity as throat center with the Heart and Head centers of planet earth, and its compassionate service to the kingdoms of nature.

Here is the final wording of the alternate Compassion Version of the Great Invocation. Thanks to all of you whose thoughts and meditation on this version were so helpful. Using the word 'all' as a substitute for 'men' has the added quality of synthesis, expanding to include all sentient life, a characteristic of the Aquarian Age of world service. In some traditions, the Avatar of Aquarius is considered an early incarnation of Maitreya, the embodiment of compassion. It is also easier in public meetings where mixed audiences may feel comfortable using only one version of the Great Invocation. To repeat, "The Aquarian law is based on spiritual illumination, on intuitive perception and brotherly love which is identification with every form in every kingdom in nature. A tremendous future lies ahead; two thousand five hundred years will have been consummated. We are on our way."

The Great Invocation (Compassion version)
From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of all.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of all.
May the Compassionate One return to Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of all,
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the center which we call the human race
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out,
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

Let us find our path from compassion and synthesis to the new age of Aquarius.


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