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The Green New Deal: A Good Plan of Solidarity with Earth

Joann S. Bakula
February 2009

The Festival of Aquarius offers us an opportunity to stimulate the spiritual capacity to love and serve, to become inclusive and compassionate, and to share resources in the meeting of needs — a difficult task in a time of financial loss and fear of loss. One of the energies we work with is the 7th ray energy of organization and order, adding impetus to anchor these ideas in practical plans, to make plans to serve the Plan of love and light.

An idea and a thoughtform helped to create the view that this is the dawn of a new epoch, not a repeat of the last century, and, if we are fortunate, we may see the dawn of a new and better age. A song helped to give impetus to those who joined in a group effort to make the dream of right human relationships real: "this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius." Today world leaders like Ban Ki-Moon and many others have a new vision of the same dawn. They are calling it a "Green New Deal", a plan to make jobs serve the environment, instead of the other way around, continuing the expansion of consciousness to include environmental concerns in "creating jobs and investing in renewable energy and technological development," and by so doing to protect the planet and repair damage to the climate and, consequently, to life forms. From the vision, to the reorganization of the economy, the idea is becoming more practical and real, more 7th ray. This is a new worldwide expression of inclusiveness and compassion, linked to jobs and the economy, supported by the people everywhere. It is a straight line from good plan to good work, a radius from the center to every nation and individual in the circle of earth's civilization.

The evolution of consciousness and inclusiveness go together in ever widening circles of relationship. This is a view presented by the esoteric theosophical traditions, a view not verifiable by scientific means (although neither is Darwin's theory at this point). The gift we give is an intuitive view of evolution applied to consciousness, by two of the rare, actual intuitives, HP Blavatsky and Alice A. Bailey. Science cannot help us with the existential questions of purpose, meaning, goodness, pattern, God. We turn to spiritual writings for this, and must develop our own intuition to discern what is true.

Organizing with Will

Imagine evolution and energy from God's point of view, not of consciousness, but of will. The Tibetan gives us a glimpse of this dimension when he considers the "rays as they express the pure, living activity of Deity as it fulfills Itself in manifestation as pure incentive, directed impersonal energy, divine instinct which latter is a blend of instinctual force and intuitive energy," of the synthetic Life emerging from cosmic planes. He considers the rays from the point of view of spirit, beyond soul, will beyond consciousness, the 1st aspect of divinity as "the divine plan, purpose and will…. ... the life of the Father, the will of the Monad and the purpose of spirit." The action of the 7th ray from the point of view of divine will is described as:

It is an expression of the will which drives through into outer manifestation; it is that which embodies both the periphery and the point at the centre. It is the will to 'ritualistic synthesis,' if I might so word it. It is Necessity which is the prime conditioning factor of the divine nature - the necessity to express itself; the necessity to manifest in an orderly rhythmic manner; the necessity to embrace 'that which is above and that which is below' and, through the medium of this activity, to produce beauty, order, perfect wholes and right relationships. It is the driving energy which Being emanates as It appears and takes form and lives. It is the Will towards Expression. Today, as regards humanity, its highest expression is organization.

The Labor of Hercules in Aquarius

The labor of Hercules in Aquarius is remarkably similar to what we face today: to clean up a mess in the environment. To accomplish this a human being advanced in skill is required, someone we would term initiate. Alice Bailey writes that initiates are known by three outstanding characteristics: 1) unselfish service, 2) group work and 3) self-sacrifice. She defines and discusses these three, well aware of the distortions, illusions and glamours of groups today, as well as the beauty of group life, group good and group service. Who today can say that they are unaware of the mixture of inclusiveness and compassion, with separatism and cruelty? We serve as we are today while striving to clean up the distortions, illusions, ideologies, mixed motives, and all too human traits that all groups have. We go on in spite of this. And, as if by magic, something of the bliss and beauty, pattern and plan of the spiritual work taken on by a group is seen and realized.

  1. Unselfish Service. AAB says "our consciousness being universal" we "assimilate the troubles of our fellowmen and help them." This means we have entered into the suffering of humanity and dedicated our lives to shedding light on what right human relations means, how people suffer, and how that suffering may be ended and groups healed; it means teaching, writing, serving and giving in whatever way is open to us. This isn't bad karma, this is good karma. The values of the initiate with the will-to-good are not materialistic nor selfish. We have a different definition of what winning and losing means in the game of life. We measure success by the amount of light generated by active intelligence and love/wisdom in service of humanity and in meeting world need. We seek to serve the life of planet earth.
  2. Group Work. AAB spoke very honestly and skeptically about the nature of group work today. She observed that, "brotherhoods…are happy training ground for ambitious people. I do not mean to be unkind but my experience with the average group is that it is a hotbed of jealousies, people trying to impress the others with the amount of their knowledge….This is not group work. Group work is standing alone spiritually in the handling of…affairs with complete forgetting of one's own self and affairs in the welfare of…humanity…It negates ambition; it negates the progress upward in any…organisation; it negates all assuming of official prerogatives." She concludes by saying that "the Aquarian group… is not with us yet." Not enough members are at the initiate level, despite what they may think of themselves. Still, we go on meditating, reading and serving each in our own way, forming a diverse group of people around the world who will not quit, who choose to persevere despite obstacles, knowing that success is inevitable in time. And that the spiritual path is the only one for them worth taking.
  3. Self-sacrifice. Alice Bailey defines self-sacrifice as, "making the self holy," or making it sacred, and that "that deals with the self of the group and the self of the individual; that is the work of the initiate." She points out that Hercules, as a great initiate who has proven his power to help humanity, did not do so through glamorous assignments, but through doing what was needed, such as cleaning up a mess. "What an anti-climax. No great world work, but to clean stables." For us, it is to clean the air and water. And not to further threaten earth with dangerous waste. Making sacred is seeing what needs to be done, how to do it, and then doing it. AAB says, "Hercules had to aid in the cleansing of the world by the right direction of the forces of life through it." Two great streams were available and he diverted them both to cleanse the environment. "Aquarius is depicted as a man holding an inverted vase. The man inverts the vase and out of it come two streams of water, the river of life and the river of love, and those two words, life and love, are the two words that embody the technique of the Aquarian age." We serve life through love. This heart identity with all life is our means of union.

Sending you the strength to empower these ideas in meditation and action, in service of life and love.

Bailey, Alice A. Esoteric Astrology. NY: Lucis, 1982, pp. 594-596, 601.
----The Labours of Hercules. NY: Lucis, 1992, pp.185-187.

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