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Streams of Consciousness

By Joann S. Bakula
January 2005

The monthly meditation using the full moon approach to spiritual worlds (the full moon is Tuesday, January 25th at 10:33 am,GMT) is the Festival of Aquarius. The seed thought suggested in the Alice A. Bailey books is, "Water of life am I, poured forth for thirsty men." In this meditation we seek to emphasize the qualities of universality, group consciousness, brotherhood and service.

A crucial part of group service-which is world service today--is understanding the psychology of groups and nations, as well as individuals. Another is the overall Plan of love and light, or the healthy development of heart and mind. The Plan of love and light is the Plan of both heart and mind, of both together, not one apart. The danger of separation for humanity is especially acute during times of scientific and technological development, mind/brain progress, as it were, or 1-3-5-7 stimulation. This is especially so during this time of post-1975 and 2000 impact of the planetary center of Will, the Shamballa force, directly upon humanity, without the conditioning affect, the tempering affect, of the planetary heart center or the kingdom of God and souls. The Tibetan for whom Alice Bailey wrote tells us that the effect of the Shamballa force on those types on the power-communication-science-organization line would be on their personalities, and that this over-stimulation would tend to separate mind from heart, creating a potential problem.

The capacity and ability to use the Shamballa force for good instead of ill depends upon secure integration of heart and mind overshadowed by the will-to-good. Like an athlete straining to achieve a new record, separation can occur of shoulder or other parts, requiring removal from the field, rest and repair. Then others, often less skilled, are called into leadership. This is an apt metaphor today in many fields beside the athletic. Signs of strain including heart by-pass, imitation empathy, inclusivenss in all ways except the most important, lack of humanity and equality, and obsessive mind-sets: these are the signs of weakening integration and vulnerability. Typical effects are increased fear or the opposite, expansive over-confidence, often together, one feeding the other, in an attempt to regain balance. The ultimate test of power in every field is totalitarianism, and this is humanity's Herculean test, most evident in the last 100 years: how to use power safely,. to benefit all.

The labor of Hercules in Aquarius, the 11th gate, is use of two great streams to cleanse the refuse of the past. How can we apply the test of purification, also an effect of the Shamballa force, in our meditation? What are the two great streams that can be used to carry off the infections and injuries of the past, many the result of superhuman striving? The viral infections of delusional glamour, obsessive distortions, and domino fear all need identification and clarification, all are eventually ameliorated in the world mainsteam. The domino mind struggles against the feeling that it is itself merely a domino in the next higher holon or order of integration, over which it has no control. This is proof of positive striving, even though it produces a negative effect. Recoginition of higher orders of integration and Being is the next major evolutionary step ahead, no matter how many times we try and fail. Two of the primary effects of will energy are, afterall, selflessness and persistent effort. Success is assured in time. The streams of creative intelligence and love/wisdom surge with the water of life itself. A Lucis talk described described it this way: "Life simply is....It is a constant stream along the etheric nadis of the universe. It is the same life that flows through the nadiis of our own etheric bodies." Life informs all equally; each part has a vested interest in the life of the whole, from cell to soul. All strives for life, and this striving is magnetic.

The healing integration so theraputic today is along all lines where separation is most evident: heart and mind, religion and science, one religion and another, education and values, business and ethics, art and morals. As psychologist Carl Jung observed, "When the alienation of our mind from its sources is the greatest,?then the dawn of redeeming and enlightening breaks on the eastern horizon of the soul."

Events, such as the terrible human toll of the tsumani, turn our attention to the suffering caused by disasters, evoking the healing energy of compassion, beneficial to victim and giver alike. Also evoked is intelligent analysis, separating superstition and God-blame from natural disasters, separating matters geologic from matters theologic. Knowing that service is the great healer and teacher, we pour forth the compassion that helps, heals, clarifies and rebuilds.

With you in looking forward to the brotherhood of Aquarius,

Joann S. Bakula
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